Sunday, September 13, 2009

MILITO : Give Him 90 Minutes & He Will Score

He has proven before, he has proven now and certainly in the future, if given the rightful chance he will prove it again. And exactly what is that? I’ll tell you in a short while.

Diego MILITO sealed Inter Milan’s victory over Parma by scoring their second goal just two minutes from time. It what could have been a frustrating afternoon, MILITO finally got his name in the score sheet after BALOTELLI found him on the counter and he finished the move off with a tap-in.

Yes he did miss a few chances before the goal. But all I’m saying is that the same man that Diego refuses to start (let alone play for substantial minutes) for the National Team, when given the proper chance (70-90 minutes of football) he will surely score for you.

After watching this game, I’ve been left to ask this question over and over again. What would have happened if we had him starting for us when we played against Brazil & Paraguay (or anyone else for that matter)?

Well here I am again, praying very hard for another Devine Intervention so that we might see him given some quality time on the pitch for our next two World Cup Qualifier and let his goals take us to South Africa.

Oh yes, just one more thing, COLOCCINI did scored for Newcastle in their 1-0 win over Cardiff!


Roy said...

A great poacher type goal by Milito. Right place at the right time and a cool finish there by the Prince. Would be great to see him on the team and you know, actually get more than 45 minutes!

One last thing, wasn't he supposed to be "injured" when he was on International duty? Or is that what the media and Diego forced fed us?

John said...

Well, at first I did not expect him to play in this match. When he did, that was the first thing that cross my mind.

white n blue said...

Watching argentina players score goal for their clubs make it clear: They prove effective if handled by 'true' coach...I know the situation is complicated!
Last news I hear Messi father complain to AFA official that his son didn't talk with Maradona (later Jorge deny it).
Still wait for Maradona reaction! I don't know if Maradona exclude Messi from NT. What a disaster....

ZiggY said...

Yes, Milito should definitely get more playing time. Once he finds his scoring touch with Argentina, his goals will continue to flow in, as he's a proven goal scoring machine. I wouldnt believe anything Maradona says... the guy's high on crack!

Concerning Coloccini, yes he scored a goal against Cardiff, and how...? A set piece of course. Not saying that he's one of my favorite to start for Argentina, but among the players that were available for the Brazil and Paraguay games, he was definitely among the most useful.

A big problem with Maradona is that he doesnt study his options at all. For example, if you think of it from a general level, goals come in the following ways:

1) High cross into the box... striker heads in.
Argentina obviously tried to play high balls into the box, but who was in there?? Messi and Aguero??? Maradona doesnt consider this type of goal correctly, or else he should have tall strikers in the box! Milito and Lisandro would have been good options, but did he play them? Nooo... not even bench material!

Solution: Play Milito or Lisandro. Heck, even Palermo would have not been a bad idea since he's good in the air. But against Paraguay Diego played another midget in Lavezzi instead of Palermo who gives him more options in the box (plus better finishing). Higuain is another great option! Crespo, if he's back in form.

2) Indirect free kick or corner (set piece): Tall defenders come into the box with strikers. High ball comes in, someone heads in.
We already know that none of our strikers are tall enough to be reliable in the air. So which one of our defenders are known to get goals from set-pieces? Burdisso and Coloccini... where were they? on the bench... did they play at all?? nope!

Solution: Maradona should field players with better aerial ability, not only for defensive purposes but also for offensive set pieces. Demichellis is also great, but of course he was injured unfortunately. G.Milito would be great if he comes back to form. Also, set pieces is another reason why Maradona should call Higuain.

ZiggY said...

3) Direct free kick.
In the Brazil and Paraguay games, who did Diego designate to take our direct free-kicks??? Answer: Messi. For God's sake, since when does Messi score free kicks? Oh that one time against Atletico when he caught the keeper off guard.. yes Diego, he's the man!!! :/

Solution: In the squad there are no good free kick takes. Veron and Tevez USED to be good, but sadly they'v lost that touch. There must ALWAYS be a good free kick taker on the field! These are basics! Who does Argentina have that are great free kick takers? Riquelme and ZARATE!

3) Counter-attack: A fast striker latches on to a through-ball, striker beats the keeper...
Against Brazil and Paraguay, who were sitting back and defending most of the time, we were never gonna get a chance at a counter attack.

4) When defence is too tight: Someone tries a long range shot that defies all odds and gets you a goal.
I dont think Datolo ever scored such a goal in his life (like the one against Brazil). But anyway, we need players that can turn the game around with such chances. Aguero sucks at it, Messi no, Tevez no.... Maxi SOMETIMES.

Solution: We must always have players that can shoot from distance and cause danger. In games like Brazil and Paraguay, it was obvious that we'd have trouble reaching the goal. Datolo's goal was an example of an extra option that can turn things around. Who else does Argentina have? Zarate!

5) Penalty
Its obvious Maradona had no strategy whatsoever... NOTHING! And this is what annoyed most of us. Heck, he didnt even go for the first strategy in the book... win a penalty!

Solution: Players should receive the ball in the box and expose themselves. If they get passed the defender and have a chance on goal then great, if not... then making the defender foul him would also be great, if not better.

Of course there are several other ways to score goals, but these are just basics! Maradona has no clue of how to study a game and make the most of his options. He has no idea how to study his players' attributes and utilize their strong points. Instead, he goes on talking about stupid stuff, like how only local players give their heart out while european based players dont. What a fool!

Mohd said...

you should also mention Zanetti's performance. he was man of the match. world class act.
and see how, just like Messi, he is lost with the NT...players need a plan to shine and maradona cannot provide this.

Samuel also was great in defence...

Anonymous said...

ZiggY, you seem once again to read my mind. exactly my thoughts. I said it many times: defense and set-pieces are the most important thing in competition football matches, more important than any individual skill and talent. remember germany 1986 or italy 2006 for example.

and that leads to another question: why are argentina players so short now? they are smaller than of any european team!

Vitalij from Germany

white n blue said...

I think it's better for Maradona not use Veron anymore. Based on statistic (against Scotland, France, Russia, Venezuela), Argentina wins without Veron.
Yes, Veron plays in WC qualif against Venezuela (second half), but after Argie scored goals (2 or 3 goal if not mistaken). Against Bolivia, Ekuador, Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, Veron play badly.

Do you agree that Veron too slow for Messi/Aguero/Tevez/Lopez?? The same question came when Riquelme still played for NT. Both of player restrict Messi, Aguero, and midfield creativity...

johnny said...

YES ! Veron is too slow and without enough creativity. Riquelme, based on his recent performances for Boca, is also not the answer, even if he agreed to join the NT, and if Maradona, or whomever, wanted him.

Is Andy D still crazy as a bedbug in Brazil ? Hell, I would think Andy and Maradona might have some things in common. Call up Andy D ! Without joking, I think D'Alessandro would work wonders with Messi/Milito/L Lopez. I love his ability to burst into the area and create chances for his teammates.

Anonymous said...

Del Potro for the striker! The guy is huge and says he plays football nearly as good as tennis, and he plays tennis very good!

Vitalij from Germany

johnny said...

Sweet pass from Palacio to Crespo for a goal as Genoa ran roughshod over Napoli 4-1.

Paulina said...

Also - did you guys see how sharp and smart Ayala looked with Zaragoza yesterday? I know that his team lost badly, but it was so great to see him back.

aLSO, Fazio and Peroti scored a wicked goal for Sevilla. So many good Arg players out there.

msi2 said...

Fazio's run was really impressive, considering his size... People should definitely see this on youtube. Perotti's goal was great.

Anonymous said...

A big VAMOS to Del Porto, no? I am a huge Federer fan and it seems that he will pay Del Po in the final I think this time I will root for Del Po. Federer has already won everything and has won more then any other man in history.


Anonymous said...


personally i am a big Nalbandian fan, pity he is injured and wasted his talent the last years. Del Potro is pretty boring and has no charisma, but the same goes for Federer, Nadal and Djokovic.

Anonymous said...

Nalbandian, what a waste of talent. I had HUGE hopes for him years back. He had Rogers number before Nadal did. But I just do not know about him anymore. I agree Del Po is a quiet kid but he can be a serious contender. He just punished Rafa today.


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sirus said...

Banega again superb performance for valencia...