Thursday, September 24, 2009

MILITO Increases His Tally

Firstly on behalf of Mundo Albiceleste, we wish to inform you that we will keep you posted on the latest list (officially or unofficially) as soon as we have them. Like the rest of you, we too are itching to see who is going to make it to that list.

But for now, all I’m thinking right now is whether the following player will be in that list. As always he is on fire for his club yet for some reason he can’t even make it to the bench of our NT. Seriously something must be wrong here.

Diego MILITO is fast proving that with time and patient he will deliver the best. Unlike in previous matches, this time against Napoli, he didn’t need to wait that long to score to continue his hot steak. This takes his tally to 5 goals in 5 games.

I must say it is going to break my heart to see a player in such form not making into the final squad against Peru. Let us hope and pray that a miracle will happen here. Also scoring in that game is Ezequiel LAVEZZI, earning a consolation for the visiting team.

Still remaining in Italy, Mauro ZARATE scored from the spot in Lazio’s 1-2 defeat against Parma. While in thrilling 3-3 draw between Bologna and Roma, Nicolas BURDISSO was on the score sheet for the Roman side.

Meanwhile another young hot shot is also making waves in Spain, just a day after Diego PEROTTI of Seville. This time it’s Pablo PIATTI who scored twice against Kun AGUERO’s Atletico including a last minute equalizer to earned Almeria a well deserve 2-2 draw at the Vicente Calderon.

Moving on to the French Coupe de la Ligue, Gonzalo BERGESSIO scored twice for St Etienne as they defeated Nice 4-0. Lastly Eulogio ZARATE was on target for Grasshopper in their 4-0 win over FC Aarau in the Swiss Super League.


Anonymous said...

maradona is back in argentina today and the afa website will delay the list of players to face
ghana on thier website untill tomorrow now, orginally it was
planned to up on thier website today, depends on how long maradona will take to make his mind up on what local players he will call for the ghana match, on the other hand if nothing is up on the afa website in the next 2hours, fans it will be tomorrow,

Juan Carlos Lopez.

Anonymous said...

Blatter concerned about Argentina's football teams

Anonymous said...

Inter Milan president Moratti: Milito great signing

Anonymous said...

Diego Maradona: Juventus Will Win Serie A; I Like Roberto Donadoni’s Napoli

johnny said...

Crespo with a beautiful header today in Genoa's 2-2 draw with Juventus.

Roy said...

Vintage Crespo with that goal. A powerful header into the net, exactly what we need right now. A REAL #9.

Sebastian said...

What does MILITO have to do to get a start (AND PLAY 90 MINUTES) for Argentina?

Man...he is scoring for fun at Inter. 4 goals in 4 matches. Two to win at Cagliari, one v. AC Milan, one v. Napoli.

Instead...he gets only a handful of minutes for Argentina (usually when we are trailing and chasing the game in desperation) and never gets to play together with MESSI up front and nobody else around.

That's the winning formula. I hate the fact that I'll die without knowing what would have happened if MILITO and MESSI were our two starting forwards.

You can't fail with those two up front.

I hope MARADONA realises, ffs!

Sebastian said...

But of course the media will praise HIGUAIN (who missed a sitter yesterday for Real Madrid) and CRESPO (who I absolutely LOVE, but is nowhere near where MILITO is right now. In fact, CRESPO couldn't get a game at Inter and was signed on a cheap by Genoa to try and replace MILITO -let's see if CRESPO scores as many goals as MILITO did last season for Genoa-).

This is not me against HIGUAIN or CRESPO. This is just me stating some facts here.

Diego Alberto MILITO: the best natural goalscorer born in Argentina (or eligible to play for Argentina so I can include HIGUAIN in the equation) and proven in Spain (he scored 4 at the Bernabeu for Zaragoza, remember?) and Italy (Genoa fans would kill to have him back and Inter fans are absolutely delighted to have him) is not getting a single game for us.

We will regret that. I've been saying this for a very very long time.

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more with u seba,think how many times aguero and tevez failed up front,and they still start ahead of milito.completly waste of talent.I pray that he will start against peru and uruguay.

johnny said...

Seba's point about D Milito has been proved with his performance so far with Inter. Maybe he was slightly out of the spotlight before, but not now. Yes, a real shame that Diego probably won't call him up, and even were he to do so, how much time on the pitch would he get ? I'm guessing Messi and Higuain up front for the Qualifiers, but I wouldn't be shocked if it was the usual ineffective pairing of Messi and Aguero.

As for the Ghana match, I hope Maradona sees this as nothing more than what it is-a money maker and nothing else.

It continues to kill me to see these quotes from Maradona about nobody being able to tell him what to do, and that he will take all responsibility for whatever happens. His huge vanity and narcissism is really repulsive.

John said...

Hi there, I hate to this but I do find it a bit hard to see if Diego will ever drop AGUERO in favour of HIGUAIN.