Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A 4-4-2 with HEINZE as central defender

I'm writing this some 16 hours before Diego MARADONA's first match in charge of the Albiceleste and all the reports I'm reading in the just updated Argentine newspapers' websites are indicating that our national team will indeed play a 4-4-2 formation (despite our manager's like of the 3-5-2 or 3-4-3).

Apart from that, the big news is the inclusion of Gabriel HEINZE as a central defender and not a left back, a position he's been playing for Argentina for a long time as well as for Real Madrid and Manchester United. But HEINZE is a natural central defender. He played there for Newell's when he was a youngster and also in Portugal and France before he moved to England and before he started playing as a left back for Argentina.

When he played for BIELSA he was part of a back line of 3 men (all of them natural centre backs) and then he eventually became a left back when his team played 4 at the back.

In my opinion? I like him more as a central defender. We'll see how he plays today at Hampden Park.

Who's going to be the left back then? It's Emiliano PAPA. What can you expect from him? A short, speedy defender who's got good technique and is not afraid to join the attack.

The most probable lineup will consist in:

CARRIZO on goal. Diego has always said good things about the Lazio goalkeeper.

ZANETTI as a right back. Receiving Diego's confidence but conceding the captain's armband.

DEMICHELIS and HEINZE as the pair of central midfielders.

Emiliano PAPA making his full international debut as left-back and confirming what everyone has been saying about how Diego loves him.

Maxi RODRIGUEZ on the right and Jonas GUTIERREZ on the left. I'm guessing they will have a lot of liberties to join the attack and will be asked to do so by Diego.

Fernando GAGO and Javier MASCHERANO bossing around in midfield. These two seem to be sure of their status as key players in our midfield. Especially Javier as he will play his first match as our captain.

Carlos TEVEZ and Ezequiel LAVEZZI will form the striking partnership. Only because AGUERO had to go to Madrid and left a place for Pocho. TEVEZ will have to show he's good enough even when he has to sit on the bench for United more often than not. LAVEZZI has a great opportunity to confirm all the good things he's doing for Napoli.

Can't wait for the match to start!


allan ng said...

This seems to be a good line up. Obviously Messi, Aguero and Riquelme aren't with us so this is what we have to deal with.

Still, when will we see Higuain wears the Argentine colours again? Is he really so unpopular with our coaches?

Lopez, India said...

Goal.com result Maradona vs Pele
Goal.com conducted the poll and the Poll Results Maradona Better Than Pele.

Maradona picked up 61% of the vote to end up as a clear winner. :

"Maradona was by far the better player. Pele's World Cup glory came from the outstanding players around him, some of whom scored more goals than he did in the tournament. Without a brilliant supporting cast, Pele wouldn't be more than an average player. Maradona on the other hand had the ability to dictate play on his own and drag his team to victory, much like he did with Argentina in the World Cup. It's safe to say Diego wins this by far. Pele is just an overrated soccer politician."

Lopez,India said...

What a fine answer by Diego

"I'm not going to seek him out, I don't know why Butcher is taking this attitude. If people are fine with me, I will greet them." The tone was supremely dismissive. "I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. If he doesn't shake my hand, I'll still be alive tomorrow."

Tommy said...

feeling good about the game and i know we will play so much better with the man himself VAMOS VAMOS ARGENTINAAAAA VAMOS


Anonymous said...

Vamos, vamos Argentina,
vamos, vamos a ganar,
que esta barra quilombera,
no te deja, no te deja de alentar............
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andaman said...

Waiting with anticipations!

I'm enjoying the interview clips.

John said...

What a great gentlemen is Diego is! I guess some people (like BUTCHER) just never seem move on. Poor thing.

Seba, both DEMICHELIS and HEINZE are playing in central defense.

Anonymous said...

Hello Seba

Vamos Argentina

Please Win