Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MARADONA's press conference before Scotland friendly

Diego looks sad and worried as news from Spain were coming and his pregnant daughter Gianinna was being taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.

Gianinna's boyfriend, Sergio AGUERO, was leaving Scotland as Diego was addressing the world's media the day before his debut as Argentina national team manager.

The latest from Madrid is that Gianinna and her baby are fine.

Despite all this problem, you can see some great answers from MARADONA in this clip.


Abs said...

I can't understand why they are making a big deal out of this Terry Butcher crap. The goal was socred about 22 years ago, and it isn't the only goal that scored by hand !!

Seba said...

Abs, it has some logic. I mean...BUTCHER was one of the England defenders MARADONA left in his trail when he scored the most beautiful goal in the history of the World Cup and he now happens to be Scotland's assistant manager.

There is an obvious link between the two and BUTCHER has obviously raised his "popularity" by having a go at Diego.

The media has a lot to do in it because they went after BUTCHER and asked him the question.

Sometimes, when the off-the-pitch circus goes out of hands, it can be disgusting. However, in this situation, I don't think that's the case and I quite enjoy this exchange of words between Diego and Terry.

It's a nice condiment. I like it.

I agree with the fact that the goal was scored 22 years ago, but this is one of the few occasions in which MARADONA visited the United Kingdom and that episode will forever be in the agenda whenever he goes there.

Anonymous said...

Hello Seba

Its sad to see aguero, reports in Glasgow Diego might callup Diego Milito as a replacement.

I'll keep you updated on this.


Seba said...

Hi Gabriel. I would think it's too late for Diego to call a replacement. To my understanding, national team managers must call all their players for every friendly and World Cup Qualifier at least 15 days in advance.

I think Diego will have to manage without AGUERO (if Kun doesn't go back to Scotland).

Anonymous said...

because, Maradona is a cheat.... he scored a goal in the world's biggest event by blatantly cheating. This is why we English will never forgive him. he might have scored a great second goal, but the fact remains that first goal should not have counted, he should have been booked and potentialy sent off. He brings up the third goal in 1966, but Geoff Hurst did not cheat, and even replays still to this day remains inconclusive and the match referee had to make a judgement call there was no cheating involved there. We did dominate the last 15 minutes or so of the game ever since John Barnes came on.

allan ng said...

The English never gets tired of calling Maradona a cheat. They can and will never move on even 100 years from now. Gary Lineker said he blamed the referee but no one wants to listen. That referee is living happily somewhere in the world and no one cares.

If I remember rightly, one of the Brazilian players scored with his hand as well in the World Cup, but the referee called it right and
no one remembers that now.

I agree with Lineker, BLAME THAT REFEREE!

Anonymous said...

If Diego scored this hand goal against Wales or even Scotland. Would it go on and on like this?

Lineker was right. I agree with him.

p2bn said...

They are talking as if they never cheat. Its bad to have decision against you. But that's a part of football as we can see FIFA still doesn't want Television replay neither the fans. Considering how much wrong decisions we have suffered and how much players 'cheat' nowadays, its pointless to always say he cheated. Why couldn't you guys just scored 1-2 more goals if your side was so awesome. You connect it to your national pride that's why it hurts you so bad. Nothing else.

Vamos Diego
Vamos Albiceleste

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