Monday, September 14, 2009

DEL POTRO wins and the whole Argentina is happy

It was a thriller that lasted a little bit more than four hours. It was the first time Roger FEDERER was forced to play a fifth set in a US Open final (and he arrived today with a run of five consecutive titles). For a change, this time, he lost.

Juan Martín DEL POTRO has always said his favourite tournament was the US Open and tonight he made the miracle happen against the toughest possible rival who, as expected, didn't make his life easy.

The Argentine took the last two sets and won his first Grand Slam title to make the whole country celebrate.

Mundo Albiceleste salutes the brilliant Juan Martín DEL POTRO on the biggest day of his professional career (and probably his whole life).



Roy said...

Congrats to Del Potro. It really wasn't easy for him. Had to face Nadal in the semi's and then having to face Federer in the final was really tough, but he won it! A great match, indeed.

salvio supporter said...

Congrats to Del Potro and let's see how they receive him in Tandil when he comes back. This and the Pumas' news made my day. Also my year. And the next one.

Whatever happens with you know what, it was anyway a great year for sports down here.

Akash said...

Congrats to Del Potro. Really a great performence by him in the whole tournement. Fantastic player

Anonymous said...

Since I am a diehard Fed fan it was a bitter pill to swallow but good job to Juan Martin. Fed just did not have his A game today. Yes I know Fed has 15 titles all time greatest yada yada yada, but I am greedy and wanted 16 lol. Oh well, next in a few months is the Aussie Open.


p2bn said...

Nice one. Some good news amidst the loads of such bad news.

ZiggY said...

Oleeee... Del Potro for the football NT!

John said...

Salute Delpo for giving us a Grand Slam title in five years. Not to disrespect, but FEDERER is still the greatest. No arguement about that.

Ziggy, I'm with you buddy.

messidona19 said...

Del Potro should be our N.T Goalkeeper!

LaTiNo said...

Gracias Delpo!!!

Anonymous said...

after Federer won the third set, i thought he would roll all over Del Potro in the fourth set, like he did in previous us-open finals with roddick and agassi. but del-potro was mentally really strong! especially in the tiebreak of the 4th set, he won all his 6 serves.

Have you ever seen the tiebreak-monster Federer losing 2 tiebreaks in a grand-slam-final? i think Del-Potro can also win the world trophy and the australia-open.

Vitalij from Germany

johnny said...

I've been following tennis since the days of Nastase, and I think Del Potro hits the hardest, flattest forehand I have ever seen. Humongous. Federer might have been upset with the eagle eye thing, or whatever they call it, but he was more upset having to fruitlessly flail away at those unreturnable forehands from Delpo.

divinedevilxyz said...

sux that Roger lost But like you said, at the beginning of this year I too wud have said "6-in-a-row is good to have compared to that elusive French Open title".

Anyway, this is JMDP's moment and what he had to do to win this USO is pretty much impossible. I have no words to describe his excellence.

Enjoyed your coverage throughout the USO. Thanks!

jadejohn said...

OK, Juan, let's see what you've got...not sure I'm crazy about him, but maybe he can prove me wrong in this Open...Wow, that is just too awful, what’s wrong with this world. She probably and defiantly had a future and it’s all taken away…

Anonymous said...

I am still bitter about this loss. Do not know why it is bothering the crap out of me. I saw it on TV again today, it was as bad as losing to Brasil. I was getting so used to Roger winning last couple GS's and I thought this would be #16. Happy for my fellow countrymen but it seems I am going to lose sleep over this.


Anonymous said...

I do not want to take anything away from del Porto but I feel Roger loss then Juan Martin winning. I am reading a FOX article and it pretty much states "The attitude this time wasn't one of despair, but determination. "You got lucky," his face seemed to say during the post-match ceremony. "That was not the real me". I just feel Roger gave it away. Never in my life did I see him play this bad. I think this is why it bothers me. It kind of feels like how we gave away Copa America 2004. When Adriano did a clear foul in the box to get free to score that last second goal to send us to PK's. And we were shell shocked, and lost. I want to see a rematch in the Aussie Open!


Anonymous said...


Del Potro wasn't lucky at all. There is no excuse for Federer. If you see his finals against Nadal and even this year against Roddick, then you will see that he doesn't play the great tennis that he plays against weaker opponents. This time he faced an equipollent rival, and once again it was shown that Federer is not unbeatable.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Glad to see JMDP's success is being celebrated and enjoyed.

I've been following him since the beginning and it was wonderful to see him achieve his dream

I do the Grand Slam tennis for Priceform and maybe some of you will be interested to read my review, in which features Juanma heavily, as you might expect. Hope its ok to post the link. Thanks.

Sports Magician

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said- I did not say he was lucky, all I stated is Fed played horrible. His servicing game was way off. Watch how many times he double faults and how many times he gives up his first serve. It is very silly. If Rog served a game that was half decent he would of won. But that is that. If Rog did not serve that well vs Roddick at Wimby, then he would of lost. He needed 50 aces to beat Roddick that game. With all this said, I think Juan Martin will be a top 3 player next year. What Rafa is to Roger, I think Juan Martin is to Rafa. Rafa's top spin is so high it gives average height players so much problem, since Juan Martin is 6'6 it is no problem for him. So I think Rafa will the throne in the side of Federer and Juan Martin will be for Rafa. But if Fed meets Juan Martin again, watch out for the Fed EX!


Anonymous said...

Jack, Federer didn't play horrible. He was under pressure because he felt that this time he MUST play his best, or he will lose. The only other rival Federer has the same feeling is Nadal.

Many Federer fans say: look how bad Federer played against Nadal when he lost all the finals (french open, wimbledon, australian open). then i ask: why federer plays great against other players, but bad against Nadal and Del Potro this time? answer: because they make him play bad, or not as good as usual.

when Federer plays against, hmmmm, Hewitt, he knows he is better, and even if Hewitt plays his best, Federer is still able to make something special and win with ease. But Nadal and Del Potro are different material, Federer doesn't have any garantee that he can beat them even if he plays his best.

Vitalij from Germany

Anonymous said...

Roger entered the game vs Juan Martin with a 6-0 record. VS Rafa his record is 7-13. Majority of the games have been played on clay which Rafa is King. How Roger played vs Novak just a day before the game he was unreal, hitting shots from out of this world. Juan Martin did not make Roger throw double faults and give up his first service, it was Roger. With all this said, Juan Martin won that is final. But Roger will come back in a big way. He will hold that #1 spot until end of the year and will be seeded #1 in the Aussie Open. Which the two may face each other again in the final depending if Juan Martin will crack the top 4. Only player I really worry when Roger steps onto the court is Rafa. Juan Martin is not there yet. Mid way through the second set I turned my tv off and went out for a little bit. To my surprise I saw they were in the 5th set which Juan Martin had already broke him. I played the game back and saw how poor Roger really was. Not worried, he will pick up another Grand Slam or two next year, he is already the king.


Anonymous said...

Jack, Del Potro is very young and constantly improving, so his six loses against Federer are not relevant.

Novak is a very good player, but one level behind Federer, and Federer knows it. So he does not feel the same pressure like against Nadal or Del Potro and that explains why he plays so good.

He hit the double faults in this final, because he was under big mental pressure, because he felt how strong Del Potro was. And Nadal defeated Federer in all grand slam finals except the us open, where they never faced each other. and federer always made much more mistakes than against other players.

Federer struggles when he feels that the opponent is on the same level. Remember how he argued with the ref because of the baseline decisions. He doesn't do it usually, but this was not a usual match cause Del Potro is not an usual player.

Vitalij from Germany

Anonymous said...

Vitalij- Again Roger has a 6-0 record vs Del Porto entering the game. Novak has had Rogers number last few times they played. Novak beat Roger in the 08 Aussie Open semis to dethrone him and he won that title. Vitalij, he made double faults because of mental pressure? Are you kidding me? He was serving bad in the first set which he was killing him. Come Vitalij, do not put Rafa and Juan Martin on the same level. I am from Argentina and I would not dare make the debate. Rafa has won on all the services, and is 1 US Open away from a career slam. You state that Rafa has beaten Roger in all teh slams they have played against one another? Just exactly where are you getting this information from? Roger has won 2 Wimb finals vs Rafa. Last years game was a epic and it took Rafa everything to take out Roger to claim his first title. Only time Rafa really has his way with Roger is at the French. Everything else goes to 5 sets. But like I stated, Roger has 15 slams more then any other player in history and has won all the slams. I am greedy and want Roger to win more.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jack, i didn't put Nadal and Del Potro on the same level. and i explained that the 6-0 record Federer held against Del Potro is not relevant cause Del potro is very young and still improving, and never played as good against Federer lie on sunday.

Novak beat Federer in aus 08 but Federer had an illness (don't remember the name). Federer is a head above Novak.

And i just said that Nadal beaten Federer in australian open, french open, wimbledon finals, i didn't say he won all grand-slam-finals against him they played.

and again: Federer would have won this final against anyone else (i think even Nadal, not sure). Novak, Roddick, Murray, he would beat them all, but Del Potro proved too strong. Federer strugles under pressure, believe me. It is just that till now he was only under pressure when he played Nadal. Even in wimbledon against A-Rod i am sure he always felt that he has the edge over Roddick.


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