Wednesday, November 12, 2008

BILARDO: "MARADONA won't quit"

Well, there's another voice in this boring soap opera. Carlos Salvador BILARDO, new national team coordinator, said in an Argentine TV channel called "C5N" that: "I think MARADONA won't quit."

BILARDO added:

"I have spoken with him and told him to slow down a little bit. There are 500 possible collaborators. After four months when I was in charge, I had to change all my collaborators. Diego likes every candidate".

"I know the press want to know everything. There are a lot of assistant managers mentioned in the papers. What we are looking for is for someone to be with us all the time".


Anonymous said...

Here is a great video of Messi.


johnny said...

The NT situation is turning into a three ring circus. Grondona needs to either get rid of Diego or let him be the boss and have the assistants he wants. Is there any way to get rid of Grondona ? Jesus, Argentina can get rid of three or four Presidents within a week or so, but this mafioso stays forever !

Juan y Fer said...

well one thing is clear, it is impossible a calm moment with Maradona as the coach...
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Anonymous said...

new updates:-

The Argentinian Football Association have denied that Diego Maradona.

Carlos Bilardo said: "He won't resign.

"I have spoken to Diego and told him he has to go slowly. .

John said...

Thank the Lord for Carlos BILARDO. I guess this is why he needs to be there for Diego.

Anonymous said...

Their are rumours today Argentine FA are holding a meeting this afternoon with Diego Maradona and Carlos Salvador BILARDO to reslove this issue and announce the 2 assistants that will be working alongside Diego Maradona.

Meeting this afternoon at Argentine Fa behindf closed doors.

It should be the Coaches Job to announce the assistants not the FA.

Seba any comments?


Gabriel A

Vamos Argentina

Seba said...

Gabriel...I've heard rumours about those two assistants being:

Miguel Angel LEMME and Alejandro MANCUSO.

LEMME a former assistant manager of BILARDO.

MANCUSO a big big friend of MARADONA with no experience as manager or assistant manager.

Just rumours...but I'm starting to hear it...

Anonymous said...

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