Monday, April 21, 2008

Is This True?

I’m just going to add a little bit from Seba’s article about our Under-23 team. I’ve just read some news that was published on the entire local daily here in Malaysia.

Furthermore, I decided to do some research to see how far this is true. So far, I’ve manage to identify just two links and both of them are local web news.

Not only that, someone even told me that they even saw this news on ESPN Star Asia.

So if anyone out there who could verify on how far this story is true, then I’ll be very grateful towards you because I’m still puzzle on how to react after reading this.

Here is the link: -


Seba said...

Interesting finding there John!

There's nothing really confirmed through the Argentine press yet.

I've found an article that says the U23 will go to Canada and then (probably) Spain (stating that the Malaysia trip was called off).

But the other says the team will go on tour to Canada in April and then travel to Malaysia (which makes total sense with the news you've just shared with us).

Here's hoping this tournament will be confirmed as I'm sure the Mundo Malaysian Gang will be there supporting our boys!

Can you imagine if MESSI gets to go there? MADNESS!

John said...

I'm still keeping my fingers cross on this Seba.

But if it was true, you bet to hear a lot of noise from the Albi-Malaysian Gang!!!!

allan ng said...

I just read in Hong Kong papers that Argentina Olympic team will be coming here for friendly matches in July. Other possible teams that are coming are Holland and Japan or Korea. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Imagine seeing Messi, Riquelme, Aguero, Gago and Mascherano all in the HK Stadium!!!

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