Friday, September 18, 2009

There is no ending to this mess. What next?

The answer to the question posed in our headline is simple: 'Nobody knows'.

I'm hearing all sorts of different versions around and I don't know which one to listen to or which one has some truth behind.

Lets start with what's real.

MARADONA is off to Italy to lose some weight and have a minor surgery in one of his knees.

GRONDONA didn't know of this and of course he is not happy, but publicly he said: 'We knew about Diego's trip to Italy. There's nothing wrong. All we need to stop this crisis is for the ball to get in the back of the net and stop conceding'. Simple, right?

GRONDONA, BILARDO, MANCUSO and LEMME all met on Monday and several other times during the week to discuss what's the best way forward. They have been on the phone with MARADONA during those meetings.

Argentina will face Ghana in Córdoba on 30 September. The match is organised just to raise money, sell tickets and honour the contract signed with a company that promotes this kind of friendlies. The squad will be formed by players from the local league with the exception of those playing for Velez Sarsfield (like OTAMENDI, DOMINGUEZ and PAPA), San Lorenzo (we saw BERGESSIO in the past, but now he is playing in France) and Lanús (Sebastián BLANCO and we also had José SAND who went to play in the Emirates). Those three teams play in the Copa Sudamericana and can't release their players.

The list for the Ghana friendly will be released on Monday after the next round of Torneo Apertura matches.

BILARDO is not taking charge of the national team by no means.

Now lets take it up a notch and talk about a few of the things that have been said and written in the last couple of days about our national team and the people in charge of it.

These are only rumours and should be taken as they are. NOT TRUE (at the moment)

GRONDONA to fire someone from MARADONA's coaching staff?

It's one theory. GRONDONA clearly doesn't have the integrity or the guts to fire MARADONA and this could be a perfect shortcut to see him out of Ezeiza.

I remember that PEKERMAN left (he wasn't fired by GRONDONA), but in reality, he was told he would have taken a major pay-cut (and so would the members of his coaching staff) and that was it for him. He wouldn't take that. Not only because of the money itself, but for the treatment he was receiving.

Under this situation, GRONDONA would probably be making one of his trademark moves. He knows MARADONA will continue to live by his very own codes and if GRONDONA touches one of the members of his team, that should trigger Diego's resignation.

A move to get GUARDIOLA to manage Argentina?

I can't believe this. Please, disregard this 'information' that came out of nowhere and has no truth whatsoever. Ignore it. Won't happen. In fact, I regret having read that report as it was a complete waste of my time.


King Aguero said...

According to the latest news Grondona has come up with a plan called B3, which is incase things dont go well with Diego and he doesn't accept what the AFA are wanting then Bilardo, Batista, and Brown will be n charge of he NT?

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, if Diego is in Italia and the Italians want him of tax evasion why don't they put him in jail? He owes well over 50 million dollars. I know in the US if something like this happened, good luck. Can't he just be thrown in jail?

johnny said...

Well now, incarcerating Diego in Italy. There's a new way out of this mess !

Sebastian said...

Speaking of Italy and tax just in...Diego has been stripped from his diamond ear rings by Italian officials from the Financial Police (or whatever it is called).

Anonymous said...

Yeah Seba I recall a few years ago they took his Rolex's away. It is comedy by now. I know there is no way in hell Diego has that kind of money. The excess in his life from the past and the way of living is crazy. Some what like Mike Tyson.


salvio supporter said...

I saw that. If he only managed to eat all his gold stuff and diamonds and everything else before entering the country, he would had gotten the surgery for free.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to incarcerate him. Everybody would be happy: the treasury, the English, our football. Sadly that would mean Batista is in, but...

All this thing surrounding Guardiola is so sad. It's even more feasible that Bianchi gets the job. It talks volumes on how the press down here (and pretty much elsewhere, by sticking to it) has to create crap in order to get attention. And not even this way they get what they want; who trusts or cares about the press these days?

johnny said...

Just curious, but $50 million US seems like a helluva lot of money for Maradona to owe. He couldn't have been making all that much money so many years ago. I am assuming there is a ton of penalty money added in to that 50mil total. Anybody have an idea about why the total is so high ?