Saturday, November 22, 2008

Davis Cup Final - Day 2 LIVE

Okay, there is no need to panic just yet. This is the Davis Cup Final, so as some of our readers had mentioned in our earlier post, anything can happen.

In about hours from now (I guess), David NALBANDIAN will team up with Agustin CALLERI to play against Feliciano LOPEZ and Fernando VERDASCO.

For live streaming, please check out the following link to see whichever channel is available for your viewing.

Good luck to both David/Gordo.



John said...

The Arena is packed. The players are about to make their entrance anytime soon.

My prayers to both David/Calleri for positive outcome today.

John said...

1-o to Spain after they serve first.

John said...

They hit back! It's 1-1.

John said...

After a series of reply the scoreline was tied at 5-5.

Then came the breakthrough as Argentina broke serve and now lead 6-5.

We will serve next for the game point.

John said...

Game! Argentina win the first 7-5 after almost conceeding Spain with a break point.

John said...

The score is still tied at 4-4 in the second set.

John said...

Oh NOOO!!! They got us in the second set, 7-5.

John said...

Now, they're killing us in the third set. Down 1-4!!!

What is happening????

John said...

Despite of the heroic comeback to level the score at 6-6, we just went downhill in the tie breaker.

Oh God.....

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