Monday, September 14, 2009

The River Plate Connection

Hernan CRESPO and Javier SAVIOLA both scored on Sunday, hoping to try and earn a spot back on the National Team.

Genoa took on Napoli on Sunday with a match that produced 5 yellow cards and 3 red cards. With the score 2-1 for Genoa, Hernan CRESPO came on in the 58th minute. Fast forward to the 75th minute and CRESPO gets on the scoresheet for Genoa! A good run from fellow Argentine Rodrigo PALACIO, led to a pass to CRESPO who was in the box and being the typical #9 that he is, slots it into the back of the net. Ezequiel LAVEZZI came on in the 58th minute. The match ended 4-1 in favor of Genoa.

However it was SAVIOLA's goal that made the headlines in Portugal on Sunday as Benfica took on Belenenses. It took El Conejo only 6 minutes to score the first goal of the game and what a great goal it was. Taking the ball from his own half and scoring! SAVIOLA made a rabbit like run, before squeezing into the box and shooting. His inital shot was saved by the goalkeeper, but he got his own rebound and scored to give Benfica the lead. The match ended 4-0 for Benfica.


msi2 said...

Saviola is so much more than Tevez... Bring him back to the NT. What a shame he lost so much time on Real Madrid's bench.

Faku-Diablo said...


PLEASE,,, i´d like to see Montenegro´s goalsss!!!!


Sebastian said... disrespect, but you can search for it on YouTube.

We normally post here the goals from players that are a part of the National Team or pretty much in the radar.

Rolfi is a great player but he is not playing for Argentina lately.

It'd be impossible for Mundo Albiceleste to have the clips from every Argentine player that scores in the many leagues around the world.

Anonymous said...

I have been saying that, Saviola is so much more to us then TEVEZ!