Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Scotland captain FERGUSON and his love for Diego

In an interview with the newspaper The Scottish Sun, Scotland captain and Rangers icon, Barry FERGUSON, has revealed his admiration for Diego MARADONA.

You can read the interview here:

But here are the most juicy things he said about the Argentina manager and I think he puts the game into perspective for everyone to understand what it means for this group of young Scotsmen to face one of his childhood heroes today:

“I watched that game with my dad and it was probably my earliest memory in terms of a big football tournament.

“I clearly recall watching the game against England. I was jumping about daft with my dad when MARADONA scored.

“I was eight at the time, yet I still remember everything about that game.

“The second MARADONA goal was incredible and it’s still probably the best goal I’ve ever seen.

“MARADONA was unbelievable in that tournament, he was the top man.

“You never think you’re going to meet the guy. But I’ll be standing pretty close to him at Hampden and it will be a good feeling."

“He’s a legend in Scotland, you know the reasons why, and it’s great to be involved in a game against MARADONA.”

“For me he was the greatest player ever.

“People talk about PELE and what he achieved, but I was too young, I can’t remember PELE."

“But I remember MARADONA and what he could do with a football. He was a very special player.

“In today’s terms probably Lionel MESSI is about the only thing that comes close to MARADONA and it’s a shame he won’t be involved against us."

“I’ve played against him a few times with Rangers against Barcelona and he’s a wonderful player.”

“The respect, to a certain extent, goes out the window. If we stand off these guys we’ll get hammered. We need to press them high up the pitch."

“Our friendly record at Hampden isn’t the best and this is another tough game."

“But we’re playing Holland at Hampden in March and this will be a really good test for us."

“It would be easy to take a friendly against a so-called lesser side, but what would we learn from that?"

“If you want to improve you need to play against the best and at the moment they don’t come much better than Argentina.

“I know people say it could go the other way and fear we could get humped, but I don’t think we will the way the team will be set out."

“This is the right game to take ahead of the Holland qualifier.”


John said...

This game means a lot to me because my mom is half Scottish! Which make me a little like a Scotsmen as well.

I always had a little feeling towards Scotland. My uncle still lives there and some of my extended cousins are there as well.

Therefore, you can imagine that here in Malaysia we will have little family affair at almost 2.30am.

Luckily I will be going to work as soon as the game is over. If not I will be taking a couple of shot of Scotch Whisky and enjoying a great moment watching my beloved Albiceleste.

Last but not least, let me just remind everyone that the greatest ever BOND is Scotsmen as well. Ha! ha! ha!

Seba said...

Oh John! You traitor! hahaha!

I didn't know this thing about your Scottish roots. A good thing is that this is only a friendly match.

Nobody will get hurt. I doesn't matter what the result will be. That's for sure.

I think I'm not alone in wishing we will see a good game of football despite the result or who the winner is.

Interesting you mention James BOND. I think Diego has all the elements of a proper BOND, except perhaps for the good looks and the beautiful women around him! haha! Hmmm...coming to think of it...the only similarity between Diego and 007 is how he always gets himself in trouble (and always survives!).

Anonymous said...


Claudio Cannigia visited the squad and maradona in Glasgow today.



John said...

Seba, the whole situation here is like Me vs the Rest of the Family! Hahaha!!!

Did I mentioned that this is the same uncle who told me to sit and watch this little genius when I was only six years old? I must thank him because he was never wrong all the while. From that moment, my life change for ever.

I'm sure the moment Diego steps into Hampden Park, every Scotsmen will be on their feet to give him a standing ovation.