Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Playoffs News - Third Quarter Collapse, AGAIN!!!

Orlando Magic 86 Detroit Pistons 91

Congratulations to the DEEEEETROIT PISTONS!!! For the sixth consecutive year, they will play in the Eastern Conference final after dispatching the Magic 4 games to 1.
After sitting out for the entire Game 4, Walter HERRMANN did played for 3:49 minutes but did not have any contribution. Not too sure whether this is something that I can be happy about, at least we al know that he has shot at winning an NBA championship ring.

Also our condolence to Antonio McDYESS after knowing that his grandmother had passes away just before the game.

New Orleans Hornets 101 San Antonio Spurs 79

I can understand how every Spurs fans must have been feelings. It’s the same as we feel when every time Argentina plays against Brazil. I mean, how many times do we have to go through this?

Tonight’s game was no different at all. Spurs to the lead at half time but again the third quarter turns to be another piece of nightmare. Despite a quick resurgence in the fourth, clearly the damage was already completed before that.

I just keep wondering is this fair to Manu GINOBILI? He posted 20 points, 2 rebounds & 7 assists and still ended up on the wrong side of the scoreboard. Fabricio OBERTO was suffering from foul troubles and only manages to post 2 points, 3 rebounds and just one assist.
Even Tony PARKER was having his own foul problems while, Tim DUNCAN was guarded mostly by Tyson CHANDLER.

So back to the drawing board, as expected we will have a Game 6. But the real question here is that do we have Game 7. One thing is for sure Spurs thrive under these circumstances but can their old legs able to last for that long. Or would the Hornets put………I rather not saying anything right now.


VJ Rabid said...

Hey John,

The Hornets are looking real tough at home. David West was looking like the second coming of Karl Malone with his jumpshot, rebounding and defense.

Manu and TP weren't bad, but Tim Duncan has yet to have a dominant game in this series.

However, the Spurs do have things going for them heading into Game 6. They will be at home, with nothing to lose, against a Hornets team hit with an injury bug.

Your Manu interviews seem to be the lucky charm for the Spurs. Post one, hombre!

Check out Robert Horry's career highlight reel. He just became the all-time leader in playoff games played :


VJ Rabid

VJ Rabid said...

Also, congrats to Walter Herrmann for getting to play in the conference finals. At least from the way Tayshaun Prince is playing, the Pistons look hungry.

Although Herrmann isn't getting any playing time, he's the epitome of the role player who helps you win playoff games.

Check out my insight into playoff basketball :


VJ Rabid

Anonymous said...


What's with the disparity in this series (Spurs/Hornets)?

SA wins game 4 100-80. NO comes back and wins #5 101-79. Surely homecourt advantage isn't worth 42 points turn-around... ?

Heading back to the Alamo, certainly getting interesting.

Filbert Karo said...

Cool. Nice recap. Walter Herrmann is actually better than I thought he would be. I thought Detroit would give him no playing time.... well it's pretty great that they are giving him this OK playing time.

Lisa said...

Hi John,

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the Pistons. Detroit is a big sports town and we're excited at the prospect of the Pistons and the Red Wings winning the NBA trophy and the Stanley Cup. That'd be a great dual parade! I like Walter also and wish he would get more minutes too. He's a good defender and 3 point shooter. He's got more of a shot at playing on our team because it's set up as a team effort - not a spotlight for one player like LA or Cleveland.


Sheedism_IV said...

Thanks for the blog. i believe the pistons is ready to bounce back for glory after the years of pain.

its been a pain for us pistonians

2005 lost to san antonio
2006 best record and lost 6 games to miami
2007 was a joke, we lost to the cavs 6 games

i hope this is our year. the year of vengeance, the year were hardwork pays off.


i also updating my blog about the pistons here at.

Walter will be our newest package for detroit, we can use him for outside gunning, and he can hustle to.

thats the pistons team, hustlin til the end of the game.

Hardworking is the policy for the game in able to win championships.

Kid Dynamite said...

Hey John,
Great blog. Gotta love anybody whose showing love to all the great Argentinian players in the league. Check out 48 Minutes of Hell for a post that was actually inspired by an Argentinian friend of mine. Go Spurs!

halley said...

Cheers to the Pistons!.. I'll be checking up on Walter Hermann, I was just so hooked with the Spurs, I'm forgetting other teams. Talking of the Spurs, once again they're 2nd-Half Syndrome showed up. Tony Parker & Manu Ginobili did their best to win and they're definitely very tired, with more than 30mins playing time]. Tim Duncan showed some frustration during the game, which was quite unlikely of him. The Spurs bench aren't helping that much either.

The Spurs is on a life-or-death situation and they really can't afford to lose Game 6!.. I'm was frustrated with Game 5, the Hornets owned that game and that's to be expected [i guess] since they're playing at home. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wait for the results tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for posting a comment as well. =)

Yaj Nitsuga said...

Like the NBA commercial says, "Lose or go home."

That's what San Antonio faces now. If the Spurs "Big 3" all have a bad game now, obviously the series is over. There's no margin for error.

The other issue is defense...take away Game 4 and the Hornets are scoring 101 a game...very un-Spur like defense.

I thought the Spurs had finally found a way to keep both West and Stojakovic under control...obviously I was wrong. Although Peja was held in check, Popovich has to come up with a new defensive wrinkle for West.

11 straight home wins for the Spurs in the Playoffs...make it an even dozen and we get Game 7. That happens and I'm banking on the Hornets not being able to win 4 straight in New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment, John. I somewhat agree that it might be time for the Spurs to pass the torch.

I'm not altogether sure that Game 5 signaled the collapse of the franchise. It's true that they're not getting younger but they've never lost "well" to the Hornets this season. So after seeing blowout losses, I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet.

Great blog though, I love Argentinian ballers. I'll be sure to keep tabs on it. Take care.

John said...

Like most you Pistonians out there, I'm happy the role that Walter is playing.

But I know he can do more and I do hope that coach SAUNDERS will give him the chance to prove his worth.

As for Spurs/Hornets series, I guess I'm getting the feeling that it's just not working for the defending champion.

I know Game 6 is in San Antonio but the real question here is can the Spurs rise to the occasion? Or will Hornets take advantage o their current misery?

All these will be answered soon...

Everett said...

hey john, thanks for the comment concerning my blog on

the spurs' big three could lead them to a title but their aging bench could prove to be their demise. if only michael finley were five years younger they'd be indestructable.

Everett said...

oh, i have no prob if u wanna use my blogs on ur page. take care

Jeff R said...

I see you are a Walter Hermann fan. Well I can at least say the guy at least hustles whenever he is in the game. Unfortunately, I don't think he has the skill set to ever be a starter in the NBA. He has does have somewhat of a local cult following because of his California surfer boy style. said...

The good news is the Spurs are in the final 5 teams of the playoffs. The bad news is they could be eliminated tonight.

History says Hornets win this one. They've gone 3-0 at home with blowouts all 3 times so my $ is on NO. But my hope is for the Spurs. I'd like to see them have one last title run before retooling the team this summer.

Either way they have to get younger. Thanks for the comment on my blog - sanantoniospursblog.blogspot.

I think Manu may have something special planned for tonight ;)

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