Sunday, November 16, 2008

MARADONA: "The number 10 shirt is for Roman"

Not that Juan Roman RIQUELME will play in Scotland, because Diego MARADONA reached an agreement with Boca Juniors not to take him away in these crucial days of Torneo Apertura defining moments, but Diego MARADONA went public with his desire to give the talented and controversial midfielder the most coveted number 10 shirt in the world. The one the man himself used to don and made famous around the world.

There is a long interview of Diego in Olé's Monday edition but it's really late right now and I don't have the time to translate it all.

I can give you the link to it (in Spanish) and I can translate the bit in which he talks about RIQUELME.

"I'll surely give Roman the number 10 shirt. Because of everything he represents, because of his team-work, the dead-ball situations and the influence he can have on our team. Because of everything that he shows in every match he plays."

"I would have loved to make my debut with RIQUELME and MESSI both playing, but Argentina can't stand there doing nothing if we don't have them. We need to find other options. We've got other options."

Here's the link to the full interview:


Lopes< India said...

10 statements from Diego maradona ...

1) "Yes, I am a ‘blackhead'* and proud of it. I'll never forget where I came from."
*From the Spanish cabecita negra - a derogatory term used to refer to people from Argentina who came from a poor background.

2) "You are never in control with drugs, they control you. Anyone who says, ‘I can handle them' is either lying or deluding themselves."

3) "Why am I always fighting against the powers that be? Simple, I loathe any form of injustice."

4) "I've packed 70 years into my 40. I've seen it all. I went from a dirt track in Villa Fiorito to the top of the world. When I got there, I had to figure out for myself what to do. Nobody ever told me what it would be like or how to handle it."

5) "I was and always will be happy with my ‘hand of God' goal against the English. I offer them a thousand apologies - that's the truth - but I'd do it again a thousand times."

6) "My own little revolution is to defend the small people, not as a hero, not as some distant God, but just as a simple footballer."

7) "I tried to find happiness playing football, and through it I tried to bring happiness to others. Football is the most beautiful game in the world. Yes, I made mistakes and I paid the price, but you can never tarnish football."

8) "The only player that can't be replaced in the national team is Javier Mascherano. In Argentina, it's Mascherano plus ten."

9) "I'll be the one making decisions. Of course, I'll listen to Carlos (Bilardo), because he's experienced and won a lot of things. But I am the one who decides who's playing and who's not."

10) "This is a moment to enjoy. I'd be more than happy if my parents can see me going out on the field as the national coach, but I don't want to cry. The national team needs a man who makes people laugh and not cry, someone who can bring enjoyment and not tears."

John said...

These are powerful statement from Diego. Reading every line makes the hair all over my body standing still.

Hearing this can only be inspiring for others who come from difficulty backgrounds to strive for the best.

andaman said...

Thank you!

Abs said...

Who said he shouldn't be the national team coach ?! Coz after all what he said up there, I don't think anyone would have another opinion about him !!

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