Saturday, November 01, 2008

KUN Marks A Double Return

Kun AGUERO marked his return into the Atletico Madrid starting line up with scoring both goals in their win over Mallorca.

His first was in the 12th minute when he lobbed the ball over Mallorca’s keeper Miguel Angel MOYA after receiving a headed pass from strike partner Diego FORLAN. Both players combined again in the 28th minute for Kun’s second goal with a little but of luck from FORLAN’s miscued effort which found Kun on the far post.

Atletico Madrid will travel to Liverpool for their Champions League, with the possibility of Kun playing in front of Diego MARADONA.

Barcelona cruised to a 4-1 win against Malaga (playing on a heavily wet pitch) with Lionel MESSI scoring their second goal of the game.

Across the Atlantic Ocean, Maxi BIANCUCCHI (who happens to be related to Lionel MESSI) scored for Flamengo in their 2-2 draw with Portuguesa.


VJ Rabid said...

Love these extended highlights.

fernando said...

My english is not good. Agüero is the best player of At.Madrid, is marvellous. I want that score against Liverpool.

The Barcelona is the principal tema to win the Liga spanish.

miguel diaz said...


Thanks for expressing your opinion in my blog, your comments are always very welcomed in there. I agree with you, Kun is what provides our side with that point of surprising and unexpected performance.

However, his personal abilities will not be enough to break the more than well organized back line of Liverpool side. Maniche distributing, Simao opening de back line, and Forlán diverting defenders will make easier Kun’s breakings.

Hopefully, Tuesday evening we can see the “legend’s son” (in law) granting us with a legendary day.


K. said...

It's ok, you might wright in English...(mine isn't really good, though)

Agüero is probably the best argentinian player nowadays.

Tevez and Mascherano aren't really essential to Manchester and Liverpool as Kun is to Atletico Madrid.

He plays a role that no argentinian player does in their respective clubs, and I'm willing to see how important he will be under Maradona's Argentina.

I also hope to see German Denis in the national team...