Thursday, September 03, 2009

Diego's press conference: "We will attack Brazil"

The press conference ended around 7:20 PM Buenos Aires.

It's 7:23 now and Mundo Albiceleste is proud to give you the entire transcription of Diego Armando MARADONA's press conference.

"It's been 30 days of rain and the sun's came up at the last minute. After having my players here and after knowing how they were, I'm very happy."

"They show me they have the desire to win. They know our people need them. They know we should have won at Ecuador and we didn't. Now they know better."

"I'm happy as I've ever been of being our national team manager."

"I had my men working with me and they helped me build my team."


"We get to this match in a good form. All my players know what I want. Tomorrow we'll have some tactical training and we'll watch some tapes of Brazil. We've watched them already but we'll watch them with our players."

"We have a lot of respect for Brazil. They won the Confederations Cup and they have a great team, but we have our qualities too."

"In football, there is no fear. We never hide. We will show our faces and we will attack Brazil."

"We will attack them from the flanks with Maxi and DATOLO, with VERON from the middle. With MESSI and TEVEZ causing problems to their centre-backs. With ZANETTI's run forwards too. With VERON and his set-pieces. We have a lot of possibilities. We will play our game and then we will surely have to see what Brazil bring to the table."

"It all depends on how the match presents itself. Our idea is to come out and try to choke them. We don't know what they will try to do and they may choke us first, but we know we have to take care of KAKA, ROBINHO and Luis FABIANO and we need to watch out for their counter-attacks."

"There is no pressures for MESSI or any world-class footballer. He will play like in any other match he has played so far. Pressure is the one a working-class man has every day when he gets up at 5 AM and needs to find a way to earn the money he needs to feed his family. MESSI will play without pressures."

"MESSI has to become a man in a hurry and he is showing signs of doing that. This has been the best week I've seen from him since I've been working with him. He's fast, he's focused. He knows what's at stake."

"When we visited the Gigante de Arroyito Stadium was in optimal conditions. They had some minor work to do there in the dressing rooms. What the people in Rosario are showing ahead of this match with the way tickets have been sold. I'm very thankful of the people of Rosario."

"I don't know what DUNGA will bring to Argentina. All I know is that if you win the Confederations Cup, I don't think you'll make many changes from that team. I'm sure they'll have Gilberto SILVA and Felipe MELO. I'm sure LUCIO and LUISAO will be there. Andre SANTOS and MAICON as their full-backs. KAKA, ROBINHO, Luis FABIANO and then RAMIRES or ELANO. Whoever they play, we have to go there and be ready for the battle. We have a great deal of respect for them, but we have to trust our own capabilities."

"If we beat Brazil we'll surely be well-positioned for South Africa 2010. But if we win, I won't be prettier or wiser or anything like that. I'll be the same. Some so-called experts are so tiring. The more I hear them talk about football, the more I love myself!"


Mohd said...

well..i have blasted maradona for long time. now it is not the time...go on and bring 3 points and show the world that Arg has a team to be respected.

Messi: we need more than ever. it is your moment to get Arg fans hearts.

Tevez: prove everyone wrong and find yourself...

Anonymous said...

I am already getting super anxious for the game. Can not really eat or drink. Having a hard time even trying to get some shut eye. We are about 48 hours from kickoff. The footballing world is going to be at a standstill. I have confidence in our boys. I am happy that Messi has been in Argentina for a week preparing for the game. We need to shut up the naysayers about our team.


johnny said...

Thanks for the translation Seba. Forgetting any concerns that I, or anyone else, has about Maradona, he is always an interesting, and often funny interview.

Rune said...

I feel the same way. Can hardly eat, can herdly sleep. It's always like this for me when there are big games like this coming up. During WC 06 I had to take sleeping pills to get some rest. I am a sick man:-)

GK said...

Seba, or anyone else. Do you know what time kick off will be in the North American Eastern Time Zone? I will be unable to watch the match but I'm going to be getting updates through my cell phone. I want to follow the entire match as its played from Mundo's comment pages.... Can anyone help me? What time is kick off?


Joe said...

I love Diego so much and no one would be prouder if he is succeful as a manager. But i honestly think that sometimes he talks to much i a way where hi gives out his tactics. I reylly think he should give keep the lineup for himself until the last hour. Especially when the Brazil do not know who will start alongside messi. Or if we play with two or three forwards. They should not even know if Veron or Gago will Start or who will take Gutierrez place, or who will play as centre backs. Maradona gives his lineup a day to early. A line up on this day that would have been very hard to predict. I really think he should keep the tactics and lineup for himself most of the time. For tomorows game the only certain starters where Andujar, Zanetti, Macherano, Maxi, Messi. Not even Heinze was certain as there was a chanse of Papa playing. I think Dunga will adjust his team a bit now.

messidona19 said...

COME ON!!! ARGENTINAAA!!! The best quote I heard in this interview was that Messi has played his best football in training!!