Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Leo’s Double Sends Barca On Top

Surely the big day for most of us at Mundo Albiceleste will be this coming Friday, when Diego names the squad for our final two World Cup Qualifier. At this moment, we’ve been hearing too many reports that I would prefer not to think about it so much instead just wait and see what would the final outcome be.

One name that is unlikely not to be included has to be Lionel MESSI. He continued from where he left off over the weekend with another brilliant performance which saw Barcelona defeating Racing Santander 4-1 thus sending them back to the top of La Liga.

First he provided an assist for Zlatan IBRAHIMOVIC to put Barca in front and later scoring their second and fourth goal; both with his usual trademark move and left footed drive from which you can view from the video. Once again, it is proven if there is a system in place for him, he can do wonders.

Another player, one which I’ve been hearing a lot lately, that got himself in the score sheet is Diego PEROTTI. He was the scorer for Seville in their 2-0 win over Real Mallorca. I have great feeling that this one looks destined to have a big future. Anyway, what’s your take on him?

More action from Europe coming up later today.


johnny said...

It was great to watch the in form Leo Messi yesterday. And one goal with the right foot, which is always encouraging. Any thoughts about Zlatan not fitting in have to be forgotten now. This is a team built to have Messi score. It is a little sad to see Thierry Henry struggle to finish, but it says so much about Barcelona that it doesn't seem to matter a whit.

andaman said...

Pure Messi magic week in week out.

Anonymous said...

sky sports today

Lional Messi says he has good working reletionship with maradona,19734,12026,00.html

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Anonymous said...

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Mohd said...

one more time the players neglected by maradona are doing wonders:

--banega: valencia lost, but banega (as one of the guys here said, sorry cannot remember who) is turning into the new Pirlo...i am now convinced that he can be the solution to our play-making issues.

--Samuel, Cambiasso: another class perfromances. these two players are capable of turning the NT upside down.

--Milito: not only he outshone Etoo in scoring, he is also a better all-round player. he creates goals and he links well with his teammates. I was never a huge fan of Milito, but he has proven me wrong badly.

PLEASE, someone call the mad man before he releases the names on Friday and note him on the above players!!!!!

msi2 said...

Mohd, have you seen Higuain? I read on various boards he was poor last night.

Mohd said...


yes, its really sad; but this year Higuain is far from his level last season. he looks lost and he knows he is only gettin 45 minutes every 2 matches...still hope he gets the call from maradona.

msi2 said...

No its almost 100% sure that he will get the call, but he gets the call when he ha spoor form at club level... We do everything wrong, everything.