Thursday, September 03, 2009

With the probable starting XI already published... is time to take a look on who's going to be sitting on the bench.

The rumours I'm hearing from reports in the media indicate that these are the players supposedly going to the bench:

Juan Pablo CARRIZO
Emiliano PAPA
Fernando GAGO
Eduardo SALVIO
Lisandro LOPEZ

Of course, not confirmed, but an indication of what would our bench look like.

Players from the squad that would be left out of the bench too would be:

Sergio ROMERO, Fabricio COLOCCINI, Rolando SCHIAVI, Nicolás PAREJA, Mario BOLATTI, Rodrigo BRAÑA, Sebastián BATTAGLIA, Ezequiel LAVEZZI, Diego MILITO and Martín PALERMO.


Do you agree with MARADONA?

Who shouldn't be left without a chance to at least make an impact from the bench?

A lot to discuss here!


Forza_albicelestes said...

How the **** can pareja and Milito not even be on the bench.......Lets be honest i m not the biggest fan of Milito....but on current form he deserves a place in the bench at least if not in the starting 11.What is Tevez doing there instead of Licha....


Sebastian said...

See? This is exactly what I mean! People complain when MILITO plays and now that he is on the bench, people complain too.

No offense to you, Forza, it's just something I've been thinking lately. A lot of people calling for HIGUAIN and I get the impression that if he was called up, they would be calling for Lisandro, MILITO or whoever losses his place to an eventual HIGUAIN call up.

Impossible to please everyone.

As a Diego MILITO defender myself, if this means he will get the start against Paraguay on Wednesday (or have more chances to play), then I'm happy.

I'd rather see that than seeing MILITO being thrown to the lions again and being asked to deliver the goods in the last 6 or 8 minutes of the match.

I think if this is how our bench will look like then I'm not entirely against it.

We have cover for almost every position with those bench players.

Wide MF (SALVIO or GAGO on the right, he could play there too)
Striker (AGÜERO and LOPEZ)

The difference I'm making between FW (forward) and Striker is because AGÜERO could play a wider fact...Lisandro can do that too, so now that I think about it, the two of them can adapt to any attacking role.

Good to see COLOCCINI not making it to the bench. I still close my eyes and see him allowing ADRIANO all the time in the world for him to score the equalizer and send the Copa America 2004 final to penalties. We all know what happened after that.

Sebastian said...

Regarding PAREJA...I see your point, Forza.

The decisive factor here could be the fact that BURDISSO can cover at CB and right-back.

PAPA? Not only can he cover at left-back (his only natural position), but he can provide an option going forward from there (PAREJA can't).

johnny said...

What ! No chance for The Titan to blast home a winner with that big noggin !!?? Shocking !!

I'm guessing D Milito must have a bad knock or he would be either starting or definitely on the bench. And/or maybe Maradona thinks he would be ready for Paraguay with a little rest.

Otherwise I don't see any big surprises regarding the pine riders.

Roy said...

I doubt Diego will go with the same type of line-up in both matches(unless the Brazil match goes amazingly well). Which means 2 of the 3 strikers(Aguero, Lopez, Milito) will start against Paraguay with one of them being a substitute. Depending on how things go on Saturday, I think we'll see 3 up front(Messi---Lopez/Milito---Aguero) against Paraguay.

As for Saturday, we have decent cover. Burdisso can play at RB if needed, Gago is the DM, Salvio on the left and Aguero/Lopez as subs. Though I would still prefer to see Lopez start ahead of Tevez. Starting a match without a target man against Brazil isn't the smartest thing.

King Aguero said...

I think Bolatti deservs the spot over Gago

Anonymous said...

Seba will you be making the trip to Rosario for the game?

Sebastian said...

Unfortunately, I won't be at the game. Instead...and being a very silly man...I'm moving to a new rental flat!

Me and my perfect timing, eh?

Rune said...

From this squad and with the starting line up already anounced, I say this is a good bench. Looks to me like Diego has made the right choices. No Palermo, Schiavi and Coloccini.

Paulina said...

Seba -- I'm moving into my new place on that day as well :) Very bad timing indeed.

Sebastian said...

That's weird, Paulina! Well...good luck! I've got a lot of packing and moving around the house to do before Saturday!

Hopefully, I'll be done a good few hours before the match so I can sit down and suffer the match with nothing else to worry other than KAKA, ROBINHO and Julio CESAR.

Rune: I can confirm you the lineup we've published here yesterday as probable. Diego just confirmed every one of those eleven names at a press conference.

The bench, however, is another matter and it hasn't been announced.

We've got to wait and see. PALERMO scored three goals in training today (after I wrote this post) and maybe that will have an impact on Diego's decision (hopefully it won't!).

messidona19 said...

The Subs bench is pretty good! very relieved that those reserves didn't make it to the bench! Seeing Salvio there is very exciting although I would have wanted to see at least one of Lisandro or Aguero in the starting line up.

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