Monday, September 28, 2009

Carlitos With A Brace Against Former Club

Was He Listening To Our Conversation?

That’s what I’m thinking right now. After all, the general feeling among everyone in Mundo Albiceleste is that he should not start, or to certain extent not being called up for the National Team.

The next thing like a true professional he answers his critics (us to be exactL) by scoring twice for Manchester City in their 3-1 win over his former club West Ham.

Well it’s nice to see him on fire for his club, something which I will say the same for any other Albiceleste that are within the National Team radar. Personally I would not exclude Carlitos altogether as there is something about him that Diego’s side can benefit from (remember the friendly against France earlier this year?).

But for now, I will still maintain my earlier statement that I would prefer someone else (either MILITO or HIGUAIN) to start against Peru.


johnny said...

Nice performance from Carlitos and I remain a big fan. That said, he should have had least one more goal. One that he missed was practically a sitter. I don't think he is still at top form. What strikes me as more of a positive/negative about Carlitos is that he makes most of the right passes with Man City and seems to be unselfish, while in his recent performances for the NT, he seems out of control and not on the same page with his teammates. Of course that page is hard to read.:)

Anonymous said...

Sep 29. In a friendly against Ghana on Wednesday 30, 9 pm at Córdoba Stadium, Argentina would line up: Pozo; Canuto, Schiavi, Caruzzo, Monzón; Enzo Pérez, Bolatti, Vangioni, Insúa; Palermo, Hauche

Anonymous said...

The national team trained and was concentrated

The squad convened on Wednesday to face Ghana, made football this afternoon before the Sub 17. It was concentrated and return to full training on Tuesday at 1530 (in camera) and then leave for Cordoba, where he will play Wednesday at 21

Since shortly after 16, the 18 players summoned to meet on Wednesday to Ghana, from 21 in the Cordoba Stadium, trained under the command of Diego Maradona in the venue. They made football into two halves of 30 minutes, pitting a team from the Screening Sub 17 as it prepares for the World Cup in Nigeria, reinforced Campestrini in goal at a time and well in the other. This was led by junior team coach Jose Luis Brown and Secretary of Youth selections, Sergio Batista.

The first game

Diego Maradona provided this equipment to meet the first 30 minutes: Diego Pozzo; Ignacio Canuto, Rolando Schiavi, Matías Caruzzo and Fabian Monzon; Enzo Pérez, Mario Bolatti, Leonel Vangioni and Fedderico Insua, Gabriel Hauche and Martin Palermo.

The under-17 lined up: Cristian Campestrini; Orfano Esteban, Esteban Espindola, Tagliafico Frederick Rasmussen, Nicolas, Bruno Zuculini, Jorge Balbuena, Franco and Gonzalo Olid Bitancourt Apaza, Sergio Araujo and Eduardo Rotondi.

He won the senior team 1-0 on a goal by Gabriel Hauche.

The second game

This was the players who ranked Maradona in the second 30 minutes: Cristian Campestrini; Ignacio Canuto Matias Caruzzo, John Insaurralde and Cristian Villagra, Jesus Mendez, Rodrigo Brana, Leonel Vanigioni and Nicolas Gaitan, Luis Rodriguez and Mauro Boselli.

The under-17 followed the same team with Diego Pozzo in the arch. The result was 0-0.

Designations. For the game against Ghana Martin Palermo was named team captain and Rolando Schiavi, Subcaptain.

Ortega's injury. The footballer was Ariel Ortega in the venue today before practice, leading to the Medical Staff Selection studies attesting suffering a muscle in his right leg edema, and was therefore suspended for the call.

What's coming. After practice Monday afternoon, the campus was concentrated in the residential complex in Ezeiza AFA Sports. Return to practice Tuesday at 1530 (apuertas cerradss) and then depart at 17.30 in micro to the Aeroparque. There, at 19, take the charter flight that will deposit in Cordoba, where he will stay at the Holliday Inn. The return will be completed immediately after the game against Ghana.

Maradona Conference. Coach of National Team is planning to offer in the Holliday Inn of Cordoba a short news conference before the dinner with the squad.

Buenos Aires, September 28, 2009

Anonymous said...

The selection was trained to play in Ghana, but thinking of Peru and Uruguay

Argentina’s soccer selection directed by Diego Maradona returned to activities for the friendly match in Ghana next Wednesday but with the mind set on the decisive duels against Peru and Uruguay in World Cup qualifiers.

Last night Mauro Boselli and Nicolas Gaitan were summoned to replace Ariel Ortega and Esteban Fuertes, who are both injured.

This training represents the first rapprochement of Maradona and Sergio Batista, coach of juvenile teams, who were at odds since the ”Ten” took on as couch of the national team.

Aparently they were apart because Batista aspired to be the successor of Alfio Basile, but he was relegated by the arrival of Maradona, who also declined to add him to the team of colaborators.

“I haven’t fallen out with the ‘Checho’ (Batista), nor with Brown, nor with the ‘Negro’ Enrique”, said Maradona.

The squad for Wednesday would be Diego Pozo, Ignacio Canuto, Rolando Schiavi, Matías Caruzzo, Fabián Monzón; Enzo Pérez, Mario Bolatti, Vangioni Leonel Federico Insua, Gabriel Hauche and Martin Palermo.

This team played for 30 minutes against the under-17 boys, winning 1 to 0, with a goal scored by Gabriel Hauche.

After the practice, Diego spoke a few minutes with reporters and showed his annoyance when asked about his relation with Bilardo. “We will talk after qualifying,” said Diego. “We are adults, vaccinated and don’t have to give advice to anybody,” he said.

Furthermore, he hinted that from this call many will play against Peru and Uruguay. “There are seven or eight players that I have to put on the list.”

At a press conference, Boca Juniors’ striker Martin Palermo, team’s captain for the next match on Wednesday, said that “Argentina will be in the World Cup no matter what”.