Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HIGUAIN and MILITO sick to their stomachs

If I'm feeling disgusted and completely enraged, imagine how Diego MILITO and Gonzalo HIGUAIN must be feeling watching Martín PALERMO score two goals against a very weak Ghana side in an absolutely meaningless friendly match!

The media, always pro-Boca Juniors and pro-Martín PALERMO in particular, are all over this news. They are postulating him and even saying Argentina has found the striker we needed.

Their own dirty agendas are put way before the well-being of our national team and in order to sell more papers and always have the exclusive interview with PALERMO and to keep Boca fans (half of the country) happy, they claim PALERMO is a beast and some are even saying he should start, not only against Perú and Uruguay but also in the eventual case we make it to the World Cup.

Why? On what basis? How many would have MILITO and HIGUAIN scored if they were put against a mediocre side like the one Ghana sent to Córdoba? I'm saying MILITO and HIGUAIN but feel free to add other names such as CRESPO, Lisandro LOPEZ or even SAVIOLA who keep scoring at will whenever they play. In the Argentine league or in Europe.

Why is it that PALERMO gets the unfair upper-hand when it comes to team selection when the other two are playing every week against much tougher opposition and are younger and way better than him?

The thing that none of the PALERMO-loving media and fans seem to be mentioning is what PALERMO said before the match v. Ghana.

When asked whether he would look forward to taking a penalty-kick if given one v. Ghana and when the journalist reminded him of that horrible night when he missed not one, not two, but three penalty-kicks in the same match v. Colombia in 1999, the Boca legend said: 'I think I'd feel pressured and with a big burden on my shoulders. I would prefer that one of my team-mates takes it instead'.

So that's your 'goleador'. Do you really want to rely on him? Do we really want HIGUAIN and MILITO to seat on the bench while PALERMO takes the field to face Perú?

Of course, Ghana didn't bring their stars to Córdoba and up next is Perú, the worse team in the World Cup Qualifying from South America. The stage is set for PALERMO to score and by all means he should scored and probably he will.

If you ask me...that would be the worse thing that could happen to Argentina as PALERMO will suddenly be universally considered as the solution to all of our problems when in fact he presents us with a problem as he will become yet another player to eclipse our best natural-born and in form goalscorers.

This match against Ghana did us a lot of harm. Of course MARADONA doesn't realise. He probably thinks they brought the best they have and he thinks he found the new BATISTUTA.

Is there anybody out there that could help us?


Budi said...

anyone know who plays in Argentina side?

Anonymous said...

Well Seba, as I was doing some reading and watching the game at the same time on computer , I told myself if Palermo scores that is going to cause major problems. When he scored on that cross, I slammed my desk. First time in my life I got upset for a Argentino scoring a goal. Then the goal he scored with his head. I knew this was the end for Milito and Higuain. I can not stand this for one minute. Higuain had a bad game, which he missed a couple great chances and Palermo scores 2 goals. And Diego does not like Milito, so get ready to see Messi and Palermo up together. And look for Milito or Higuain to come in around the 75min mark when the game is 0-0.If Diego takes Palermo to the WC(If we qualify) and leaves out a Zarate then that is it brother. The smile on Diego's face when Palermo scored was a punch to my gut. I was like watching your favorite character in a movie getting killed off(Our favorite character being Milito and Higuain). Don't know Seba, if this does come to be true that he will start Palermo and take him to the WC, we are in over our heads.


Anonymous said...

How much more suffering we can take from maradona?it really hurts me to say but with this atitude and mentality we dont deserve to be in world cup.

King Aguero said...

I dont think it should be a big deal guys. He won't be at the WC. I doubt Maradona is that stupid he already dropped Zanetti for being slow so i doubt he starts him over Higuain

King Aguero said...

here he even said that hes not guaranteed to start.

msi2 said...

People, have you seen that news? It seems Heinze at some point threatened to break Messi's legs.......

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD! It had to be Palermo!!!!
I didnt watch the game but when i got a phone call saying Palermo score i knew that was it... ill bet you anything that he will start for the up coming WCQ... I dnt know how much more i can take.


johnny said...

I may be as crazy as Maradona, but I don't think he would start Palermo against Peru or Uruguay. If he does, then he is crazier than I thought. I mean he does realize that the Palermo goals came against a second team from Ghana, right ? Even as a Boca supporter I have been on record here that Maradona's love affair with Boca and ex-Boca players has done the NT a disservice. That said, I was happy to see Palermo get an opportunity to get at least some of that bad taste out of his mouth from the penalty misses so many years ago. BUT, if that means Maradona thinks Palermo deserves to start over Higuain or Milito, well, then I agree with Seba.

Anonymous said...


Diego Armando Maradona: "They played well all game"

After the victory of Team Argentina to Ghana for 2 to 0 in Cordoba, coach Diego Maradona said he "played well all game." He also said that "Martin Palermo is inside", referring to games against Peru and Uruguay in the qualifiers.

After the party's National Team won 2 to 0 to Ghana, Diego Maradonastated the following:

"What we did was fantastic cordobeces, we note that Argentines are well as the rest of the country with my soul I want to thank for this."
"This game leaves me with doubts to build a longer list. We will continue working on the farm to define it."
"In Palermo I have to do between all the strikers I have, but is in a great moment."
"Until we are convinced that we own the ball, I'll keep trying and practicing.
"In the week I'm going to telephone each of the players and then I will communicate to the press."

Moreover, some of the players who spoke after the meeting were Federico Insua, Martin Palermo and Mario Bolatti, who said the following:

Federico Insua. "The truth we must be happy, they played very well, scored two goals and the people who came to see us left happy."
"Whenever someone makes a goal with this shirt is important, Martin (in Palermo) he did and also played a great match."
"I felt comfortable as a down payment, but mostly I'm happy for the win."

Martin Palermo. "I'm very happy for the goals and the win."
"I have only words of thanks to Maradona and a great joy. The truth that I am very happy with the call it was something that looked eager, grateful to Diego and try to respond with goals.
"There was a barbarous effort of all boys, made a great game."

Mario Bolatti. "I felt very comfortable playing in this position. Despite being a friendly, is something that serves us and serves for the technician to have alternatives."
"Martin (in Palermo) demonstrates daily that it is striker"
"Now we must think of the qualifying match.

Cordoba, September 30, 2009

Anonymous said...

Seba you should have posted this last week beacuse last week Maradona wanted Tevez, Aguero and Messi in the starting lineup that was still bad news for Higuain and Milito, Palmero makes it worse for them today, maradona has gone crazy with no tactical mind in the game, he only good for his hand of tod.

Paulina said...

I've never understood the Palermo craze. On the international stage he's always been very easy to nullify. He's never been as skilled or dynamic as the European based strikers are, even in his prime. This just strikes me as crab antics - people in a country who want to believe that their own players are better than European-based players, to prove some silly Nationalistic point.

What's this about Heinze and Messi?

Anonymous said...

it looks like Tevez, Messi and Palmero in the starting lineup

Anonymous said...

Gabriel Heinze threatened Messi in one of the last months Qualifers, although no one knows for sure what is true or not, it has been in the local press.

Anonymous said...

he just scores too many goals for boca juniors that's what craze is about and also maradona is fan of boca.

Anonymous said...

Argentina dominated the match and the goal keeper had very little to do, Why does not the senior team do this?

link below or read below:

Home-based Argentina defeat Ghana(PA) Thursday 1 October 2009

Martin Palermo led Argentina to a 2-0 friendly win over Ghana as Diego Maradona's side prepare for the culmination of their 2010 FIFA World Cup™ qualifying campaign.

Boca Juniors' record goalscorer gave Argentina a two-goal lead by half-time as the Albiceleste sought an impressive win in Cordoba despite playing with a domestically based squad. Palermo, who turns 36 next month, captained Argentina and opened the scoring in the 28th minute with a volley, after a Luciano Fabian Monzon cross from the left.

Eleven minutes later, the attacker headed a cross from his club team-mate Federico Insua to widen the gap over the Africans, who have already booked a berth in the FIFA World Cup finals. In the second half, Argentina coach Maradona made six substitutions to field debutants such as Jesus Mendez, Juan Insaurralde, Luis Rodriguez, Rodrigo Brana and Osvaldo Nicolas Gaitan.

Argentina dominated the match and deserved at least one more goal, while their goalkeeper Diego Pozo had very little job to do at the Estadio Olimpico Chateau Carreras. Milovan Rajevac's Ghana players, meanwhile, made some tough fouls that forced Chilean referee Enrique Osses book Ofosu Appiah, Kofi Boakye and Frank Boateng.

Argentina are now focused on their final two South Africa 2010 qualifiers against Peru (home) and Uruguay (away), on 10 and 14 October respectively. The South Americans lie fifth in the CONMEBOL Qualifying Zone, a play-off position to play a CONCACAF nation to progress to the South Africa.

Palermo, thanks to his superb form on Wednesday night, may gain a place in the starting XI to play Peru at the Estadio Monumental.

LaTiNo said...

I don't know. Tevez, Aguero en Messi keep underperforming each and every match. Milito hasn't been that fearful nr 9 either. And Palermo is a natural leader and strong nr 9 in the area. He can score with legs and his head (corners, free kicks). Higuain is not a natural nr 9.

But I must admit that I don't really know him because I've never really see him play a lot. I just know his stats.

John said...

Well, I'm sorry to say this but I had a dream that both PALERMO and MESSI were in the line up against Peru :(

Anonymous said...

God help Argentina!! im very nervous!!! i cant imagine a world cup without the argies!! Ghana ganme biggest mistake!!! :( Lets pray for the best!!!

Anonymous said...

God help Argentina!! im very nervous!!! i cant imagine a world cup without the argies!! Ghana ganme biggest mistake!!! :( Lets pray for the best!!!

johnny said...

Just finished watching Valencia and Genoa. Banega looks to have hit his stride. A heads up, under control performance with oodles of nice passes. After struggling once he left Boca, he looks like a different player.

No time for Crespo or Palacio today.

salvio supporter said...

Wow! What a match! Now we can win the WC, no doubt. This players showed they're the indicated, specially Palermo, who had a hard time getting into the area of the world-class Ghana defenders.
Also, we saw Diego's first smile ever on a match! The greatest night for argentine football.

What a disrespect for us, Maradona. You will pay for this, and I hope it happens on a frontal car crash against Heinze. Mohd would approve, I guess.

Anonymous said...

although iam totaly aginst palermo to start,i think it should be MILTO OR HIGUAIN along with MESSI.but i still prefer PALERMO than TEVEZ and AGUERO.specily TEVEZ he has been the biggest reason that we are where we are now at the qualifiers.i hate when people say oh (he works so hard for the team he must be in the team).he should never be in the team anymore because he cant score goals,in fact HEINZE more prolific than him.

Anonymous said...

Palermo and Schiavi create the only goalscoring chance in a whole game against Paraguay so maybe all those great young argentinian talent are not so great -and by the way with Basile this team play on same low level- they get more points from game thanks to couple of free kicks of Riquelme and late strike of Palacio- if we can qualify for me it don't matter who will score- for me it can be Brazilian with argentinian passport. After this two matches we can think again about whats next

Mohd said...

i believe messi, tevez, and aguero will again start the match with Palermo comming in for Aguero in the second half.

the idiot is so predictable that even i can tell what will happen while sitting on my chair watching tv!

and salvio supporter-->
mmm yep that would do it for me!

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of riquelme,but lets face it we are nothing without riquelme,he is the only great midfilder ARG have.without him there is not stability in the midfild.he is the sort of player that gives you balance that we clearly lack.(aimar,insua ,lucho,veron,dalessandro)can not replace him, because riquelme one step above all of them.

John said...

Well guys, not sure if this article from Ole it's true or not but looks like our worst nightmare against Peru is about to begin. It looks like the man that will start as the No.9 is going to be.....I'll let you read the rest.

johnny said...

Diego Milito gave it a try today against Udinese but pulled up 22' in with a bad leg. Seems doubtful that he would be ready, or at top strength by next weekend. More fuel to the Palermo fire.

Anonymous said...

Maradona only wants his friend playing. This attitude will destroy any team in the world including Brazil

Anonymous said...

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