Monday, September 14, 2009

I have 19 names for you. Ready to see them?

I'm watching TV and I'm trying to read between the lines and avoid falling into the hands of those journalists that have their own interests and personal agendas.

I'm mature enough and I'd like to think I have the ability to see for myself and to reject the message that is coming from the mainstream media. Unfortunately, the majority of football fans in Argentina are happy to buy the message they get from the so-called pundits.

Therefore, you have that "journalist" who watches Boca Juniors matches from MARADONA's VIP box and so he goes on and on about how PALERMO and SCHIAVI represent the true spirit of the national team and how MESSI and the rest are all primadonna.

You have others who are now calling for Mauro BOSELLI (of Estudiantes) and they keep ignoring Lisandro LOPEZ and Diego MILITO who both have been where BOSELLI is right now and took it another level to be true stars in Europe.

Those journalists can be all those things I'm saying, but because of their own personal agendas and in exchange of not criticizing MARADONA or GRONDONA or some players, they have access to exclusive inside information.

With that said, I've heard 19 names they mentioned that could be part of the list to face Perú and Uruguay next month.

Here they are. Pay special attention to number 19. A name that will show you just how contradictory MARADONA is.

6. Emiliano INSUA
17. Rodrigo PALACIO (former Boca Juniors)
19. Gonzalo HIGUAÍN

These names are not 100% confirmed (nothing is 100% confirmed with MARADONA), but you can see the exclusion of GAGO and HEINZE would open the door for HIGUAIN.

CRESPO leaves a big team (replaced by Diego MILITO) and goes to a smaller team (to replace Diego MILITO) and instead of this meaning the one who is in the up (MILITO) gets the opportunity instead the one who is in the declining part of his career...

Don't get me wrong. I like CRESPO and I was always on his side when everybody criticized him. In fact, I would have the two of them in my team, but MILITO would be my starter.

There are many other things to discuss and I may have missed out on a couple of players because I started typing as I was listening to this list and maybe I didn't type everything.

But have 19 names is better than having nothing, right?

Alright, give us your calls!


ZiggY said...

First of all... no Aguero??? I dont believe that!

Defenders: Otamendi, coloccini, Insua, Papa...? I guess we'r gonna hear a few more defenders later on coz these definitely arent strong enough. I HOPE Samuel will be called up! I predict the others will be Burdisso, Demichellis and Schiavi. If Dominguez is called and starts again, ill shoot myself!

Midfield: The attacking midfielders look good: Di Maria, Salvio and Datolo (kinda). However im worried about the absence of a strict central midfielder like Veron or Riquelme used to be. Bolatti did quite a good job in his debut against Russia, so maybe he'll play with Mascherano in midfield. We need to control midfield! Gutierrez is a good defensive midfield option (on the left). I dont consider him good offensively. I hope Di Maria will start on the left. However Datolo is becoming one of Diego's favorite, so it would be interesting to see who he picks.

Forwards: Well, kind of a new look attack, although i totally regret the exclusion of Milito and Lisandro, Diego's crazy (nothing new!). But anyway, finally we'r seeing Higuain's name in the fold. I guess Tevez wont start this time. Messi will definitely start. Great to see Crespo again, but of course his form is questionable. However he did score for Genoa and is playing pretty well for them. One thing is for sure, we can definitely use his experience. Palacio is also a good option.

Of course these names are not official, but from these 19 names (plus Demichellis and Burdisso who im sure he'll pick), here's what Maradona should play (considering his usual 4-4-2):




Messi--------------------------Di Maria


ZiggY said...

Hey Seba, can you please elaborate more on what exactly you heard on TV? Im still trying to understand under what context this news came from (since its still kinda early)... Is the source of these names Maradona himself? Has he already decided on who to call from now? Has he already met with the players he intended to meet in Europe?... and one big question, no comment from Grondona as to how he ditched the scheduled meeting on Monday???

Sorry, but still confused :p

johnny said...

Thanks for the investigative reporting Seba ! Some things to like and some things that'll cause you to scratch your head.

I don't feel like working today, so I'll bore everybody with my opinions !:

ROMERO-OK by me.
CARRIZO-I can't stand him.
OTAMENDI-A work in progress
COLOCCINI-Way down the list in my book.
E INSUA-nice, time to see what he can add.
PAPA-I'm not a fan of the spud.
GUTIERREZ-a favorite of mine.
DI MARIA-OK. A dangerous player who can create his own offense. Sorely needed in Maradona's system-less system.
SALVIO-OK-ready for a shot.
DATOLO-Hard to argue given his performances, but still questionable for the NT.
MASCHERANO-has got to be there.
BOLATTI-No Veron/NO Roman.
MESSI-I hope he doesn't tell Diego to go f**k himself.
TEVEZ-so many others more deserving and more in form.
PALERMO-despite being a Bostero, this is hard to take. I hope he scores a hat trick in both matches.:)
PALACIO-see Tevez, though Rodrigo appears fit and is a smart player.
CRESPO-Let's hope he can pull a rabbit, or two, out of his old hat.
HIGUAIN-GOOD ! Now is the time. I'm excited to see what he brings to the table.

No Aguero ! Hard to believe he won't be there. Looks like L Lopez and Milito made it to Maradona's shit list. I'd prefer Saviola to either Tevez or Palacio. Same for Pupi and Gago,though they might not be missed if some of the new additions step up, but...No Cambiasso-not really a surprise. I'm glad to see Veron gone. I think he should have been permanently dispatched after the Copa. Maybe we have seen the last of El Gringo, which may end up being one of the few positives from Maradona's reign. The back looks weak again. Will Demichelis be ready ? Probably not. Well, the attack better get straightened out, because we are still going to have to outscore the opposition.

If nothing else it is exciting to see some deserving players added, though at the expense of others.

salvio supporter said...

Finally, Di Maria!

The list is fine; I don't like Coloccini, and never liked Palacio, but at least there's no Heinze and no Agüero. I prefer a list with players I don't like rather than a list with players I HATE.

Salvio didn't have a good game against Banfield yesterday, and against Boca he was unlucky or whatever. And also, I would prefer having Silva (9 from Banfield, scored twice) and not Palermo.

There was a guy from Velez, maybe I didn't paid attention to most of the games but I haven't seen him anymore. His name is Leandro Velazquez. He played in the U-20 and was pretty good. Does anyone know where the hell he is?

clintzola said...

hi i am from malta...i am a big supporter af argentina and maradona is my god..but i lost the faith in diego coach he is making a very big mistakes..i prefer him to resign...i want to hear in this list the players riquelme...samuel..cambiasso but he injured...zabaleta...milito...but i like crespo ass well..abbondazieri i call him for the last 2 matches..i prefer heinz for papa...zarate he good as well and burdisso...

Batigol9 said...

I really hope that Di Maria and Higauin start the game.This would probably save us.Let's just hope that they don't sleep on the bench and watch Palermo and Schiavi start!

Anonymous said...

Crespo and Higuain hmmm I LOVE IT! But Maradona will call both and not play either, but Messi and Tevez instead. Crespo was on target yesterday for Genoa. He looked pumped up after he scored, maybe he knew he was getting a call. VAMOS HERNAN!


Anonymous said...

Di Maria was suspended for 4 games, that is why we never really saw him. So now he will be back. You start, Di Maria,Messi, Higuain,Crespo all together that will be a really good lineup. It will score and I will even say we may even get 3 goals vs Peru at home lol. But I do not think we will see all of them on the pitch together but I could be wrong. I think it will either be Higuain or Palacio to start, either Hernan or Palermo(which I think it will be Hernan) and Messi will get his start. But back to my vision of MESSI,Pipita,Crespo. Your target man at #9 will be Crespo, Higuain will play off Crespo as he did with Raul in Real Madrid last year. I would still like somebody who can replace Crespo when he plays 600min or so. Palermo is not the answer by any means. But leave it to Diego to mess this up as well.


ZiggY said...

Guys, its great to see Higuain finally being considered seriously, and have Crespo called back (his experience is vital). However this is not the solution to our problems. The defence is still a mess and the midfield is not solid. There are still players who im personally waiting for to be called up (considering Maradona's staying!!:@)... Samuel and Cambiasso are the best solutions for our defence and attack, respectively. I just checked Inter's official site and Cambiasso is back in full training. With no Veron or Gago (who both played crap), Mascherano is the only established player in midfield. Bolatti still needs experience. Diego MUST call up Cambiasso! Also Demichelis should be recovered in time for the next two qualifiers. Lets hope Diego makes the right call ups this time...

P.S: Im hoping Tevez, Aguero, Palermo and Papa all break their legs before the games start.

Mohd said...

ok, please do not get me wrong...but Higuain gets the call in exactly the period were he is playing badly with real! I want him in the team and i want him to get the chance, but this shows that maradona is moody and crazy...

and no zarate, samuel, cambiasso...damn this crazy drug addict.

salvio supporter said...

Ziggy: you're right about the defense, but I think it's more about Maradona having no clue on what to do with them, rather than a problem of the players themselves. I mean, it's clear he's got no clue, but when it comes to defensive stuff, strategy is everything, and there's nothing more to hope Diego asks someone to help him with it. No matter how good the defenders are, they need guidance, and if they have guidance, then there's no need to change those names.

Do it Diego, for Mohd's sake. The guy is suffering like no one else!

Anonymous said...

this is not the best 19 but it is a good start
ziggi -i like your team it gives me more condifence then others maradona has selected.
a question for all is what will the afa do with maradonas "no show" as he decide that europe was more important to him then the state of the nt from those who are surposed to be his bosses.

msi2 said...

I heard about Guiñazu and D'Alessandro?

King Aguero said...

Saviola should be considered before Palacio and by the way i heard he was calling Garay and Fazio?

Besides didn't his actions piss off Grondona this weekend?

Sebastian said...

I read people were asking so I'll try to clarify.

The names I heard them on FOX SPORTS Latin America.

It was in the same show where I normally get the probable lineups ahead of big matches (and they are usually correct).

That info is not coming straight from MARADONA but from someone in the know. Someone from Diego's circle of trust (to paraphrase Robert DE NIRO in that 'Meet The Fockers' film).

Nothing official. Just speculations.

ZiggY said...

Salvio supporter, correct... Maradona gives no guidance and applies no gameplan. So what's the next best thing to do? Call the experienced players who can dont need much guidance. Demichelis, Burdisso, Zanetti and Samuel are such players. You would never see these players as lost as the ones we saw against Paraguay, never! Even if they did get lost for 5 minutes, they would re-group and re-organize themselves. Their experience allows them to do this. Zanetti played against Paraguay, but it was the heart of defence that was lost, and looking at zanetti's face you could tell that he was playing with disgust, as if thinking "who the hell are these players??? What the hell is Diego thinking??"... So yeah, Maradona gives no guidance, but the experienced players on the field can (to some degree). This is usually the job of the captain, which in our case, is no captain!

Pablo.d, it seems the AFA's corruption goes beyond all our imaginations. There's something fishy going on, and its pretty obvious... its all about inside benefits. They dont care about the NT, but about their own pride and their pockets. We'll just have to face it, Maradona's staying.

I just read in the news that Higuain will definitely get the call up... as well as Garay. This very good news. Both would be very useful, but we'll have to see if Maradona intends on playing them or benching them for 90 minutes. Another thing im happy about is the fact that, once Higuain steps on to the field, he's ours for good (he cant play for France anymore). Cambiasso and Samuel next?? Lets hope!

John said...

AGUERO not in!!! You've got to be kidding me.

Allan said...

Did you know Argentina never lost a game when Saviola and Crespo played up front together?

I am pleased that Higuain finally gets called up and Di Maria is also going to feature. I believe Di Maria was the key reason why Argentina win the U20 in Canada and the Gold Medal in Beijing. He links up very well with Messi.

For midfield, given we don't have Veron or Roman, what about the last of the Benfica trio, Aimar? I think he still has something to offer the NT.

But Coloccini? He should be relegated to the second or third division all by himself.

Batigol9 said...

please forget about Saviola and Crespo,Crespo is too old and Saviola is playing in the Portoguese league where defenses don't exist.We have a major problem in the midfield and even the fans are not sure on who to play there,but i think that Cambiasso is a must to get some balance in the squad.
But i'm keeping my fingers crossed that Higuain will be a starter...

messidona19 said...

Samuel,Garay,Cambiasso,Riquelme,Zarate, Milito and Lisandro are all missing. Even if Higuain is there, I still don't like this list. and most importantly Maradona has to go out!! Change must be done!

Rune said...

Bolatti...and no Cambiasso. If this is true, Diego is still a genious.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

I have to say that I am slightly encouraged by this speculative list. If Aguero was discarded, for now, I wouldn't shed a tear as he has been hopeless in many games - including the entire Olympics where I felt he was beyond dreadful.

The three keepers are fine, as long as Romero is the one who is starting.

As for the defenders in the list, good to see Insua there. He can become a decent enough and solid left back for the national team. I would expect surely Demichelis to be added to the list and if he started at the back with Otamendi I can live with that, although the continued exclusion by successive coaches of Gonzalo Rodriguez baffles me more than anything in football in recent years.

Having Di Maria back is fantastic, I would hope he would start.

Upfront, having Crespo back is great news. Yes, its true, this is not Valdanito in his prime, and Milito and Lopez are better than him now - but I can be content to see a player who was proven world class at this level bring his experience to the side.

Higuain is long overdue a call up, and I'm curious, as I'm sure we all are to know exactly what has gone on between him, Heinze and Gago. Although obviously I respect the fact there are certain things Seba might know, that he would rather keep to himself.

Palermo doesn't deserve to be there, and I say that as a Bostero. However, if he is behind Crespo and Higuain in the pecking order, then I can live with it.

All in all, if this is the squad with a few necessary editions like Demichelis, then actually I would be very encouraged that Maradona has learned a little something, if not alot.

I will be most impressed if Aguero is left out, purely for the fact he is Diego's son in law and Diego is a major nepotist, so to leave Aguero out would be a big call for him and maybe shows to a small extent that he can put the national team first.

Sports Magician

Anonymous said...


i din't know guys. I still prefer lisandro and milito to higuain coz if you watch the matches where he played in, he missed twice as many chances than scoring...whereas lopez and milito convert their chances well and ifthey do missed the target, they didnt miss too many of them.I dont know, maradona didnt give them many chances. and pareja too...he's definitely better than dominguez but did not have the chance. Romero better in goal? Hmmm...he's good but better than carizzo or andujar? Romero is the type of keeper that prefers to parry or punch the ball rather than make a clean save. At this point, I say franco should be looked into...and surely with no gago, alessandro or manso would be an alternative...i would like matias delgado of besiktas but he is injured now. Some players that worth a chance...leandro fernandez, lucas biglia, chuchu cambiasso, garay and cesar delgado.

Anonymous said...

i agree with messidona 19 ,i prefer coloccini to dominguez .the only local player we need is cannot win a world cup with dominguez,papa,palermo or whoever else .i don't understand this loco who leave out the best we got cambiasso ,gonzalo,zabaleta,zarate,etc... i watch ustari who did well againt barca and banega was pretty with valencia