Thursday, November 13, 2008

MANCUSO and LEMME will travel to Scotland

More news for the endless soap opera surrounding the appointment of Diego MARADONA's coaching staff members.

Miguel Angel LEMME, a hard-tackling, defensive-minded footballer in his playing days and a former Carlos BILARDO's assistant manager at Estudiantes de La Plata and Alejandro MANCUSO, a technical central midfielder in the mould of Fernando REDONDO, and a very close friend of Diego MARADONA will be the assistant coaches at least for the friendly against Scotland (November 19 at Hampden Park in Glasgow).

LEMME had some unsuccessful spells as manager in a few lower league clubs in Argentina, such as Atlanta and San Telmo.

MANCUSO has no managerial experience but he has been one of Diego's closest friends during his miraculous road to recovery and MARADONA trusts him 100%.

You never know whether these two will stick with Diego all the way or if there will be changes in the next few weeks.

What's official at the time of writing is that LEMME and MANCUSO will both be sitting on the bench with Diego against Scotland.


andaman said...

Hang on to your harness folks. El Diego is at the driving seat. Can't wait for the match.

Dave said...

Did Maradona get to choose his coaches in the end?

Very odd that they wouldn't let him have Ruggeri.

Anonymous said...

For Seba

Video Maradona Arrives in Glasgow

From Gabriel A in glasgow

Seba I'm Argentinean living in Glasgow

Seba said...

Nice Gabriel! Thanks for the video and the comment.

Are you going to the match on Wednesday???

I'm sure everybody is talking about Diego in Glasgow.

Let us know what's the reaction over there.

Thanks again for writing.