Friday, May 30, 2008

Lautaro Acosta Joins Sevilla

In perhaps the first transfer involving an Albiceleste, Lanus striker Lautaro ACOSTA has joined Sevilla on a five year contract that is reported to be worth 7 million Euros. He will be re-united with Federico FAZIO, who was together with him in last year Under-20 World Cup winning team.

ACOSTA said on the Sevilla website: "I feel extremely happy to have at last closed the agreement. I am going to fulfil my dream, which was to be able to play in Europe, and as well as that I am going to do it at one of the most important clubs in the world."

He also revealed he had spoken to Sevilla B player Emiliano ARMENTEROS about the club and city. ACOSTA, who is friends with one of ARMENTEROS' brothers, said: "He told me that I am going to a spectacular city, a club who have all the details, with some great installations, and he has also spoken of the warmth of their fans. I know that I am going to need time to adapt, but I hope that this period will be as short as possible.


johnny said...

I have seen Acosta play some for Lanus, and he is an impressive talent. I am not a fan of Sevilla though, and would have preferred he go elsewhere, like Boca ! But, he was too expensive. Of all the players Boca had targeted to replace Palacio, I thought Acosta was the best.

proud2bnepali said...

Hmm..I think I have seen him play during the u-21 world cup..Thats about it..Will see during the la liga. In the meantime Roman seems really excited about the Olympics as messi is too. This clearly is a wonderful sign cause despite their clubs victory and looses, all players seem to be feeling that the national team must win something big now.To good a team to be always on the loosing end and we all feel how bad is it to loose being the so called best team and mostly in finals and mostly in a crazy way.

Roman also said he would like to play 2010....WOW...for me its just so good to be true that I couldn stop telling you guys! After near fatal idea of ending his international career, this is just great for fans like me who really want him to see at the next world cup.I was so desperate to tell him in some way to please continue playing.Mannnnnn!It was just horrible. And I think there's no one who fits in the midfield then him.

Vamos Albiceleste
Vamos Roman

John said...

To be honest with you, I had my share of doubt about Roman's motivation to play for the NT. From the looks of his face, you could say that there was just something strange.

But I say it is good to hear that he is finally coming out saying that how much he wants to win with NT. I agree, that is a good sign.

But I keep asking myself is it a good thing for our team to build around one player. This has always been the case in the past (most noteble was VERON).

I still feel both Coco & Batista should emphasis a back up plan incase Plan A doesn't seem to work.

Seba said...

I'm very happy for Lautaro ACOSTA. This move comes at a great time for him and I'm sure his pace will terrorize Sevilla's rivals as soon as the manager gives him the confidence to start a few matches and show what he can do.

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