Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Diego MARADONA's first squad list

I have experienced some technical difficulties and I'm writing this from a bar with wi-fi.

So, the first thing I want to do is to give Mundo Albiceleste's readers, the squad list that MARADONA has announced a few minutes ago.

Just before he gave this list of names, he said this:

"I want to make sure that for my national team there are no friendly matches. We've got international matches and we need to take them very seriously."

1. Juan Pablo CARRIZO
2. Sergio ROMERO
3. Nicolás BURDISSO
4. Fabricio COLOCCINI
6. Fernando GAGO
9. Ezequiel LAVEZZI
10. Germán DENIS
11. Lisandro LOPEZ
12. Daniel DIAZ
14. Sergio AGUERO
15. Carlos TEVEZ
16. Luis "Lucho" GONZALEZ
17. José SOSA
18. Javier ZANETTI
19. Gabriel HEINZE
20. Angel DI MARIA


John said...

Seems like ZANETTI made it into the squad.

And some of my wishes (Lucho, Licha, German) came true.

Any surprise? Jose SOSA.

It's 4.30 am as I'm writing this comment!

Roy said...

Lucho never played well with the National Team but I'm more than willing to give him a last chance. Sosa I'm not sure on, but we'll see. I can see Lucho being the playmaker in the match. It's a bit early, but this is what I have for my formation(I'll post more later).

Maxi-Lucho-Di Maria

Diego is more than likely going to play Aguero and Tevez up front, but with that squad list, who knows.

John said...

Roy, as far as I know Lucho was never given a proper chance with National Team.

But we'll see how things goes.

My preferred starting line up

AGUERO-TEVEZ (I would like German DENIS instead)

Seba said...

OK, after finishing the newest post with the press conference transcript (or some of the many things that were said), I'm sharing my initial thoughts on this list:

1. Good to see ZANETTI won't be shown the door. At least not yet. I still think he's got a lot to offer to our team and he can play at the back or in midfield. We need players who can cover more than one position. Especially in a World Cup.

2. Maxi RODRIGUEZ seems to have paid Diego immediate tribute by scoring for Atletico Madrid at Anfield.

3. Good to see Lucho and Licha back, but I guess I made a terrible prediction yesterday.

4. The Napoli Connection will be present. LAVEZZI-DENIS and of course, Diego! ha!

5. No HIGUAIN. No Diego MILITO. No CAVENAGHI. DENIS seems to have won the first battle. I'm guessing there'll be chances for the others.

6. Barring any injuries or a dramatic fall in his form, Juan Pablo CARRIZO will be favourite to be our goalkeeper in the next World Cup.

Seba said...

Roy, I believe Diego will be inclined to play with 3 at the back.

Abs said...

Why is Zanetti on the list. I love the guy, but Maradona said it is time to change ?!
Am not happy with Lisandro Lopez and Daniel Diaz, there are many better players !!
Lucho is a great player, and I hope he leave Porto to become a better player !!
Sosa need more time, I don't redall him playing with Bayern even !!

Anonymous said...

i really can't why they still calling burdisso ,diaz,and sosa when they got ledesma from lazio,higuain,cambiasso,gonzalo milito,zarate,rodriguez and garay ,i think they should be blind i expected seeing something else

Batigol said...

I am happy to see Zanetti on the list!

Burdisso is not my choice, just look at how bad he played for Inter in last night CL match.

Players like Higuain and Cavenaghi should be given a chance.

Riquelme and Cambiasso are omitted also.

Batigol said...

I am happy to see Zanetti on the list!

Burdisso is not my choice, just look at how bad he played for Inter in last night CL match.

Players like Higuain and Cavenaghi should be given a chance.

Riquelme and Cambiasso are omitted also.

Anonymous said...

Why There is no Riquelme..anybody can suggest plzzzzzzzzzz

andaman said...

I think no Riquelme because Argentina league is at the last stage of the Apertura (5 matches left I think) and Boca is now firmly back in the title race. At the moment, Boca needs him more than a friendly match in Scotland and Diego would think so even if he wants Roman in the team.

Roman won't be omitted for long!

Seba said...

To the anonymous asking:

RIQUELME is not on this list for 2 reasons:

1. Diego only called players that are competing in European teams.

2. RIQUELME is likely to miss out on this first friendly because of commitments he's got with Boca.

But there is still time to call players from the domestic league.

Remember, for friendly matches or for any matches, the AFA has to call up the European-based players at least 15 days prior to the match.

For domestic players, they can be called at any time.

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks Seba ...but what u think how long Roman will play?

Anonymous said...

I read 2 days ago that Maradona seems to play with 3-4-3: Carrizzo; Burdisso, Demichelis, Heinze; Maxi, Mascherano, Gago, Di Maria; Lavezzi, Aguero, Tevez.

Not bad at all. Lavezzi has been the best player in the Italian league so far. He leads the league in players rating. All he needs with the Argentina national team is the confidence. If he gets the same level of confidence as his in Napoli, then he'll be great. Just check out his performances for Napoli... no fear. Remind me a lot of Tevez for the Olympic 2004.

Burdisso was really bad yesterday, but I still think he's better than Coloccini. It's OK he's starting.

If that formation is correct, then it'll be a very attacking one. Maxi and Di Maria will be on right and left side of the team. We know they both are very offensive minded. So we'll have 5 very offensive minded players on the pitch.

Gonzalo, Higuain, and Zarate should all be called.

Anonymous said...

Why ar'nt any home based players called up?, someone confirm here why not?, 20 European based players are in the list and I'm Diego can manage atleast 2 homebased plays in the squad.

Anonymous said...

i love to see Garay play. I think Colo did badly in Newcastle. It should be someone else.

Ledesma (Lazio) and Zarate should be in the squad. Pipita, should wait for a while, Zarate is better.

Sir Raul

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