Sunday, September 27, 2009

DEMICHELIS to replace injured COLOCCINI

A big fat YES from me!

Diego Armando MARADONA has called up Martín DEMICHELIS to replace Fabricio COLOCCINI, who picked up an injury and won't be able to make it for the World Cup Qualifiers double round of fixtures v. Perú and Uruguay.

The Bayern Munich defender, who has been a regular in every one of MARADONA's matches in charge of Argentina, is recovering from an injury that required surgery in one of his ankles.

The injured pair of Ariel ORTEGA and Esteban FUERTES will miss out on the friendly against Ghana which lowers the age average of our squad quite significantly.

In place for them will be Mauro BOSELLI (of Estudiantes de La Plata -top-scorer of the last Copa Libertadores-) and Nicolás GAITÁN of Boca Juniors.


Anonymous said...

Can't Heinze pick up a injury as well?

Tonymed said...

What a good news. The next may be Heinze

Rune said...

Great news!!!!!!!!!!!

johnny said...

Boselli is deserving, but Gaitan ? A year ago I thought he was going to be a star. He had some scintillating performances for Boca as a sub. But, next to nothing since. Great potential, but rushes things on the pitch and has yet to find his position. Maradona probably hasn't seen him play in a year. Another questionable Boca call up.

Dave P said...
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Dave P said...
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Dave P said...

What do you guys think?

-----Jonas----------Di Maria--
---Aguero(or Higuain)--Milito(or Higuain)--

John said...

Hi Dave, I like the formation but I will to make a few adjustment to it. Rather than HEINZE, I would prefer to have PAREJA there. I trust him though pretty sure Diego will never drop him. On the right, better to have Lucho GONZALEZ.

Let's play AIMAR behind the front two. MESSI will play alongside MILITO or HIGUAIN up front.

That would be my dream line up.

Roy said...

Dave, your line-up is pretty close to mine. Except mine would be the return of the 4-3-1-2. So I guess it's similar(if not the same as John's).

Lucho-Mascherano-Di Maria

or maybe a 4-3-3(which I highly doubt). Aimar-Masch-Di Maria in midfield. Messi-Higuain-Milito up front.

MaxiLopez said...

People, I really wonder if you have watched Heinze play recently. He has been excellent... Heinze isn't in the Madrid circus anymore so stop spitting on him and watch his games instead.

By the way, what's the point to call players like De Michelis or Lucho if they are recovering from injuries (especially Micho). This is pathetic. Maradona is a shame.

Roy said...

MaxiLopez, I've been watching his matches with Marseille(watched about 2-3 so far), I agree that he's been doing better. Not great, but better. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the French League isn't as strong as the Spanish League? Or maybe he's actually refound his form. I've always been a fan of Heinze and has been one of the few people here to defend him, but his last few matches(with Argentina) he's been horrible. If he can replicate his club form with Argentina, then by all means, start him. If not, give someone else a chance.

Lucho and Micho are recovering from injuries, but if I'm not mistaken, Lucho has already played several matches and from what I can tell, his injury wasn't as bad as Micho's(I could be wrong on this one). In other words, Lucho has had several minutes under his belt since coming back from injury. Micho on the other hand, hasn't played yet. Thing is though, who else WOULD Diego call-up instead of Micho from Europe? He's been ignoring Samuel and Gonzalo forever, which leaves Burdisso? Note, I'm talking about Center Backs.

johnny said...

Fox Sports in Buenos Aires is reporting (with film footage) that Sergio Batista is with Maradona at the training ground at Ezeiza. I have no idea if there is any official AFA comment on Batista's "inclusion".

salvio supporter said...

He's probably there teaching Maradona how to leave a NT out of a WC. I was watching Uruguay-England the other day... so sad we are not there. Batista is horrible; Maradona's head is who knows where. So I don't wanna know what Batista AND Maradona feels like.

Anonymous said...

Tevez had a good game agains west ham,but i am still not convinced by him he misses too many chances.i hope he does not start against peru.

sirus said...

ARLOS TEVEZ struck twice to bury his old club West Ham - then said sorry to their fans

West Ham boss Gianfranco Zola said: "Carlos is a true gentleman and he showed that again.

"My appreciation of him is for what he did and for the way he played tonight."