Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Yep. Just as you're reading it.

There's been an ongoing argument between Diego MARADONA and Julio GRONDONA (AFA President) regarding who should be the assistant coach.

Today (Wednesday), there's been a meeting between MARADONA and GRONDONA and after Diego insisted he wanted Oscar RUGGERI at all costs, GRONDONA said "I don't want him".

Now there are rumours suggesting MARADONA could quit if he doesn't get his wish granted and apparently GRONDONA is adamant in not having RUGGERI joining the national team.

It seems to be a case of convincing Julio GRONDONA and there are some who are saying that GRONDONA's sons would probably be the only ones with a chance of changing the Godfather's mind.

Of course this is something we don't need at all. I hate when stuff like this happens and now I'm thinking: "Why didn't they talk about it before they made the official announcement of Diego becoming the national team manager? What was the hurry?".

Why do they put their egos before the national team interests?

In Diego's case, he could have a point and say: "I want to work with who I think will work with me better".

But in GRONDONA's case...what can he say? "I don't want to listen to the guy I've just appointed?"

What he said to the press tonight in Buenos Aires is: "I talk about what I want to talk".

And after they insisted asking about RUGGERI, he said: "Maybe I don't like his face. Who knows?".

This is not something I'm making up. This is published in the media (Olé) and, honestly, it doesn't surprised me at all.

When will he leave the AFA? Please!


andaman said...

News like this give me the YIKES!!!

Just when I'm starting to get good vibes about Diego as Argentina's manager.

Grondona is the biggest obstacle??? Everyone has to please him??? He wants to be the president of AFA for half a century or what!

Anonymous said...

It is a personal issue between Ruggeri and Grondona. Diego wants a stacked team, Bilardo, Batista, Ruggeri, it is turning into a three ring circus and I hope they can figure this out.


VJ Rabid said...

This is sad. Grondona should leave staff and personnel decisions and responsibility to Maradona.

I'm not being pro-Maradona - things will just work better that way.