Monday, November 17, 2008

NBA News - Thundering Scola

For years, both Tracy McGRADY and YAO Ming combined so well that nothing could stop them when they were at their best. They made everyone in Houston believe that together, they can take the Rockets back to the glory days of the mid-90s.


However the only problem is that when one of them gets injured, everything else falls apart. It was crucial they needed players who are more than just a supporting cast.


Last season, they got Luis SCOLA (in a much unexpected circumstances) and this year they brought in Ron ARTEST. With this two joining the fray, it looks like the Rockets could be heading into the promise land.


This was the case for SCOLA, as tonight he produced another brilliant performance for the Rockets in their 100-89 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder. He contributed 23 points, 9 rebounds, 2 assists plus 1 steal.


The Rockets front court looks pretty strong with both YAO (19 points & 11 rebounds) and ARTEST (17 points) also contributing big.


Meanwhile, San Antonio Spurs continued their revival (despite playing without Manu GINOBILI and Tony PARKER) with an 86-83 win over the Los Angeles Clippers. Fabricio OBERTO did not see much action, with only one assist to his name.


Anonymous said...

For Seba

Training Session Video:

Regards Gabriel (Glasgow)

D.Miz said...

The Rockets are contenders every year, but you have to put that caveat - only if they stay healthy. While they're deeper than ever this year, they really won't be able to compete for a championship with injuries to 1 of their "big three" (maybe two).

Thanks again for stopping by my website. Keep bloggin!

matraco said...

Hi John!
Wonderful game for Scola!

jr said...

Scola has arrived again!!! He is the man that Rockets needed

Regards from Barcelona.

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