Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Here comes the worst case scenario

I haven't changed, people. Trust me. I haven't. I'm still the one supporting the team through thick and thin. No matter if I don't like the players selection. No matter if I love or hate the coach. No matter whether they play beautiful football or horrible long ball.

I always say that with my local team (Racing Club) and with Argentina, I know nothing about tactics. I know nothing about personal affection or hatred. I know nothing about football at all. I just support them. No matter what.

I my team doesn't play beautiful football, I watch Barcelona on TV. Or Arsenal on a good day. Or any other team. I get my fix elsewhere. I support Racing Club and Argentina. Period. And I keep supporting them even more when the going gets tough.

My trust on managers and players has a limit, of course. And it pains me when I see things could be done in a very different way and it just doesn't happen.

MARADONA said right after the defeat in Paraguay what I've been telling you all along: "I won't quit. I have spoken to GRONDONA and my two daughters and I'll stay until the end of my contract. Nobody can break me".

GRONDONA is yet to make a statement, but I have also been telling you that he won't sack Diego.

With that in mind, the future looks horribly dark.

Our team is playing worse and worse each game. I have actually gave up on Argentina scoring. I fear our rivals will score every time they get by the midfield line. I see nothing from Argentina. Nothing. And it kills me.

All this time I've been trying to stay positive and ever since Diego got appointed, I trusted he will work with an experience team behind him. Professional people that would help him make tough decisions. People like BILARDO, who I thought was going to have a saying in the tactical aspects or the training process.

Nothing has happened. All we are seeing is a series of bad results that are getting us on the verge of missing out of the next World Cup.

Diego, as I expected, doesn't seem to realise how serious this situation is. His image is already tarnished but he could make it even worse if he doesn't get help or if he doesn't change the things he is doing wrong.

To start the game without OTAMENDI (we don't know if he is injured or not, because the information is not coming out of the Argentina camp. Rumour? That OTAMENDI said a few things to the press about how we defended set-pieces against Brazil and therefore he was excluded) and most importantly, to have Lisandro LOPEZ and Diego MILITO (both scoring at will in Europe) not even on the bench sure raises a few eye-brows.

But to finish the game with Martín PALERMO (36) and Rolando SCHIAVI (36) both fishing for a potential loose ball in the Paraguay area, surely has to be the worst possible image this shambles of a team could give.

I don't think judging players individually will make much sense (even though we will have Dave's player ratings here later), because, the way I see it, there is no way any player (good, great or bad) could perform according to their true potential.

I've got plenty to say about a lot of things and I'll do it in our next podcast (which I'm sure will be a heated discussion).

Here's an open forum for you to vent your feelings.


Anonymous said...

i concur with your words seba at the moment im beyond any kind of a smile.
diego will not go and will not change his team and im sadly sure he will keep doing it his way and for us that spells disaster.
how can someone so increadable as a player get it so wrong.
the only small ray of light is we are 5th and if we beat peru then we cant be knocked out of 5th.
its going to be a long month nervious till the last round in nov.

Anonymous said...

ego of great Maradona is hurting albiceleste. First Higuain's omission, now OTAMENDI,Riquelme, etc. counts for numerous examples.

Mike said...
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Mike (Canada) said...

I'm sorry but that game way embarrassing. Why were we crossing long balls in to our forwards that are so short? Over and over again it did not work, and we didn't change our tactics or approach.
Don't forget the cross bar also bailed us out TWICE in the first half. This game could have been even worse than it was. We wasted so many opportunities on set pieces. They looked so confused, like they had no plan, and didn't know what to do.

Diego has made horrible decisions his whole life, but that is his business. But now he is destroying OUR national team. He plays different formations, players and tactics every game, as if they were friendlies. Its like he rolls the dice each time, trying out a new team every game, and just hoping for the best. He needs to remember that this is not Diego's team. it is OUR team, and ARGENTINA'S team.

He is too caught up with himself, and too stubborn.
Don't get me wrong I love Argentina futbol with all my heart, and that will never change. But what I saw tonight made me sick. Knowing that we could be a contender, and watching that? thats horrible.

Maybe I should have slept on it, but I had to vent.. I still can't believe what has happened to the Albiceleste. I hope you guys don't take this rant the wrong way.. I haven't given up hope, I'm just VERY ANGRY as I'm sure all of you are as well.

Anonymous said...

When all teams have reverted to horrible long hopeful balls, I have known Argentina as the team of style and confident build up because I know the team who truly deserves to wear this shirt harbors treasures of talent. I personally feel the defeat today was a lot more painful .. Loosing a game, with such a weight, with no single strategic attack save Palermo's dream ball- is painful to the bones.
I have seen the pain and frustration in the way wrong passes kept flying all over the place !!!
MARADONA .. Save the remainder of this team and LEAVE, PLEASE!

johnny said...

I just commented on Dave's player ratings and now I see Seba has used the same word that I did. Shambles. A truly ugly performance in every way tonight and with clueless Diego hanging on, and Julio "I sold my soul to the devil" in the background, this has the makings of a cheap Greek tragedy. Every futbol fan in Argentina should be disgusted at what is happening to a very proud futbol heritage.

fergy, jamaica said...

seba, i do not support foolishness. ive supported argentina all my life bcus of what they represent in world football...they are carelessly losing that revered identity and for that reason i cant support them at this time...i still love the players and i knw if they had any tactical guidance at all, they'd b doing at least ok...but i cant respect a system that dismisses the interest of the supporters and players and allows the team leadership to cause the entire country and its myriad of supporters worldwide to perish...its like seeing an iceberg but allowing the ship to hit bcaus you respect the captain...the afa and all in charge have no backbone, and that sadly is the proximate cause of the teams current demise...

King Aguero said...

There are 2 rumors floating around Argentins

1. SOme players dont have confidence in Maradona

2. The next call ups will include more domestic players than Euro based players

Mohd said...

Besides Seba's comments, I have also just heard the news that maradona won't quit!

if so then truly we are out. its over. but one thing for sure, all the love i had for maradona has transformed into an unbelievable hate. he has destroyed arg football and the fans, the arg people should have a say on that.

they should do something to get maradona fired...its their team and their responsibility.

Rune said...

here is news for you. Wake up! what you said was wrong: IF, a big iF, we beat Peru we are NOT sure to finish 5th. Uruguay, Colombia and Venezuela can all finish above us if they win their remaining games.

Ingi said...

With all the talent available at his disposal, I still can't understand why Maradona is sticking with these unknown players. How about proven Euro talents? ie: Higuain, Garay, Samuel? et al.

I'll be an Albiceleste fan as long as live, but Maradona's coaching skills(or lack off) are really getting on my nerves.

But still we will make it to SA 2010.

Vamos Argentina.

Papua New Guinea

Anonymous said...

I dnt wanna say anything cos my comment will be taken off..... on how im feeling at the moment... we can talk about players we need and all the stuff but the fact of the matter is nothing will happen...
I LOVE my country and i LOVE my teams....
HOPE is all i have

messidona19 said...

Oh Lord! I have fully given up hope! There was one point in the match where I wanted Romero to attack and play in our Midfield rather than all these fools.

If I was Grondona, I'd make dastic changes to a non-existing team, First thing take out Maradona, take him out!!! He won us the Wc86 and that's all! He's giving it to us for granted and we forgave him for 82 for being too young. He may have won us the 1986 world cup but he cost us the 1994 and 2010 world cups too! Just like how Mohd said, My love for Maradona turn into an unbelievable hate and resentment towards him, I feel the same, and I have no doubt in mind that If Maradona doesn't leave, then we will go down to fucking 7th!!
Look at all their performances even before Basile quit, does it look like a team which deserves to qualify for the Wc? Absolutely not and I will not cry one bit when they don't qualify because they did it to themselves, and not conspiracy theories or referee mistakes.
If we even somehow manage to squeeze in and get that 5th place and manage to squeeze past Honduras/Costa Rica, I'm pretty sure that they'll go out of the first time with this fucking team...

P2BN said...



Sorry for the caps but I am truly shouting now.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe it!!! Maradona wat are you doing????? seriously!!!! im so nervous about the last match!!! things have to change!! i be soooo upset if we dont make SA 10 !!!!! But never give up!!!

Vamos Agentina!!!!


salvio supporter said...

At least there's a basketball World Cup next year and we're there already...

GK said...

Look at the bright side, we will have plenty of time to prepare for the 2014 World Cup qualifiers.

salvio supporter said...

Hahah no joke. Also, let's be honest. Sure, nobody wanted this, not even those that actually wanted Maradona out this way.
But think about being the 2014 Champion, in Brasil, against Brasil. I like that. I can wait until 2014!