Saturday, November 01, 2008

NBA News - HERRMANN Helps Pistons Win Over Wizards

Walter HERRMANN! Just how much did we missed his game and athleticism while in Beijing.
Alot I have to say. Tonight against the Wizards, he gave some memorable moments that we could have had if he was around then.

In the Pistons 117-109 win, he was a monster from the bench, making big shots and had the Palace crowd chanting “Wal-ter Herr-mann!”. He posted 16 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assist & 1 steal.

“It was unbelievable, I had a lot of confidence tonight. When we go against a small team, I can play both the 3 and the 4, so it lets us change things,” HERRMANN said. “We play a very open game when they go small against us.”

“Walter was great tonight, and it is a lot more than just the shots he is making,” Curry said. “His defense and his ability to move the ball are both things that help our team when he’s on the floor. He does the basic things that we have to do to win.”

Well done Walter!!!

In other matches, Luis SCOLA posted 10 points, 7 rebounds & 2 steals for the Rockets, as they defeated the newly formed Oklahoma City Thunder 89-77.

Andres NOCIONI too had a somewhat big contribution for the Bulls in their 96-86 win over the Memphis Grizzlies. He posted 10 points, 5 rebounds & 2 assist from the bench.


jr said...

Hi, Walter H. must be an important player for Pistons. The Pistons will need to reach the East Finals. ¿What about Oberto? Is he ijured?

Regards from Barcelona.

John said...

Hi Jr, Welcome to Mundo Albiceleste!

From what I've heard, OBERTO has been irregular heart beat problem latetly. This is the reason why the Spurs do not want to rush him into action.

Not too worry about it as I believe he is well taken care of.

Pistolero said...

Nice play by Herrmann coming off the bench.

And yes, the Spurs really need Oberto to come back. Kurt Thomas is being just awful, which is no surprise, being 35 now...

Sílvia said...

Hello John!
Thanks by visiting my blog. Unites us Messi! How great player! For me the best of the world currently.
The Kun is also good, recalls me to Romario.
Greetings from Barcelona.
certainly, your blog is very good. I will visit it!

K. said...

Oberto heart's problem and Ginobili injury makes really bad for argentinian players in the NBA...

Herrmann will probably be more important for Pistons this year than last, mainly because the new coach (whose name I forgot)is trying to give more importance to the bench players...

Scola is the only offensive center that Houston have (the exception is, of course, Yao Ming), so these numbers aren't really surprising...

By the way, thank you for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...

It seems that Mauro Icardi is making some noise for Barcelona's Juvenil B team. Some team officals are raving about him. Icardi is 15 or even 16, Espana has asked him to play for the side he brushed them off and already said he is going to be playing for Argentina.

And other news about Argentine youngsters Piatti scored for Almeria vs Real Madrid.I hope we will see Icardifor the U-17 team real soon or even the U-20 team for next years U-20 WC. That team will be quite nice. Di Santo will be there I hope, Piatti, Buonanotte, Gustavo Bau and a few other names. Future is quite bright for Argentina.


VJ Rabid said...

With Scola, Artest and Battier in the mix, Houston can run some real interesting lineups. I've love to see some high-low post action going on with Ron Artest working from the free throw line at the 5 utilizing his passing skills, and Scola at the 4 working the low blocks and doing his best Kevin McHale imitation.

Shane Battier, being a great shooter, would hit threes from kickouts from Scola or ball reversals. The guards would be either to cut to the basket or spot up from outside. Scola and Artest are good passers and will find them either way.

Of course, there would be height problems on defense, but this would be when Yao is taking a break. The good clearly outweigh the bad.

John W. Davis said...

The HERRM is great!

We are happy to have him with us in Detroit!


John W. Davis

John said...

Thanks for all the comments on Walter HERRMANN. That was an amazing performance from him.

Jack! If BATISTA is going to be charge on our youth team, you can bet it's going to be another pool of talented players. All ready to rumble for the future of the Albiceleste and work with the Greatest.

Don't forget Emmanuel VILLA, the hero and villain in Derby's 1-1 with Nottingham Forest.

Diego MILITO scored from the spot in Genoa 2-2 draw with Udinese in Italy’s Serie A. while in France, Leandro CUFRE was on target for Monaco in their 3-2 win over Le Harve.

halley said...

at least the pistons are winning. i can't even look at the current standings at the spurs are 3rd to the last. it's just not them, you know.

iverson is an excellent player. he really is. no offense, but billups can definitely play better on both ends than AI. losing mcdyess would definitely downgrade the pistons' defense, which they've been good at.

John said...

Yeah what a surprise transfer I must say.

But I feel the new coach has seen many potential on the bench that he feels is a worthwhile gamble. After all, who can argue what a great player AI is.

Some of today’s highlight….

Walter HERRMANN came face to face against his old team, the Charlotte Bobcats. However despite playing for 18 plus minutes, HERRMANN only manages 5 points, 3 rebounds & 1 assist. The Pistons won their third straight games 101-83.

The Chicago Bulls lost to the Orlando Magic 93-96, with Andres NOCIONI missing a 3-point attempt at the buzzer which could have send the game into overtime. NOCIONI posted 20 points, 7 rebounds & 1 assist.