Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hernan going White?

There are strong suggestions in the Spanish and the Argentine media that the man Real Madrid will hire to replace injured Ruud VAN NISTELROOY is out-of-favour Inter striker Hernán CRESPO.

Everything clicks. Everything looks set.

MOURINHO is obviously not using CRESPO as much as the player wants.

CRESPO himself needs to be used in order to make his dream come true and get another chance to play for his national team.

And Real Madrid need a big striker in the wake of Ruud VAN NISTELROOY's season-ending injury.

Spanish sports newspaper Marca suggested Hernán CRESPO is the chosen one for Madrid, while their colleagues at have indicated that Inter president, Massimo MORATTI, said: "If Real Madrid makes CRESPO happy, then we have to respect his wishes". there a Pipita+CRESPO combination in the making for Madrid the rest of this season?




johnny said...

It would be great to see Crespo at Real Madrid with a shot at some glory before he gets too long in the tooth. The irony here is that Saviola is already at Madrid, but with apparently zero chance at any significant time on the pitch. He's making nearly 4 million somethings a season and said he has no desire to go anywhere. A shame. I always thought his style was well suited for La Liga.

Abs said...

If Madrid not getting Tevez, then i think Crespo should make it.. 6 months aren't a good deal, but he'll have the time to prove once again how big is he as a striker. And hopefully, if Saviola stays at Madrid, Schuster will give him the chance to play along with Crespo in front !!

Anonymous said...

I think Saviola should move elsewhere, maybe at Blackburn Rovers. I love to see Crespo in Real Madrid since there is no true goal scorer there when Ruud is injured. It is a waste of time because Mourinho did not favor him since the day at Chelsea

Sir Raul

Anonymous said...

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