Monday, September 07, 2009

News from Monday afternoon training

MARADONA fielded the following starting XI.

I sense a lot of punches on several keyboards around the world as Mundo Albiceleste's readers see this list:


Javier ZANETTI, Sebastián DOMINGUEZ (OTAMENDI was taken to a clinic and everything indicates he'll be ready to play in Paraguay), Gabriel HEINZE (as a CB) and Emiliano PAPA as LB.

VERON on the right in midfield, the central midfield pairing of MASCHERANO and GAGO and DATOLO on the left.

Up front?


These 11 players faced another team formed by:





Where are Diego MILITO and Lisandro LOPEZ? Who knows!?

Apparently, tomorrow's training just before flying to Paraguay, will give us a clearer indication of what we'll see from the start in Asunción on Wednesday.

As usual, I'll give you the time to comment now and I'll add my views later in the comments' box.


salvio supporter said...

I don't like neither team. It doesn't matter; before Brasil, Maradona put Messi and Palermo together in one team and you know Palermo was nowhere against the scratch. I don't think he'll change things so radically... he can't manage appropiately a team within +2 months of preparation, imagine this.

Roy said...

The first line-up(the one where ROMERO is in goal) looks like it might be our Starting XI against Paraguay. Just slot in OTAMENDI instead of DOMINGUEZ and you have our Starting XI. Call me crazy, but I'd like to see ROMERO get a chance in goal. CARRIZO's been bad lately and ANDUJAR I'm not totaly convinced on(It's not that I don't like him, I just see more potential in ROMERO).

Hopefully LOPEZ and MILITO are just resting for Wednesday, because I'd prefer to see one of them start ahead of AGUERO. But then again, we do have a good track record when AGUERO scores, so who knows. I can see VERON being given some sort of "free role" like Seba mentioned in the earlier update.

johnny said...

Seems like Maradona is willing to experiment a little everywhere except where it is most needed, i.e., a different playmate for Messi other than Tevez and Aguero. I hope Romero is up to the challenge, better he than Carrizo in my book. I just hope a few loose balls fall at the feet of Aguero or Messi, if not, we could be in trouble again. C'mon Datolo !! He doesn't need a "plan" to score, which is good, because there doesn't seem to be a plan !

Anonymous said...

hello all ,i have not written for a while(but do read all your comments)and could easly write a novel as im so angry at the nt at the moment.
messi must start in the same position as he does every week for barca,thats the position hes use to every week, week in week out!!
we must have a big man upfront with a shorter striker ie aguero and hig.
veron is not the man to start,i like the guy but he has failed to many times with the nt and in my view does not add anything.
why are we so short of good defenders?and goal keepers i think its time for romaro to be given the duty as for the rest of the gk ,i dont like them.
maxi sorry dude you have lost it even athl.mad wanted to sell you.
we need to work as a team and stop reling on messi as he is only a kid at 21, diego did not peek till 26 and the most important thing we must have a plan b and c for and during every game.

salvio supporter said...

I'm sorry to post this here (and that's only spanish), but check this out, it's what I was talking about the other day:

Allan said...

I think this is a very good article on the Argentina vs Brazil game.

Tim Vickery's blog:

Anonymous said...

what we need is smooth passing and more discipline defending especially on aerial ball.

Look at spain, they were very success because they got good defence and smooth passing.

Argentina and Spain has look alike style of play... why the spaniard is more successful.

Sir Raul

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