Tuesday, November 04, 2008

MARADONA: "MASCHERANO will be my captain"

I will comment on the list and other things in due time.

What I want here is to give you the translation of the most important part of the press conference held just a few minutes ago at Ezeiza's AFA headquarters.

Julio GRONDONA opened up saying:

"Today is a day of great joy for me. Because I'm presenting two people that were with me during most of my 30 years as AFA president. Today, 4 November, is a day with another special meaning for me because my mother is turning 102 years old. And I'm sure she is watching this at home!"

"During the last few years, our national team have been lacking of those final 10 cents to make a full peso (Argentina currency). I'm hoping Diego MARADONA and Carlos BILARDO will help us get there."

The following is a summary of Diego MARADONA's best quotes as he got announced as Argentina national team manager.

"This is a dream come true for me and an honour to be with Carlos BILARDO on my side."

"I'll do my best for things to work out for the best for us."

"We are sure that we will wake up every morning and we will give the selección what it deserves and to make our national team better everyday."

"I want to thank Claudia (his ex-wife), my daughters and Vero (his girlfriend)"

"We still haven't decide how our coaching staff will look like. We know that BATISTA and BROWN are at our disposal and that is a great thing. But today we are here to announce the list of players to face Scotland and we will build a strong coaching staff in time."

"We are heading for Europe tonight. We will watch Real Madrid v. Juventus in Madrid to see some players in action and then we will talk to them."

"We will then tour around Europe to talk to as many players we can. We want them to know what we think and we want to see how they are and what they think."

"This dream has to continue with hard-work. If I stand here doing nothing, I won't be doing any good to our national team, but when I enter this place (AFA's Ezeiza training ground), my chest gets wide. It's the same feeling I had when I was a player".

"I think MASCHERANO is the Argentine players that embodies the most all the qualities of a great Argentina captain. I'm going to talk to him and convince him. He will be my captain."

"MESSI is not on our list because there is an agreement with FC Barcelona and Mr. LAPORTA was a true gentleman when he let MESSI play in the Olympics."

Then BILARDO said:

"I don't know if this is the right thing to say, but to me...the national team comes first. My family comes second. My wife knows it so I don't think she'll get mad at me. At least I hope!".


John said...

Today is a dawn of a new era. We pray for Diego to have many many success down the years as the coach of our beloved Albiceleste.

I really hope MASCHERANO will say yes to Diego's proposal. I'm sure some of you will agree with me that many time we have seen the leadership quality that he possess. Even if Masche himself doesn't realize this.

How much are we going to miss MESSI? Well let me tell you that he just scored for Barca against Basel.

Abs said...

When Maradona was on the list of Argentina new man, I didn't think it was real. Now Maradona is the man, and I can't descripe how happy I am. I believe 100% that he is the man to be !!

Good luck Diego !!

Akash said...

Today Emanuel Alejandro Villa of Derby County scored a hattrick in the Carling Cup match against Brighton fc.

andaman said...

Mundo is the best Argentina blog on the web.

I know Maradona CAN convince Mascherano to put on the captain's armband. I think it should be him as well. I remember back in WC2006 that someone said this (Masche) is the next Argentina's captain.

From the clips and pictures of the news conference. Diego looks genuinely happy. Good for him.

abs said...

I agree that Mashcy should be the captin. Since Riquelme doens't want it, I don't think there is anyone else (first team choice) can handle it. But what if he really doesn't want to be under pressure for being the captin, then do you think Diego should push him for it ?! I don't think it would be a smart move !!

joe said...

I am actually wondering did Basile go about the same way as Diego and Bilardo. travel around Europe and see player and talk to them?? I honestly feeling something good in the air. Maradona is acting aswell as behaving as i would have liked. Its a very smart moove puting in an effort to go see the players around europe. The players must like it aswell as us the fans knowing he is putting in alot of hard work. It looks very promising. But the most important thing is the way they play. I really do not mind the result that much against the scots i just want to see them perform. With Basile we only won thanks to great players not great coach. I hope this time we have a great coach.

The Future team


Zanetti Demichelis Milito

Maxi Macherano Di Maria


Messi Aguero Lavessi

pisingh said...

If Zantetti is in the squad, he must be captain, he is a captain and behaves like one. Otherwise, Maxi is a good captain material, not Mascherano.

Milito is not far behind Lavezzi in Seria A performances but seems like he will never enjoy the confidence of ARG staff which frustrates me as he's got way more talent than German Denis.

I like Daniel Diaz but as I said the other day we will win nothing with Burdisso, Colocinni and Henize. They will always mess up bad. Fazio, Garay and Gonzalo need to be blooded soon.

What we need is now is the local players to step up. I don't have domestic coverage (now Channel Five UK did not renew their rights). My favourite domestic players over the last few years were,

1) Pablo Barrientos,
2) Leandro Grazian
3) Diego Valeri

Can anyone update me on how they are playing now?


p2bn said...

Argentina 2010


Vamos Albiceleste
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