Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mundo Albiceleste Pod - Is there light at the end?

Four defeats in the last five matches give us plenty to talk about.

We have dropped from the automatic qualification places and we are facing real danger of not making it to the World Cup next year.

Mundo Albiceleste's team is joined by Lucas in Australia and there is no topic left out of a very heated conversation after Argentina lost to Paraguay.

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King Aguero said...

Latest news:

- Grondona asked Maradona to call-up JRR, Cambiasso, Higuain, and Zarate or resign

- Maradona called Campagnaro to tell him that he will replace Zanetti

Dave P said...

I have been thinking a lot about what our team should look like if Maradona was not our coach, or if he calls up the right players and has a right tactic...My thoughts have got me to think of two possible formations:
4-2-2-2 (Like Brazil)

or 4-1-2-3



GK said...

King Aguero, is this true or sarcasm? I'm sorry, I just can't tell anymore if people on here are being serious....

Sebastian said...

King Agüero: Where did you hear that about GRONDONA giving MARADONA that sort of ultimatum? I didn't see it anywhere and if that's true, I think GRONDONA is waaaaaaaaaay out of order there. He shouldn't be picking players. He just needed to pick the manager and his decision was to appoint MARADONA. Now he should either live with it or fire him.

Dave...I like your lineups.

Here's my attempt (and this reflects how I feel right now (it could change from day to day).


MESSI----------------Licha LOPEZ--
-----------Diego MILITO-----------

How do I see that working?
Great picks in ZABALETA and INSUA, Dave. I think it's time for them to be given those full-back position and I'm sure they'll be our main options there for years to come. They're young but experienced and they are playing at one of the highest levels (EPL).

I like what DEMICHELIS offers. I also like players like PAREJA and Gonzalo RODRIGUEZ (though he is always injured). GARAY I like too. I need to see how he does this season for Madrid. FAZIO could be one for the future and I'd keep OTAMENDI in the squad -without exposing him too much-.

MASCHERANO works much better when he is all alone in the centre of the pitch. He likes to run everyone and he is better when he has more room to run around.

Our flanks is my main concern. As you can see I've chosen a 4-3-3 formation and so I need those outside midfielders to be able to help in defense and also eventually join the attack. They need to be able to shoot from distance.

Maxi is our most experienced option on the right and provided he can rediscover his form he should still do a good job. Jonas could also be used there.

CAMBIASSO is playing some of his best football lately. He covers my needs when it comes to run up and down that left flank. His passing and positioning is also great and he's got a knack for scoring on rebounds and always be in the right place at the right time. His pace I fear a little bit, but he could make up for that with experience and intelligence.

My forwards would destroy any team in the world.

MESSI being used on the right (like in Barcelona). Lisandro placed on the left and cutting in from there to the middle (like he did for a few seasons at Porto).
MILITO in the middle, finishing our attacking moves. He's used to play with two wide forwards like he had for a few seasons at Genoa and he will do a perfect job in opening up very valuable space for MESSI and Lisandro to run into and do their thing.

You'll have players who could head the ball (in Lisandro and MILITO) and the three of them are great passers too.

All I ask is to be able to see those three playing together before I die.

Somehow I'm thinking I won't get my wish.

My bench?

ZANETTI (can be used as RB or RMF)
anyone from PAREJA/GARAY/OTAMENDI/FAZIO/BURDISSO (maybe PAREJA and BURDISSO have the advantage as they can be used as LB if something's wrong with INSUA -though ZABALETA can switch there too if needed-
GAGO (yes, I still think he can work in a good system)
Jonas/Maxi (the one I don't start)
HIGUAIN (if he stops flirting with the French)
CRESPO (in case MILITO is not ready to go)

Sebastian said...

As you can see...there's no AGÜERO or TEVEZ right now, but they could be in the squad once AGÜERO shows he can pass the ball to players not named MESSI and once TEVEZ concentrates more on his football rather than just hustling around

Also in my squad?

At least a couple of the central defenders I'm leaving out of my bench.

José SOSA (hmmm...I just remembered him! He could relegate both Maxi and Jonas and do the job on the right. Very professional. Talented. Hard-working strong midfielder on the right who can also take free-kicks like you wouldn't believe. He plays for Bayern Munich and I love him).

DATOLO/DI MARIA: I still need to see more from DATOLO but he is a good option on the left, provided he keeps his recent form for Argentina. DI MARIA? If he gets his act together, he could work. The only problem I see is that he wouldn't contribute much on defense and I need that in my tactic.

Mauro ZARATE: Gives me a quality option, although he needs to prove me he can work with his team-mates rather than eating the ball up at every chance he has.

USTARI/CARRIZO: Tough decision. One of them would be my third keeper.

I'm sure I'm leaving out some people that I like. I'll try and make sure I add them as soon as I remember them.

But I'm pretty happy with the lineup, the bench and the squad members that I have chosen.

PS: I'd have RIQUELME if he comes back from international retirement, but he needs to be able to sit on the bench in some matches.

If he is back, I'd probably take one from Lisandro or MILITO out. Use RIQUELME as our enganche (playmaker in the middle) and use a front two of MESSI and MILITO/Licha.

There you go. We're going to the World Cup and we are in with a legitimate shot at winning it.

I'd bet my left lung with this team!

Sebastian said...

A video with some of the things Argentina did wrong against Paraguay.

Very self-explanatory even though it is in Spanish.

King Aguero said...

I read it on an Argentine post

Regarding Jose Sosa its funny i always thought high of this kid but evry Argentine is like yeah ok whatever well to me Jose Sosa is the only Argentine that can play anywhere in midfield and is good at it! very calm, very talented, and doesn't need the ball much to do what he does

And dont forget Bounanontte, DeFederico, Pastore, and Belluschi cause i dont think any of the guys in Argentina can pass like Belluschi does

Sebastian said...

BUONANOTTE (in my opinion) is nowhere near where he needs to be to become an international player for Argentina. He is even struggling to get a game for the worst River Plate side I've ever seen in my life. He's got some good things, but not enough to cut it at the international stage (and somehow I don't see that ever happening).

DEFEDERICO and PASTORE? I like those two, but they need to show me more. They are just starting. I need to see them performing consistently and I'd like to see how they do for their new clubs (Corinthians and Palermo).

BELLUSCHI? Good player. Not international standard in my opinion. Still has time to convince me and I'm curious about what he can do this season with Porto in the Champions League.

Sebastian said...

Not that I'm Racing Club biased (because I like to think I'm not and I'm the first one to criticise my team), but I think one for the future (for that role on the right or even for that central midfield role MASCHERANO owns) is Franco ZUCULINI (who moved too early to Hoffenheim in Germany and I don't know if he'll ever get a game for them -this season-).

He's not ready to play for Argentina as a starter, but I'd keep him on the radar. That boy is something else, I tell you that.

King Aguero said...

Belluschi in my opinion did enough with River to convince me that he deserves to be on the NT and hes doing very well with Porto at the moment! i think his passes are needed however as far as Zuccilini goes hes really good and so is Matias Sanches

batigol9 said...

i hope the news from King Aguero is true,I hope Higuain, Cambiasso,Zarate jump on board,though maybe cambiasso is the only one who might be called

Anonymous said...

cambiasso is injured for 2 mths i heard?
guys im not sure why everyone is for milito ahead of higuain.
milito plays in the 3rd best legue now behind la liga and epl, if he was that good he would have gone to one of the bigger in those lges ie manutd,liver,real,barca.
i like inter but in europe they are the pants and struggle against the best of the best.
i dont believe milito is good enough for the nt and i would rather see higuine ahead of him.
hig is young,fast and aggressive both on the ground and in the air he is unproven but milito has had limited chances but has failed to impress most people in any of them.

sirus said...

hmmm welll... my starting eleven...


Zanetti RM, RB
Gonzalo CB, RB
Garay CB, RB
Gago CM, DM
Banega DM, CM
Aguero Forward,
Di Maria Left Winger
Higuain Right Wing and Forward
Zarate Forward

sirus said...


Milito scoring many goals for Zaragoza in the la liga... He always scoring for Zaragoza, For Genoa, for Inter... great underrated player...

Rune said...

This is my "dream 11" at the moment:


sirus said...

I always preferred 4-2-3-1 formation for Argentina national team... because 4-2-3-1 is defensive formation... in 1998 many team choose attacking systems... we met england 1998 both team started with 3-5-2 formation... but last few years many changes in international football... France, Italy, Portugal they are all using 4-2-3-1 /only one striker/and they were played well... they are qualified final four...

In the champions league same... in the knock out stage all team /except Barca/ use the defensive tactics...

4-2-3-1 use 2 DM... we has many good DMs... Gago, Masche, Cuchu, Banega, Zuculuni...

Anonymous said...

As I got done listening to the podcast we can all agree that our chances are not great. I will take a nice long vacation in the summer so I can miss the wc. We have come to a crossroads with our team. I have said I have given up hope wit this team if diego is the coach. Ithink all of our moral will be boosted if A diego gets fired won't happen B if diego calls in those players. I do not think he will does nebody feel diff? Jack!

batigol9 said...

i can't believe that some are still including Maxi and Aguero in their starting 11!! They were given too many chances and were day dreaming every time

batigol9 said...

let's all pray that Ecuador beat Uruguay and we beat Peru.In such a case,Uruguaqy are out of the World Cup and have nothing to play for in the last game against us...keep ur fingers crossed :)

batigol9 said...

videoclip on mauro zarate,he's quite a good free kick taker:

Joe said...

Just for the fun of it il make my dream team. Even thou the real change must be with diego.





Messi Higiuan Teves



Alot of want to take out Zanetti from the team ang get alot of young players in. But that is not the case. You have to have experience. Zanetti is a great player and alot of you go after him because the team has been awful. But with the right tactical coach he is vital. Zabaleta is nowhere near Zanettis abilitys. I can honestly say that Zanetti is better then him in every aspect of the game. Papa is better then Insua. And I think he had a great game against Paraguay. Teves is also a great player especially if you put him down the flank because you need someone hardworking with the ability to score.

Mohd said...

it kills me how even you die-hard argentina fans do consider zarate as a starter. have you seen our strikers shooting from outside? they look like *****. have you seen them try to dribble, they look like even worse ****.
guess what? zarate can do both in an extraordinary manner.

Riquelme should be no where near the lineup. FOR GOD'S SAKE THE LAST THING WE NEED IS A CRY BABY, no matter how talented he is. plus haven't history tought you that Riquelme makes the team revolve around one player. stop that player and the team is history. and when this player is as slow and as moody as Riquelme, then we're finished.

for me, the line-up should be as follows:
zabaleta, samuel, gonzalo, zanetti
mascherano, banega, cambiasso

milito, insua, dimaria, aimar

by the way, mascherano is playing like shit recently but i stick with him because he is the best of a shitty bunch.

johnny said...

WOW WOW WOW ! Fantastic and interesting dream lineups from Dave, Seba and the rest. But will Maradona consider any of these options ? We are expecting him to do so after his recent decisions are a 180 from what so many here at Mundo are calling for ? He seems obsessed with proving local players are the answer. There was talk before the Paraguay match that he was calling up last second locals because there wasn't time (or the rules didn't allow)for last second call ups from Europe. But look what he did, ignored quality players as subs in the Paraguay match and turned inexplicably to dinosaurs Palermo and Schiavi. More diehard Boca connection insanity. I honestly think that Maradona is melting down, is paranoid, and thinks that he can trust the local players, whereas he can't the players from Europe. A "bunker" mentality which is one small step from the end.

Anonymous said...

I have a theory! Think about it:

i think Maradona is doing it all on purpose! He wants that FIFA believes Argentina is weak now and no danger to Brazil or Germany. Because if they would be, Blatter will send them them once again into the group of death and the referees will whistle against them. Maradona knows it, he experienced it! So he is so clever, he fools the whole world by letting Argentina play bad and struggle in the qualification. This guy is a visionary genius, we just are not on his level, so we couldn't realize it.

Vitalij from Germany

Mohd said...

ok here you have it:

PLEASE PLEASE, argentina people kill this crazy mad druct addict man before he destroys your team even more!!!!!!!

Mohd said...

Sebastian and for all of you from Argentina, what is the Arg press and public saying?? have they no say in important decisions?

in countries like brazil and Italy, coaches are sacked if the pressure from the media and the people grows...

what in the name of god is going on in Argentina? now is the moment to save us from the disaster, with the correct decision we can still win the final two matches and even win the playoffs...

Sebastian said... my latest post. There's a mention about what the media in Argentina are saying.

Disgusting, really.

Anonymous said...

My formation:


----Messi--------Higuain----Di Maria

Although Andujar concedes a lot of goals lately, but I like his height. He's the tallest we have, and he doesn't make stupid mistakes.

I like the defense like Pekerman did for us in the WC 2006. He used Burdisso as the right back because he's a very defensive minded right back, but he did great. He made Sorin to have total freedom he needed. The same thing could happen to Insua. So Burdisso is a defensive minded right back, Insua is the attacking minded left back.

Demichelis and Samuel are the proven strongest defenders we have. No question about it.

I like the combo of Mascherano and Gago. I think the difference of the two complement each other well.

I will use Messi at his best, as right forward. Higuain as the man coming from behind, just like he did last year for Real (or a target man). Di Maria as the left forward. We know he's been really good for Benfica this year.

And then Tevez as my forward...A lot of ppl criticize him, but Tevez plays good when he's the lone striker and all the ball goes through him. He did amazingly well in the Olympic 2004 because he was the only striker upront. I still believe in him.

By the way, if Capello FINALLY knows how to combine Lampard and Gerrard, I think it's Maradona's task to figure out how to combine Messi with Tevez.