Friday, September 04, 2009

Argentina vs. Brazil - El Clasico Preview

It's time for El Clasico; Argentina vs. Brazil. You've heard the news, the rumors, but now it's time for the Official Preview!

Only once outside El Monumental
Argentina has only played one World Cup Qualifier outside of the Monumental Stadium in the last 12 years. This came on November 16, 1997(in a France 1998 World Cup Qualifier) against Colombia. The match ended 1-1 at La Bombonera(Boca Juniors' playing ground). That game marked Juan Roman RIQUELME's full International debut for Argentina who at the time was coached by Daniel PASSARELLA.

Rosario not comforting
Argentina has played against Brazil twice in Rosario and has not managed a victory. Not only have they never won, they have never scored in Rosario when playing against Brazil. The first time was at the 1975 Copa America where Brazil defeated Argentina 1-0. The second time was at the 1978 FIFA World Cup, where the match ended in a 0-0 draw.

Argentina overall record against Brazil
Argentina and Brazil have played a total of 93 times(at International Men Senior level). Brazil have 35 wins compared to Argentina's 34 with 24 draws in between. However Argentina has scored more goals with 149, as opposed to Brazil's 145.

Diego MARADONA's goal scoring record against Brazil
MARADONA has scored only 1 goal against Brazil and it came in the Copa de Oro tournament. The match took place on January 4th, 1981 in Montevideo, Uruguay. It was Diego's 11th International goal(aswell as his 24th International cap) and the match ended 1-1.

Diego MARADONA's overall record against Brazil
As a player, Diego represented Argentina 91 times. During those 91 times he played against Brazil 6 times. The first time was at the 1979 Copa America where Argentina lost 2-1 in Rio de Janeiro. The second time was at the Copa de Oro in Montevideo, Uruguay where he scored his only goal(ever) against Brazil in a 1-1 Draw. The third time Diego was not so lucky as it came at the 1982 World Cup, in Barcelona, Spain where Brazil beat Argentina 3-1. The fourth time, once again, Diego was not so lucky. It was at a Copa America(this time the 1989 edition) where Brazil eliminated Argentina 2-0, in Rio de Janeiro. The fifth time however, Diego would get his revenge. At the 1990 World Cup, Argentina eliminated Brazil 1-0 with a goal by Claudio CANIGGIA(and a fantastic assist by MARADONA). The last time was more or less a friendly(A.F.A 100th Anniversary to be precise), in Buenos Aires(on February 18, 1993). The match ended in a 1-1 Draw.

Claudio CANIGGIA's winning goal at the 1990 World Cup in Italy.

Argentina vs. Brazil - World Cup Matches
Argentina played against Brazil a total of 4 times at FIFA World Cups. The first time was at the 1974 edition(in West Germany), where Brazil defeated Argentina 2-1. The second time was in 1978(in Argentina... and in Rosario!), however the match ended 0-0. The third time was at Diego MARADONA's first ever World Cup, where Brazil beat Argentina 3-1. The last time came in Italy 1990, where Argentina were able to defeat Brazil 1-0.

Argentina vs. Brazil - World Cup Qualifiers
In World Cup Qualifiers, Argentina and Brazil have played 5 Matches. Sharing the spoils with the following record...
Argentina: 2 Wins, 1 Draw with 7 goals scored.
Brazil: 2 Wins, 1 Draw with 8 goals scored.

2002 World Cup Qualifier
Sao Paulo, Brazil - Estádio do Morumbi - July 26, 2000.
Brazil won 3-1. ALEX scored once for Brazil, while VAMPETA scored twice. Matias ALMEYDA scored the only goal for Argentina. Javier ZANETTI and Juan VERON are the only survivors from that match that have been called-up to play on Saturday.

2002 World Cup Qualifier
Buenos Aires, Argentina - Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti - September 5, 2001.
Argentina won 2-1. Roberto AYALA scored an own goal, Marcelo GALLARDO scored for Argentina and CRIS(Brazil) scored an own goal. Javier ZANETTI is the only survivor from that match that has been called-up to play on Saturday. Note the date of the match: September 5, 2001.

Marcelo Gallardo's tying goal to make it 1-1.

CRIS' own goal(and game winning goal for Argentina).

2006 World Cup Qualifier
Belo Horizonte, Brazil - Estadio Magalhaes Pinto - June 2, 2004.
Brazil won 3-1. RONALDO scored three times(all 3 were penalties), while Juan Pablo SORIN scored for Argentina. Gabriel HEINZE, Javier MASCHERANO and Javier ZANETTI all played in that game while Carlos TEVEZ and Nicolas BURDISSO were unused substitutes. They have all been called-up to play on Saturday.

2006 World Cup Qualifier
Buenos Aires, Argentina - Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti - June 8, 2005.
Argentina won 3-1. Hernan CRESPO scored twice while Juan Roman RIQUELME scored once. Roberto CARLOS scored Brazil's only goal. Javier MASCHERANO, Gabriel HEINZE and Fabricio COLOCCINI all played in that game. Javier ZANETTI and Carlos TEVEZ were both used substitutes(ZANETTI came in the 71st minute for Luis GONZALEZ while Carlos TEVEZ came in the 82nd minute for Javier SAVIOLA). They have all been called-up to play on Saturday.

Hernan CRESPO's goal to make it 1-0.

Juan Roman RIQUELME's goal to make it 2-0.

Hernan CRESPO's second goal of the game to make it 3-0.

2010 World Cup Qualifier
Belo Horizonte, Brazil - Mineirao - June 18, 2008.
The match ended 0-0. Fabricio COLOCCINI, Nicolas BURDISSO, Fernando GAGO, Gabriel HEINZE, Javier ZANETTI, Javier MASCHERANO and Lionel MESSI all played in the match. Maxi RODRIGUEZ, Sergio AGUERO, Juan Pablo CARRIZO and Sebastian BATTAGLIA were all substitutes(Sergio AGUERO came in the 67th minute for Julio CRUZ). They have all been called-up to play on Saturday.

The Players
Argentina has called-up 37 different players so far in the Qualifiers. Javier ZANETTI and Lionel MESSI have played the most matches with 14 each. However MESSI has played 1251 minutes compared to ZANETTI's 1214 minutes.

Argentina has scored 19 goals(an average of 1.36 goals per game) and conceeded 14 goals(an average of 1.07 goals per game).
6 wins(5 at home, 1 away), 4 Draws(2 at home, 2 away) and 4 Losses(0 at home, 4 away).

Argentina Top Scorers
Sergio AGUERO, Juan Roman RIQUELME and Lionel MESSI lead Argentina in goal scoring with 4 goals each.

10 different goal scorers in 2010 World Cup Qualifiers:
Carlos TEVEZ: 1 Goal
Daniel DIAZ: 1 Goal
Esteban CAMBIASSO: 1 Goal
Gabriel MILITO: 1 Goal
Juan Roman RIQUELME: 4 Goals
Lionel MESSI: 4 Goals
Luis GONZALEZ: 1 Goal
Maxi RODRIGUEZ: 1 Goal
Rodrigo PALACIO: 1 Goal
Sergio AGUERO: 4 Goals

Out of the list of players, only Lionel MESSI and Sergio AGUERO have ever scored against Brazil and both of those goals came at a "junior" level. Lionel MESSI scored against Brazil at the U20 World Cup in The Netherlands. Sergio AGUERO scored 2 goals against Brazil, both of them just over a year ago at the 2008 Olympic Summer Games in Beijing. Argentina won both matches.

Argentina has never lost a game when Sergio AGUERO has scored. He's scored in 7 matches, resulting in 6 wins and 1 draw. The Draw came against Paraguay back in September 2008 in a World Cup Qualifier. However, when Carlos TEVEZ and Lionel MESSI both start a match up front(as the only two strikers for Argentina), the record is less than impressive. With 3 Wins, 6 Losses and 2 Draws.

Startling Line-up
Diego MARADONA has confirmed that the following is the starting line-up that will face Brazil.


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Sebastian said...

Awesome job, amigo! Amazing stuff!

I'll stop packing for a minute and have a look at all those videos and figures.

Or maybe I'll save it for tomorrow to have a proper build up for the match!

Thanks for this. Hope you all enjoy this.

VAMOS ARGENTINA! Can't wait for the match to start!

Anonymous said...

The entire country will be at a stand still. I spoke to my cousin and he is saying that everybody is on pins and needles. I told my cousin I can not sleep well before the match, he told me to do what he does and that is to hit the bottle haha. I am not sure if I want to go to a bar and watch the game with friends(which I finally found, if anybody in LA needs it just ask me to post it if that is ok with Seba) or stay home and watch it on my own, because I just can not wait for the game. I have looked at all the polls and opinions from many people and Argentina seem to be a major underdog. But the bookmakers like to give Argentina a slight edge. I think all of us wish it was Saturday already.


Sebastian said...

Jack, you can absolutely post the address, the name and all the details you'd like, of the place you've found in LA to watch the game.

I encourage others to do the same in their respective parts of the world.

We've got no sponsors here that could be bothered! In a's a good thing we have no sponsors...right?

I won't hit the bottle, though I'd probably ask someone to hit me with a bottle and put me to sleep! Otherwise, I will struggle!

Anonymous said...

The name of the bar is called Ye Olde Kings Head Pub. It is located in Santa Monica, address is 116 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401. Number is (310) 451-1402. $20 dollar charge at the front door for the game. I was lucky enough to find this on some message board.


p2bn said...

Man..Tom...I am so excited and afraid at the same time.

Seba or anyone could you please post the time in the blog or in the tweet. I have found some but they seem confusing and conflicting and man would I be gobsmacked if
I miss this one.

Vamos Argentina

Anonymous said...

Game has a 5:30pm Pacific Standard Time. 9:30 Local Time. If you are in England, the game will be around 1:30am.

albiceleste rosario said...

well,lets see but argentina coach atimes needs to give chance to zarate, banega,higuain ................... etc

my eleven 1

my eleven 2

Juan Pablo CARRIZO

my eleven 3


my eleven 4


John said...

Excellent preview Roy! Almost forgot my about my breakfast as I couldn't resist the temptation of reading this brilliant article. Now I'm getting even more nervous about this as I got less than 24 hours left to go.

Our latest pod cast in my opinion was the most insane they we’ve ever done. I loved it every bit and pieces of it. And I’m still sticking to my original prediction which is a 0-0 draw (and I pray that I’m wrong on this and Roy was right!).

Just to let everyone from Malaysia know, that I might be watching the game outside with some fellow Argentina fans. Let me know if there is any particular place that you’ll recommend and hopefully we can join you.

koma said...

the game will be shown here in Malaysia on Sunday morning, right John?
I hope the info that i got is correct. I don't want to miss the game..

Rune said...

You guys mentioned something about september the 5th in the podcast. That we won a game on this date some years ago. I would also like to point out that I think this date isn't exactly a lucky date....I think there was a game 16 years ago on september the 5th played on the I right?

John said...

Koma, you are correct. The game will be shown on Astro Supersports Channel 811, 8.25am. Let me incase if you're watching the game anywhere.

Amir Guevara said...

I want a win, BUT...

If a defeat means a chance to get a real coach, then I hope for a defeat. If not qualifying for the WC means the end of Grondona's dark reign at AFA, then I am ready for the sacrifice.

Many of my fellow Argentines feel the same, despite the media propaganda, fueling this joke of a coach and his buddies. Bilardo, after what he did in 1990 against Brazil, still deserves to be there?. But, of course, you always have the "Maradonianos", "Sidieguistas", and their bright minds.

I wish our football could get rid once and for all of the so-called "God" and its curse of corruption and shame.

Will a gentleman and an awesome proffessional, like Bianchi ever get a chance?

Dirty, dirty business. Love for the colours? Hehe... nice joke.

Sorry for my negativity, but I can't see light and no end to this tunnel.

messidona19 said...

I'm not gonna lie, but i'm a bit dissapointed that neither Licha nor Aguero got to start while the ineffective Tevez got it instead. But i'm pleased to know that the 4-3-3 was changed to a 4-2-2.
As for the defence, it makes me uncomfortable to see 2 unproven defenders who haven't played consistently for Argentina get to start!! May God be with us to beat Brazil!! I don't care if we win 1-0 , 1/2- 0 1/4- 0, all I care about is the 3 points!!!
Now is the time for Messi to prove himself on the international stage as both he and Maradona(during his playing days) have had a bad record vs. Brazil so far.
Good to see Datolo given a chance and here's a getting away with the 3 points!!

messidona19 said...

Oh yea I live in Bahrain in the middle east so all of us here will be watching the game on TV.
There's the JSC Al Jazeera sport+5 which will be viewing the game as well as ART sports. Both these channels are viewed on Hotbird/Nilesat and always show Argentina's games, whether it is a meaningless friendly or a WCQ.
Good luck to our team today!!
and hopefully tomorrow will be full of praise for our win!

messidona19 said...

To Amir Guevara: ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? you would prefer Argentina not being in the world cup just to see Grondona and Maradona out??!!! Are you out of your mind? We watch club football for 4 years following all our players and talents and supporting them just to see which is the best possible team to take to the world cup! For Christ sake, I'd keep Grondona for 100 more years as long as we play and have a chance in the world cup every 4 years.

Anonymous said...

As I am watching Portugal and Denmark. And if the scores stands 1-0 Denmark, Portugal will all be out of the WC. Even a tie will be bad for them. No Cristiano Ronaldo for the WC.
Sweden is beating Hungary and they will jump over them, and push Portugal to 4th.


msi2 said...

messidona19> Grondona for 100y more??? Yikes, I would prefer killing myself honestly. The guy is a cancer for arg football.

Anonymous said...

well i agree that grondona has to resign... he's a kind of mobster, he is in power since 1979, 30 years!!!
But i want Argentina in south africa 2010...
could you imagine a world cup without argentina?
sad...very sad

Anonymous said...

Colombia leads Ecuador 1-0 and very close to the end.


Help pleaaassseeeee

I want to follow the action against brazil and argentina live but i dont know what channel is broadcasting this game..
I am in michigan now, and i dont mind going anywhere to watch it. please send me the name of the channel or anything else that would broadcast this match..

Thanks bodiesss

P.S. I am rooting for brazil by the way, and i think we will get our asses kicked today in argentina just like the 3-1 few years ago :-)
and i couldnt thin of any other blog better than this to provide me with the information.

Hellppp said...

i live in michigan/united states by the way.

Hellppp said...

i live in michigan/united states by the way.

Sebastian said...

That's a brilliant website to follow our match tonight and most of the most important sporting events live and without the need of downloading any software.

Good luck in the game and I hope you're right about your prediction!

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