Saturday, September 05, 2009

Argentina vs Brazil (1-3) All Goals Highlights


Anonymous said...

After a deep analysis,

the last 7 goals Argnetina has recived, ANDUJAR fault, them carefully,..and you will find that is him that is misplaced in the area.

Sebastian said...

This is a new one, really. ANDUJAR???

Poor guy!

Lets recap and see those seven goals you say are ANDUJAR's fault:

LUISAO: Hardly ANDUJAR's fault. Well-placed header from a man that's wide open in the box.

Luis FABIANO's first goal: He did rebounded a ball, but the defence allowed a man to shoot from inside the box. It was after a very lucky rebound for Brazil when KAKA tried to cross and DOMINGUEZ blocked it with his body without any luck and the ball went straight to a Brazilian midfielder (it was either Felipe MELO or Gilberto SILVA). He could have done better, but the defence was suspect there too and Luis FABIANO was free after the rebound.

Luis FABIANO's second goal: Hardly ANDUJAR's fault, is it? One-on-one with Luis FABIANO he does what he has to do: close him down. All credit to the forward and why did he get there so free?

In Russia. ANDUJAR wasn't very well-positioned when they scored. Too close to the near post. Could have done better. Yes.

In Ecuador: None of those goals are ANDUJAR's fault. The first was a total rocket. Similar to DATOLO's from yesterday and nobody will blame Julio CESAR.

The second one was well-taken by the Ecuadorian striker. Not his fault.

Against Colombia ANDUJAR kept a clean sheet and that's the end of the list of matches ANDUJAR played.

He was half-guilty in Brazil's second goal last night and he was at fault against Russia.

Where are those 7 goals?

I did watch those matches carefully.

To begin with, we conceded 6 and if he is at fault in 2 (one and a half, really), I don't think ANDUJAR is our main problem. Is he?

Raj said...

Completely agree with you. The only goal which according to me was Anjugar's fault was the first goal scored by Russia. I feel it is the defense that have always left him very shakey. I am sure if Julius Cesar who is supposed to be the best keeper currently played instead he might have stopped maybe one or two of the 6 that Anjugar left that too if he was lucky

King Aguero said...

Same thing went on when Carrizo was in goal everyone blamed him but nobody realised how shit our defense has been ever since Ayala retired and thats because instead of using the right personnel in the right system were still using 2 half backs in their mid 30's which is an energetic position and 2 CBs who barely put on the NT jersey

Anonymous said...

Remember the free kcik of Pavluchenko vs Russia? Andujar placed the wall,..and he was well positioned in the clear area to see the ball,..the shoot comes in to the wall,..and Andujar moved to follow the ball even he placed the wall for it,...Question,..why he place a wall,..if he will ignore it anyway? he moved like a rookie following that ball heading straight to the wall.

Same with the first goal of Brasil he was not ppaying atention to the panoramic sight,..and he shit his pants all over like a rookie and stressed up the muscles,..and that avoid him to move smoothly. the number 1 of the albiceleste is to big for him.

Anonymous said...

2nd goal of Brasil,...when Andujar reject the ball,..he didnt open the hand,...he was so stressed up, that had his hand like a fist,.and rejected the ball like a rookie once more,..a good keepers would of catch that ball with hands open in the ground,..

3rd goal of Brasil, was not a 1 vs 1 completly,.. if he stayied behind the defender would of had a chance to stop his man,...but Andujar was in his way.

and vs Ecuador,...ok the first goal was hard,..still if he was a bit better postitioned he would had a chance.

Conclution 6 of 7 goals,...Andujar rookieness fault.

Number 1 shirt to big for him.

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