Monday, November 10, 2008

Diego hints he'll call up RIQUELME

Diego MARADONA returned to Buenos Aires after his European tour in which he had time to see Real Madrid v Juventus, have dinner with Fernando GAGO and Gabriel HEINZE, visit Javier MASCHERANO, say "hello" to a starstruck Steven GERRARD, Jamie CARRAGHER and Robbie KEANE, have a few words with Rafa BENITEZ, stop by Manchester United's Carrington training ground to hug Carlos TEVEZ and give Rio FERDINAND his best birthday gift and then go to Madrid to stay a couple of days with pregnant daughter Giannina.

Back in Argentina, Diego said:

"This tour was very positive because I felt the players were listening to me when I talked to them. Their eyes were wide open and their chests were wider. They want revenge. They know our people needs this team and they understand the moment we are living. They know they have to give a little bit more."

MARADONA has also hinted that he will call up Juan Roman RIQUELME (who scored a beauty of an injury-time game-winner free-kick for Boca against Arsenal de Sarandí on Sunday).

The new Argentina manager said in an interview with Radio La Red that: "Estudiantes de la Plata's players (Juan Sebastián VERON and Gastón ANGELERI) will not be called up (for the friendly against Scotland). We will meet on Tuesday with Carlos (BILARDO) and we will see who we call. I have to talk to Roman (RIQUELME). But you don't say "no" to the selección. It's either you want to be or you don't. There are no gray areas. It's black or it's white. We know Roman has played a lot of matches this season, but we will talk."

Diego also talked about who will finally become his assistant manager.

"I'm a little bit worried about not knowing who will come to work with me. Oscar RUGGERI is number 1 in my list. I don't think it's impossible. BILARDO is going to talk to GRONDONA. Anything can happen. We have candidates. There's BATISTA, BROWN...there's also Miguel BRINDISI and Humbertito (meaning Humberto GRONDONA, son of Julio)".

Diego did mention that there is no way he will be joined by either Gabriel BATISTUTA or Claudio CANIGGIA.

Diego also said a few things about the Albicelestes that are playing in Europe.

"I've noticed that Carlitos (TEVEZ) is a little anxious because he is not playing for Manchester United as a starter, but I saw him very committed to this new Argentina era."

"I have convinced MASCHERANO to become my captain. It's something I feel deep inside. I explained to him how the selección needs him to be the captain and he understood perfectly."

"I've been watching a lot of matches. Surely, as long as they keep playing like this for their clubs, Diego MILITO, Gonzalo HIGUAIN, Mauro ZARATE...will all have their opportunities with me."


Lopez,India said...

Diego has done the wonderful job. But only thing that disappointed me about elimination of Javier zanetti.

Its alrite if MASCHERANO become future captain but presently I think Argentina must keep faith on zanetti's Shoulder.

In last world cup also Pakerman dropped zanetti.n It was unfair decision. Let zanetti play as long as he can..

Abs said...

I think Diego is doing a great job, and I hope it shows in the field soon !!

Amol, India said...

I think Diego should have kept Zanetti as a captain. I don't have anything against Mascherano, I just think it wasn't cool to take the captaincy away from a veteran player who still has a place in the team.

Please share ur views on this

Anonymous said...

this last comment is inappropriate please delete it is not conducive to harmonious discussion

Anonymous said...

he has to call as soon as possible higuain ,diego milito,zarate and gonzalo rodriguez

andaman said...

Didn't Diego said he had talks with the senior members of the team. I hope Javier Z. is one of them. Maradona probably don't want the same incident like between him and Passarella in 1986 happened again. But Zanetti doesn't seem a very egotistic kind of person. Got nothing against Zanetti. I love the guy but he could be going to WC2010 as a sub. I agree with Diego's choice for grooming a young captain in the span of less than 2 years before WC. Masche is at the same age as Maradona when Bilardo made him captain over 20 years ago. Not as confidence as Diego but this Javier can develope that. I think Masche has the character. He will be groom into a reliable captain. He's got the best of the best at his side. It seem harsh on Zanetti but I think it's the right choice.

Anonymous said...

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