Wednesday, November 12, 2008

20 Points For NOCIONI & TEVEZ Scores!!!

Coming from the bench, Andres NOCIONI had a big night for the Chicago Bulls against the high flying Atlanta Hawks. Chapu posted 20 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists & 1 steal. However the Bulls could not stop the Hawks from winning their sixth game of the season (Atlanta is one of two teams still unbeaten, the other being the Lakers) as they went down 108-113.

Though they were without Manu GINOBILI (and Tony PARKER for that matter), San Antonio Spurs were still to much for the New York Knicks. Fabricio OBERTO was the starting center, played well to help the Spurs in defense, posting 6 points, team high 9 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 steal.

TEVEZ Sinks Rangers

I kept wondering how would Seba react to this? Carlos TEVEZ finally scores for Manchester United when he converted a 76th minute penalty in their 1-0 win over Queens Park Rangers. Sir Alex decideds to rest both BERBATOV and RONNEY for this game. TEVEZ was given the nod to lead United’s attack. This is his first goal since scoring against Liverpool back in September.

In other match Derby County defeated Leeds United 2-1. Emanuel VILLA scored to put Derby in the lead and then Nathan ELLINGTON double it for them. Leeds in form player, Luciano BECCHIO pull one back.

In the Coupe de la Ligue, Fernando CAVENAGHI scored for Bordeaux in their 4-2 win over Guingamp.


Seba said...

My reaction was: "WHY NOW, CARLITOS??"

I mean...he has nothing to prove and for QPR it was devastating to lose only 1-0 and to concede from the penalty spot.

That said...I reckon I'm better off being hit by TEVEZ than by any other United player.

For the record, Emannuel LEDESMA played a few minutes for QPR and he almost score in the last play of the game. It would have been a sensational equaliser and two Argie goals in that game. It wasn't to be and United won. Hopefully we'll get our revenge!

jr said...

Oberto returns with a great performance (9 rebounds). He's more important for the "new" Spurs without parker & Gino but this season isn't the Spurs' year. They need new players.

Luís Araújo said...

Hey John!
I'm from the BULLSBRASIL..

As a Bulls fan, I love to see Nocioni playing!I really like to see the way that argentinian players act on the court!

And.. as a CORINTHIANS fan...

TEVEZ is Tevez! It's simple! Certainly, one of the greatest of the world!

the KING said...

I think that the problem of the Chicago bulls is too many guards and too little post players. However, I look forward to Derrick Rose changing the tempo and pace of the Bulls and hopefully he will also change their fate in the playoffs this season.