Saturday, September 05, 2009

Two great results to start the day!

Perú and Colombia did us a favour and won against Uruguay and Ecuador.

That guarantees that whatever happens tonight against Brazil, Argentina will keep their fourth position and we have the great opportunity to win and separate ourselves 5 points from both, Colombia and Ecuador (two teams that now share that fifth spot which gets you to a playoff with the fourth-placed team from CONCACAF -Mexico at the moment of writing-) and seven points clear from Uruguay with only nine points at stake.

Paraguay are leading Bolivia 1-0 at half-time and they are reaching the 27 points that Brazil have at the moment.

Chile will face Venezuela later and with a win, they will only need one point from the last three matches to book their ticket to South Africa 2010.

Already out of the race for the next World Cup, Perú defeated Uruguay 1-0 with a goal from Hernán RENGIFO as they recorded only their second win in the competition.

Uruguay missed Diego FORLAN and looked average. Now they have a mountain to climb as they sit in seventh place and have to face Colombia (H), Ecuador (A) and Argentina (H) in the next three matches.

Colombia, on the other hand, are the biggest winners of the day so far as they climbed from seventh to fifth with a 2-0 win over Ecuador with both goals coming in the last 10 minutes.

Jackson MARTINEZ (81 minutes) and Teófilo GUTIERREZ (91 minutes) were the unlikely scorers as they win their second match in a row.

All to play for in that race for fifth place and a big monkey off our backs as Ecuador didn't win to surpass us in the standings.

Now it's up to us to make the most out of the other results that went our way.


By the way...check this link to see if you manage to watch the match live:


Sebastian said...

One other thing...if Brazil win tonight, they qualify for South Africa 2010, no matter what happens in the last three matches.

We don't want that, do we? ;)

22 minutes to go. The stadium is packed and the atmosphere is great.

Can't wait for it to start.

Raj said...

I sincerely hope that Argentina do not qualify for the world cup. We are all living on false hope. I was okay with Maradona till today. But his playing Messi out of position and not substituting pathetic Veron cannot be pardoned. It is time for him to go. Being a die hard Argentina and Maradona fan for more than 25 years, this is the first time I feel like Argentina doesnt deserve to go to the world cup inspite of having the best player in the world.

Anonymous said...

Finished!!! No World Cup for Argentina.....

Anonymous said...

So what excuses will Maradona use now? Of course it is never his fault.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of him...Bilardo or Bianchi

Raj said...

My wish list:

1. Veron and Heinze retire from the national team
2. Maradona resigns as coach
3. Gordona resigns
4. Aimar and Riquelme are recalled
5. Only in form players are selected
6. Tevez, Milito and Lavezzi are replaced by Zarate, Higuain and Di Maria
7. Local over rated Argentine league players are put in the right perspective
8. Select a group of 18 players and allow them to gel as a team
9. Educate Mascherano that football is played with the ball and not the opponents legs
10. If the above is taken care the last wish of qualifying for the WC will happen

Amir Guevara said...

Divine justice, Mr. God Maradona. I wonder how you REALLY got to be the "coach". Complot against Basile, anyone?

Where were your stars tonight? Wanna try another stadium?
Any criticism on live TV for any of your untouchable players?
Anyone to insult today? any excuses left? Any more shame for Argentine football?

Mr. Bilardo: No magic water this time?
Englishman Verón: Still hiding?
Catalunya kid: Were you even warming the bench?

Congratulations, Brazil. A punch of reality that surely will be ignored.

I remember how the media destroyed other coaches, but, not even a finger against Mr God Maradona. All good business with the hopes of the public.

To the real God: Don't let us qualify if you want, but PLEASE, deliver us from Grondona, Maradona, Bilardo and the rest of this maffia.