Monday, September 07, 2009

What changes would you make to face Paraguay?

For starters, TEVEZ is out. He is injured (sprained knee), but even if he wasn't, he would have been dropped by MARADONA.

For much as I love Carlitos, I think this is great news for us. Not only he's been underachieving BIG TIME for Argentina, but he has also relegated players like MILITO and LOPEZ as he has been sharing the striking partnership with MESSI and AGÜERO almost as if it was an exclusivity of them.

What I'm hearing is that MARADONA was upset by the way HEINZE publicly pointed DOMINGUEZ to the area where LUISAO headed in to score the first goal for Brazil. We don't know if that goal was DOMINGUEZ's or HEINZE's goal, but the way the former Manchester United and Real Madrid defender reacted by blaming a team-mate like that, would mean that HEINZE could miss out on the match against Paraguay.

I don't necessarily agree with this. MARADONA still loves HEINZE and I honestly will be very surprised if he is dropped.

The central defending pair will not continue, though OTAMENDI still has credit and will surely be used. Will it be the time for BURDISSO to start? Will Diego use SCHIAVI?

Maxi RODRIGUEZ will surely lose his spot and he finished with a little knock that could be determinant for that to happen. Who's in? GAGO moved to the right? GAGO in the middle with MASCHERANO and VERON moved to the right or given some sort of free-role ahead of MASCHERANO and GAGO?


OTAMENDI could also keep his place.

HEINZE is on thin ice.

TEVEZ is definitely out and DOMINGUEZ and Maxi are almost out too.

New faces vs. Paraguay?

Lisandro and Kun are fighting head to head to replace TEVEZ.

GAGO should get in the middle replacing Maxi.

PAPA could have a chance if HEINZE is dropped.

BURDISSO and SCHIAVI the favourites to partner OTAMENDI as CB.

Considering the squad we have at our disposal right now. What would be your decisions?

NOTE: PLEASE! Don't mention the names of RIQUELME, CAMBIASSO, HIGUAIN, SAMUEL or any of the players that have not been call-up. We get the point. This is a different exercise. One that consists in knowing what would you do RIGHT now if you were given the chance of picking the team from the players you have at your disposal RIGHT NOW.


Joe said...

As i have mentioned before, the most important thing is not to be static. The players has to have alot better movment. I would change the tactics. As Diego has started with three forwards before i hope he does it this time aswell. This is not my prefered tactic, but one i think would suit us better then the 4-4-2 line up.


Zanetti Otmandi Burdisso Heinze





But for Gods sake, i want the players to move alot moore.

I also think that we played an ok game against the Brazil. To be honest Brazil feared Argentina incredebly much to deploy such tactics with ten men behind the ball, it was like Argentina facing Venuzela in the old days when they were a punching bag. Its one thing seeing small undeveloped football countrys such as Malta, Albania, Lichtenstein and moore deploy ten men behind the ball. But the so called mighty Brazil do it.

I even have friends who support Brazil that were a little embaressed seeing Brazil only playing the counterattacking game with such a defensive attitude. Its a bit funny when Brazil gets complemented these days for there strong defensive abilitys and not for the so called "samba football".

Had just Maradona been a bit moore skilled tactical we would have beaten them easilly. We lost the game only because strong tactical and defensive misstakes not because Brazil were superior to us.

Finally i hopfully i can comfort everyone by saying that i usually have a very strong sixth sense. My sixth sense strongly came to me with a felling that we were not going to win against Brazil. This time around my sixth sense is saying we are going to beat Paraguay easily.

Rune said...

I hope Diego plays this team against Paraguay: (but I know he won't)


Burdisso isn’t a left back, but has played in this position for Inter lots of times. Playing Papa away from home against a team that will attack us, is not a good idea. Burdisso is a clown, but he is experienced and knows how to defend, quite strong in the air. He is a bit like Heinze. We need a tight defence on wednesday, it’s enough with Zanetti’s overlaping on the right side. 4-2-3-1(3-3-3-1 when attacking) would be best.

Anonymous said...

Once again seba you were on the money on your venting article, i always look forward in reading what you have to say..... for some reason im in a up beat mood for the paraguay game... dnt ask me why tho but something has to give.. we cant always get in wrong... i do feel lopez has to start in this game and have someone that can send fear to paraguay... something tevez has losted while playing for the NT..... COME ON were argentina and something tells me all we need is one game were we a on and get things right.... things we trun around and we will shine and become fear again...

Batigol said...

Diego is making the same mistake again and again.
He is still revealing the starting lineup early for our opponents' convenience to analyse, he is still leaving important players like Higuain, Zarate, Cambiasso, etc behind. He is still making unnecessay comments to give our players more pressure.

Moreover, he used the inexperienced Dominguez and Otamendi to be the centre-backs to play against world-class attackers like Kaka, Robinho and Fabiano. Imagine Dominguez was having his debut for national team against Brazil. A layman would know that it was improper!

Diego is just ignorant.

Just look at our past 4 qualifying matches:

1-6 Bolivia (Away)
1-0 Colombia (Home)
0-2 Ecuador (Away)
1-3 Brazil (Home)

If you just by looking at the scores, you may thought that this is a weak team's score listing, but no! guess what? it is for Argentina.

I have never seen Argentina having such a bad string of results.

In the last 2 world cups, our home qualifiers against Brazil always registered victory.

2-1 Brazil (World Cup 2002)
3-1 Brazil (World Cup 2006)

But for this time, it is 1-3 defeat!! What a shame! We even handed out 3 points to Brazil for them to qualify and celebrate at our home ground.

Who to blame?? Do I need to explain??

Batigol said...

For me, the changes to make for the paraguay match is obvious!

Diego out!

John said...

Well Joe, we hope that you are right this time.

And I agree with Seba. Forget about those that are not here and focus on the ones that are available for the next match. So here is my take on the best line up to face Paraguay (based on humble opinion though we know Diego always has something else in mind).

On goal, no doubt it has to be ANDUJAR

On defense, I would play BURDISSO on the right and let ZANETTI on the left. He has played in that position for Inter and he was not bad at all. PAREJA and OTAMENDI to partner in central defense.

In midfield, play both MASCHERANO and GAGO in the ,middle. Let VERON start on the right and yes! Let him have the free role. DATOLO to maintain on the left.

Up front, please oh please! Let Licha LOPEZ and MESSI partner up front.

However I doubt that HEINZE will be dropped so chances are he will start in left back. And I have feeling it is Kun that is likely to partner MESSI up front.

johnny said...

Replace Dominguez with Heinze or old man Schiavi. I don't like Burdisso. I guess the Spud in Heinze's position, but that is about as sad as Heinze being there. If the Spud rolls over more than two times after being fouled he should be bitch slapped. Keep Otamendi and Andujar. Hope for the best. Mascherano as usual, though by the grace of God he is playing after he should have been carded twice against Brazil. Pupi. Gago and Veron. No for Maxi now and in the future unless he improves. Datolo, who I still think is not starting 11 material, but how can you not play him what with injuries to others, and the fact that he has been scoring and craftily getting fouled near the area. For me it's a toss up between Lopez and Milito to replace Carlitos. It depends on which one is the more healthy at kick off time. Messi. I think Aguero should be used as an extra attacker if we are behind in the second period.

This is a weak team defensively right now. Argentina must outscore the opposition. It is imperative that Maradona comes up with a plan to improve the chemistry up front with whomever is paired with Messi. There is alot better chance of that happening with Milito or Lopez. Aguero is very dangerous but he adds nada as far as chemistry.

Keep your fingers crossed and get out your horseshoe and rabbit's foot.

salvio supporter said...

Licha should and probably will play, but sadly, I've no idea on what to do with the deffense. How much better would a tree like Schiavi do against Paraguay? He's tall enough for brazilians, but paraguayans aren't 6'3. It's too late for Schiavi. They will play a technical game, not a physical one, and I'm not sure if Schiavi is good for this kind of match (yes, I know he played for Estudiantes and did well, but...). Burdisso never convinced me either, but is there any other defender?

So my formation would be something like: Andujar; four defenders, my decission on this would definitely be wrong; Dátolo, Verón, Mascherano, Messi; López, Milito.

And I'd obviously love to see some action from Salvio, but I can wait.

John said...

Check out this latest news from TyC Sports.

According to this report, Licha LOPEZ might start ahead of TEVEZ. Other changes are SCHIAVI for DOMINGUEZ, GAGO for VERON and SALVIO by Maxi RODRIGUEZ. Not sure how far this could true but it is worth a read.

GK said...





msi2 said...

If Licha doesnt perform i wonder what critics will say?

BTW, I have read that Aguero is injured?

John said...

GK, I liked to MESSI starting on the right and let him have the free role. Play Kun & Licha up front. But I doubt that will happened.

Raj said...

My 11 would be

Gago - Masch – Datolo
Messi - Aguero - Lisandro

I would prefer a 4-2-3-1 formation. But looking at the current list of players I would go with 4-3-3 and the players that have the best ability and who have done okay with national team in the past from the list we have.

The only good thing in this team is all of them are playing in positions they have played or currently playing with their respective clubs.

Please get the three points!!

Aguero said...

With the way our halfbacks look i would look to use one of the 2 systems here








By the way i heard Veron was injured?

ZiggY said...

To start with, im not really sure about Andujar so far. I dont know him very well, and i'd love to see that he's a world class keeper.. but so far i havent seen anything special from him. The goals he has conceded so far are debatable as to whether he could have been positioned better or whether he couldnt have dont anything at all. On the other hand, i HAVE seen Carizzo doing some spectacular saves. Against France he did very well. It was against Bolivia where lost his spot with the 6-1 thrashing, and you know what.. i dare to say that even in that game i remember he made a few brilliant saves. The game itself was a poor showing from the WHOLE team, and i dont see why Carizzo is the only one who consequently lost his spot. The defence was non-existent in that game and he was left helpless on several occasions. Lets track their performances so far:

Scotland (clean sheet)
France (clean sheet)
Venezuela (clean sheet)
Bolivia (conceded 6... big deal, EVERYONE played shit!)

Colombia (clean sheet)
Ecuador (conceded 2)
Russia (conceded 2)
Brazil (conceded 3)

I think Carizzo should be given another chance against Paraguay... what do you guys think?

picktherightteam said...

If i had to fix pick from this list for paraguay. I would play a 4-3-3. Our defense is weak and not confident. This is attack minded, but the best defense if a great attack.

Colchinni Otamendi Parejo Zannette

Messi Maxi

Aguero Milito Lisandro

Omar said...

I believe the first thing is to correct the most obvious mistake, the elephant in the room is Messi not playing in his position, right wing. We need Messi on the right then two forwards, given the players we have now I will go with Lisandro and Aguero.
Otherwise I will agree with most of you guys about the defense and the rest of the midfield.

Abs said...


Abs said...

I mean it to play more of

Mohd said...

Messi's position is not right wing. stop saying that!

messi should play behind the strikers. the problem is that when he gets marked the team does not move well around him like what happens with barca.

anyway, gago is an awful player and the news of him playing just makes my day even worse.
with the current coach (or no coach) no matter which formation gets into the field...we will loose against i said before, our only chance is to sack maradona after loosing to Paraguay and fight for our lives in the final two matches with HIGUAIN, ZARATE, CAMBIASSO, SAMUEL, GONZALO and the rest...

Anonymous said...

Licha Lopez is way better than Higuain

Anonymous said...

there is no place for Zarate in the team. For now

ZiggY said...

Here's my opinion for defence against Paraguay:

I think we can all agree that among the players currently available, Zanetti is untouchable for RB. Ok who else is untouchable....? .....? .............? .......... ! See guys?? That's our prolem here! We have no concrete defence! Ok, Demechellis is currently injured or else he'd surely be there, but other than that, we'r all so unsure of who to put there! See how sad our situation is? We'r seriously missing Ayala, he was a true leader. Anyway, we'r in a desperate situation now. First, what are the criteria we need to meet...?

Our defenders must:
1) Be tall and good in the air, to avoid conceding headers from crosses and set pieces.
2) Be experienced to handle the pressure, and not get nervous.
3) Be organized and coherent enough to read the opposition's game and where each knows which man to mark (does Luisao's goal ring a bell?)
4) Be quick to transition back to defense mode during a counter-attack, and track opposing players sprinting towards goal.
5) Since defenders are usually good in the air, they can be helpful during offensive set pieces and earn us unexpected goals... this is a bonus.

Among the defenders available, i see Burdisso as the best candidate. He's GREAT in the air, so that helps with two points above (1 & 5). He's 183cm and has scored a few set pieces for Inter. Experience (2), yep he's got it... played for Inter a lot and also always started in the 2006 WC. For point 3, his experience already teaches him how to be organized and communicate with his partner CB. His game reading is average though and his speed not all that. But otherwise, he's got a good rating overall.

Next up?... Im not quite sure between Coloccini and Pareja. I rate them almost equal, but Coloccini definitely has more experience which adds to his tally for points (2) and (3). He's played for several clubs in Spain and England.. and also played at WC 2006, and started one or two of the games. At 183cm he's a tall player and would be useful in covering the air defensively (1). We can also hope for the best during set pieces as he does tend to head into the net sometimes (5). Plus i'd like to mention that he's got good skill on the ball and can also play as a defensive midfielder. We can also count on him not to be shaky with the ball, or make clumsy passes or ball controls. Also has good speed (4).

Next best, oddly enough, is Heinze... LOADS of experience (2) and a very tough tackler. He's played at many top levels with Argentina, Man Utd and Real Madrid. So we can definitely use his experience, no doubt. He's average height (178cm) but still not bad in the air (1) defensively, although he can get his marking wrong at times (3). Dont count on him much offensively though (5).. he's not a frequent goal scorer from set pieces, (though he has done it so for Argie before). Plus as a left back he can be effective coming forward. Clumsy at times? yes.. but he does have good games often. We can only hope he has a good game against Paraguay.

Otamendi?? Im still not very convinced of him. I'd probably choose Pareja over him. Otamendi's a tough tackler and all, but still lacking the experience. For example, a few more caps experience prior to Brazil would have taught him not to be too close to Luis Fabiano when the through ball came in. He should have read that earlier and came forward to intercept it as soon as Kaka launched it. It's these small details that worry me about him. Not to say that he's not a prospect for the future, but its just that he still needs time. Its just unfortunate for him that Argentina are currently in crisis and cant afford to experiment and give the young ones experience before the WV (if we make it)... we need guaranteed results. Our best chances come by deploying the experienced players.

johnny said...

I'll weigh in on Carrizo. I think he is an overrated bum and I would hope he is no where near the NT. Even having him as the NT sub is scary.

Anonymous said...


sirus said...


my starting line up against Paraguay

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