Thursday, September 10, 2009

The biggest sin of all: wasting your talent

Having a conversation with Lucas (a reader of Mundo Albiceleste and an Argentina fan through and through), I came up with a thought and here I am to try and share it with you.

I believe there is no bigger sin than wasting your talent. Lets face it...when you have no talent, you're going to rely on your determination or your hard work to make up for it. If you don't succeed in whatever you do in life and it happens because you have no talent in what you were trying to do and you gave it your best shot, then nobody can say anything bad about you. After did whatever you could and you did try your best. You'll feel no regrets at all.

If you do possess all the talent you need and you waste it, that is when you will regret it. It is when you'll probably be criticised, by those who love you and those who don't.

In a way, even when he achieved the most important prize there is in football and he reached the status of a true legend of the game, I think Diego MARADONA is perhaps the clearest example of someone who committed a crime against himself.

I don't know whether you can still say he is a complete waste of talent. After all, he did achieved many things in football, but there is no doubt in my mind that he did boycotted himself and cut his career short when he was on top of the world.

He felt invincible and that was probably because he was! But he suffered from a terrible addiction that made him a worse player than he was and caused him so many problems in his career and even more so in his personal life. Not to mention the court of flattering parasites that did him no good with bad advices and sucked his money in the meantime.

With his talent and the incredible ability his body had to take on some brutal treatment from rivals without suffering many major injuries (barring that broken ankle when he was in Barcelona in a match against Athletic Bilbao), MARADONA could have played in at least one more World Cup (if only as a super-sub or an influential squad member at 38) and he could have achieved many more things at club level.

Right now, somehow I think what he is doing to the team is the same thing he did to himself in the past, when he was a player.

What we are witnessing (especially against Paraguay last night) is probably a perfect representation of what I'm trying to say here.

He has all the tools at his disposal. He started off with the complete respect and admiration from every player he called up to play for him. He had the media on his side. The public opinion too. Everybody wanted him to succeed and to cap an incredibly captivating Cinderella story. What better redemption for him (after all the troubles he has had to endure) than leading MESSI and co. to the next World Cup and actually have a shot at winning it?

We've been keen supporters of Diego here at Mundo Albiceleste and somehow we've been fooled by how things are developing. Because we always thought he wasn't going to be alone in this. We thought someone like BILARDO would have a saying in the coaching and the tactical preparations, but obviously we were wrong and now we're suffering just as much (if not more) than all the other true Argentina fans.

What is going on lately and the succession of wrong decisions after bad judgements after terrible choices, is like a perfect metaphor of what the last days of MARADONA 'The Player' were.

The only thing I still believe is that he didn't have enough time to work with his team, but that's hardly an excuse. I believe that even with the little time he has had, things could have been done much better. We can't ask this team to play by heart and to know where each team-mate will be at all times even without looking. That takes a lot of time and work and chemistry. All I'm asking is to see a team that knows what system they are going to be using. A team with at least a hint of an identity. Some kind of tactical awareness. Because the class and the quality is there.

If you look at the talent we have to pick from, all you can think of is that there is something very wrong in the way we are performing. Especially when you see a couple of 36-year old players from the domestic league trying to fish for a ball to see if you could hit jackpot and get away with crime.

Diego has always been contradictory and eventually, he was only hurting himself when he was at his worst. Right now, with what he is doing, he is also hurting the fans we've got not only in Argentina but all over the world. He is hurting our players (I'm not saying they are saints or Gods. And not all of them are the same, but their image with many fans is certainly getting unfairly stained). He is hurting the history of our national team. A history for which, ironically, he wrote the most important pages with his delicious left foot and his heart of a lion.

He is hurting himself and it seems like there is nothing we can do about it but suffer from our very own positions.

We seriously need things to change dramatically or else, the crown MARADONA was not afraid of losing when he took over as a manager, will forever fall from his head.

I for one, surely don't want that, but as I said many times here on Mundo Albiceleste, with GRONDONA calling the shots and knowing that Diego won't quit, I don't see a quick solution for this mess we're in neck-deep.

And it makes me sad.


Anonymous said...

Where to start, where to start. I really do not know. Not long ago I posted my feelings about Diego, I believe it was after the Ecuador game. In that comment I wrote that Diego had gone pretty much insane because from all the drugs and boo's he had taken or drank for all of his life. How he pissed away his life as a footballer and as a man. Some took offensive to that but I did not say anything that was not true.

Fast forward to a few months later and where are we at? Not in the same place, no we are neck deep in quicksand and we are going down and going down fast. I held my breath and gave Diego the benefit of the doubt since we were playing a rival at home and it was the great Brasil. I saw the selection he had called and not much had changed since the previous round, none at all. His exclusion of certain quality players and the addition of players that had NO RIGHT to be on this team, NONE! When the next 2 games come up just wait and see when he calls up the SAME PLAYERS and plays the SAME SYSTEM. People have you ever done this trick on your dog. Get the tennis ball and act like you threw it and they will go off running. After a couple times they get it and will sit there and watch your hand. Well Diego is that dog that runs EVERY SINGLE TIME.

What I don't get it how he can leave out 5-6 players who shouldn't theory REALLY be starting for us but they do not even get the call up. So many quality players, SO MANY but he uses people he likes and is buddies with.

I also believed Maradona would be a cheerleader and Bilardo would be the man who pulled the strings. Were we fooled. There really is no way we will get past through Uruguay with the players we have. We may beat Peru but Uruguay just cancel that out. We normally let down and let Uruguay take that 5th spot since we were already locked in. But we can not do that now. A fight to the death.


M13 said...

Seba you seem to missing the point. The problem is not Julio Grondona it is the 5th rate coach who seems hell bent on destroying the National team. Grondona is a fat cat and is corrupt so what. Ricardo Texeira the President of CBU is just as bad if not worse. However the quality of Brasilian football is still exceptional. Enough with the analysis and the malaise affecting Argentinian football. He has been President for over 30 years yet this did not prevent Argentina from excelling.

People should stop looking for a scapegoat and apportion blame to the person who is responsible for this nightmare. The know it all who belittled his most creative player, ignored an excellent centre forward in favour of his relatives and friends. The same person who acts like Cambiasso and Samuel do not exist. He has shown bias towards Tevez, Arguerro, Veron, Papa and a list of other sub standard players. I have been posted on this blog on how Palermo could be selected and Hinguain overlooked. Nothing makes any sense or logic. It simply defies analysis.

Maradona's lack of experience is not the cause of this nightmare. It is his arrogance, incompetence and stupidity. Klinsman had no experience yet he did a good job, Rjikaard was not experienced when he managed Holland. Dunga does not have any previous managerial experience.This does not prevent him from doing a good job. If Dunga had performed like Maradona he would have been sacked long time ago. Why is it so difficult to sack Maradona. In any profession his performance would simply not be tolerated. Mexico sacked Erikkson and have not looked back. Even if Argentina do qualify what does anyone expect with this clown at the helm. Enough of this circus sack Maradona and clear the team of his loyalists and the deadwood.

Argentina will excel if they can dump this clown. It is the only way forward.

Soy_de_River said...

The problem is far more rooted than just the coach of NT. What needs to happen is a complete rehaul of the entire AFA and the clubs. It needs to be like a fire sale, everyone must go!!

Grondona needs to be replaced by Jose Pekerman.

The coach should be replaced by Carlos Bianchi.

The clubs in Argentina need to operate within thier means and stop selling the talent at such a young age. Is it any wonder that wunderkinds like Lavezzi cant dribble or pass like a true Argentine player? How long has he played in Argentina Top Flight football? Not long enough.

Until the above happens, forget about this World Cup and forget about ever winning one again.


m13 said...

I do not want to complicate matters. The team is in intensive care because the coach selects no hopers. There are players who can sort this out if they were not kept down by this clown This situation calls for drastic steps to be taken sack the coach and clear out the clique.

Anonymous said...

I believe around 88% of the public want Diego given the door. I find that number shocking that it is not 99.9% and the rest are the idiots of The Chuch Of Diego.

salvio supporter said...

Would Diego truly sacrifice his entire career and reputation the childish way he is doing it? Would he waste the team he loved since his childhood like this? Do we really know he's not being conditioned by those contracts that forced Basile to use some players whether he liked them or not? If that's the case... didn't Maradona know of this? He may be, and excuse me for this, fucked up after all those years doing drugs and what not, but he's clearly NOT mindless. It's impossible to think that Argentina is just fine, not even if you're Maradona. There's something weird going on, because I can't believe he's blind like this. I can't, just as I didn't believe he was chosen as the new coach by Grondona himself. That was crazy from the beginning.

Soy_de_River: you're the first person, at least that I know, to propose Pekerman as a replacement for Grondona. That will never happen. Gamez has probably been the most backed candidate for that position, and you know having Gamez as the head of AFA is not realistic. Not that I don't like Gamez, or Pekerman, but it's far from possible based on how and why Grondona is there; as M13 says, maybe we should ignore (or hope he suddenly/finally dies) the Grondona issue the best we can at this occasion, and go ahead with our coach selection adventure.

Anonymous said...

argentina got a lot of great coaches like hector cuper,pekerman,etc... i didn't how they'd been so blind to let such a immature person to be in charge of such a dream team .all knows is winning friendlies.i even don't argentina to qualify for the world cup if he's still in charge cause we can't expect any kind of improvement with that man

Sebastian said...

I'll see if I can comment on every comment here (because all of them are very interesting).

In order:

Jack: I remember your comments very vividly and I know you were firm in saying Diego was not fit to manage Argentina. What I did questioned at the time you made those comments was the language you used and I felt it was offensive. He could be rubbish (MARADONA), but don't ever forget you're talking about the man who made many people fall in love with football and with our national team. He deserves respect. Eternal respect (not reverence). That's why I opposed to those comments. I did say similar things to the ones you mentioned in the past, but I did it without using such strong words.

M13: A couple things. So you don't think we should be talking about GRONDONA and yet you question MARADONA and want him fired. Right?

OK, so...just to be clear: the person who hired MARADONA was Julio Humberto GRONDONA.

The person who wouldn't fire him like you're asking? Yep. You guessed. GRONDONA!

By aiming all your cannons towards MARADONA, you're not seeing the woods/forest for the tree.

Soy_de_River and Salvio Supporter:
Carlos BIANCHI? Hmmm...maybe.

But GAMEZ as a replacement of GRONDONA? GAMEZ is a former barrabrava of Velez. He is only opposing to GRONDONA ever since the GRONDONA regime stopped paying off for him. I don't like him. To have him on would be something like replacing Vito CORLEONE with Tony SOPRANO!

salvio supporter said...

Hahah nice comparison.

Anonymous said...

Seba, I did not use any foul language. Long before Maradona came we were a rich footballing country. Argentina had one of the strongest sides in the 40's which there was no WC due to the second world war. I just made comments on how he took his life and flushed it down the toilet. Yes Maradona said imagine what kind of footballer he would of been without drugs, but imagine what kind of man he would of been without the drugs. I turned a blind eye from the man and the footballer. But now that he is affecting this national team then that is it I must attack the man. His get out of jail card has long expired in my eyes. I believe this is how many many people feel down in Argentina I am sure you can vouch for this.

Not everything falls on Diego, I can admit that HOWEVER he needs to change that game plan of his before we miss out on the WC. We can not drop any points period. If we win out we can still be in the 5th spot depending on Ecuador. But again I doubt we can do that if this stays the same.


Anonymous said...

what a mess this is and its been heading this way for a while.
who to blame, were to start and where to finish? the lot need to go but the reality is nothing will change and with only 2 games to go.
a new coach?i dont rate any of the others but to me the best would be peckerman but he did blow his chance, can he learn from his horrible mistakes that i believe cost us the 06 wc.
i believe the nt has to many players that simply put are not "international class" and the stupidity in having friendlys and not giving others a chance reminds me of the english managers of old (before capello)play the same and dont blood anyone new, as they say a team is only as good as its backup players bacause their is injurys,loss of form,suspenctions,etc.
for the above i blame diego and for his arrogence in tactics (or none)his team selection when its apperant their are better players in certin postions and the fact he seems to be doing the job with his eyes shut.
he has to go and then those above him should join him, is it to late?? maybe but i will never stop beliving in the blue and white and glory in the wc 2010,14,18,22 etc i love my country and my team always....
vamos argentina

p2bn said...

It just gets worst. The feeling is slowly sinking in that we might truly be out of this world cup. 4 years I have counted just to see us to something magical and we are in this shit and Diego just keeps talking about his faith. I just feel sorry for our players especially Messi as I still remember how he cried in the last world cup. I am so desperately hoping someone will do something soon.

Vamos Argentina

Allan said...

I am preparing myself for the very real possibility that Argentina will not be at South Africa.

I think there is a lesson to be learned from England here. They hired Steve MacLaren and they were knocked out of EURO08. Then they hired Fabio Capello, a foreign coach, and they beat/thrashed those similar opponents with similar players and qualified with ease for WC2010.

Why can't Argentina look at hiring an experienced foreign coach? England always call themselves the inventor of the game and all that crap yet they resigned and accepted the fact that English coaches are no longer good enough for the NT.

Who else do we have in Argentina anyway? Sergio Batista is the only one I will consider but isn't he already Maradona's assistant?

Maradona has shown that he is a fool because he keeps repeating the same act but expecting different results. How can that be possible?

Zares the Maestro said...

Rubbish rubbish maradona coach, again and again , let us all digest it. let not argue or dream. maradona is still the coach. for now lets pray for the team.
secondly i respect diego as a player not as a coach.
Again i feel argentine talent has been wasted,plyaers like riquelme, aimar,higuian,zarate,banega. ...................... and many more.and also heinze shud be thrown out along side veron. there old like hell.we need fresh legs, fresh ideas, fresh tactics.

Mohd said...


I like the Maclaren comparison. and yeah i wonder how the team will be under someone like Guus Hiding or Arsene Venger for example.

anyway, i have given up to the fact that maradona won't leave and we will not qualify to the WC.

Paulina said...

Are you guys reading the article on OLE CLARIN about Maradona? It's syaing that Maradona is mad at the players, that the players aren't showing the real committment that they should, and that he's going to call up the locals for the final two games!!!

Is Ole Clarin a real newspaper? Or is this more of a gossip rag? Just wondering if I should take this report seriously.

Sebastian said... shouldn't worry because your Ecuador is going to the World Cup.

Those reports you're reading on Olé are nothing else than what I'm seeing in every TV channel.

Diego actually made those comments after the Paraguay game. Apparently he was happier with PALERMO and SCHIAVI than he was with the rest of the players and that's what prompted him to saying that he'll call up more footballers from the local league rather than those from Europe.

We are sinking even deeper. This is sad.

Scandalous too, but sad is the word that best defines the situation.

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Patricia Begay said...

I do not want to complicate matters. The team is in intensive care because the coach selects no hopers. There are players who can sort this out if they were not kept down by this clown This situation calls for drastic steps to be taken sack the coach and clear out the clique.

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