Friday, November 28, 2008

NBA News - Another Walter Show in the Palace

Forget about the Allen IVERSON incident of missing the Detroit Pistons mandatory practice on Thanksgiving Day. Still he did played a big role tonight in the Pistons 107-97 win over the Milwaukee Bucks.
But the other big contributor for the Pistons is also from the bench, Walter HERRMANN. Both him and the Answer combined well from the bench to help the Pistons win.

HERRMANN made five out of six from the three, and finished off with 16 points plus 4 rebounds and 2 assists as the second best performer behind IVERSON. Certainly another fantastic night for Walter as the he brought the Palace down.

For the first time this season, San Antonio Spurs had all their big three available on the court this season when they took on the Memphis Grizzlies. Tim DUNCAN, Manu GINOBILI and Tony PARKER reunited to beat the Grizzlies 109-89.

This can only bad news for the rest of the league, as from the starting of the season the Spurs were written off being old and no longer competitive to compete for the Championship. They must re-think about the tonight.
For Manu in particular, he was back to his usual self as he made one acrobatic lay up after another. He was again phenomenal from the bench posting 14 points, 1 rebound and 2 assists.

The other Albiceleste, Fabricio OBERTO was the starting center posted 4 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists. Among the highlights of the night, was OBERTO easy lay up after receiving a no-look pass from PARKER.


joejoejoe said...

Herrmann is good. I think he'll get more minutes as the season goes on because he's aggressive and can pass and shoot the 3. I really liked the unit with AI/Afflalo/Herrmann/Maxiell/Sheed tonight. I hope we see more of that lineup.

OT: I'm a Manchester City fan and they have Pablo Zabaleta on defense. He looks like he has a bright future for Argentina.

Dave said...

Ah, unfortunately I didn’t watch the Spurs game last night. My attention was on a few other games. I did, however, see the Spurs play the Grizzlies the other day on Manu’s comeback game and I thought Manu looked fantastic, fully recovered and very sharp.

I’m still not sold on the Spurs title chances. I think their top players - Duncan, Manu, Parker - are excellent and capable of leading the Spurs to the title now and for a few years to come … but I think that supporting cast still has a lot of questions hanging over them.

I’ve been very happy with the two new recruits Roger Mason Jr and George Hill.

Juan y Fer said...

walter as he showed many times in the Spanish league, is an incredible player.
(a blog about sport in English and Español)

John W. Davis said...

Walter did his thing last night. We love him in Detroit.

Yaj Nitsuga said...

It's not just the big three any more.

Injuries to Manu and Parker may have been a blessing in disguise. George Hill and Roger Mason have been pleasant surprises. Mason scored 29 and Hill 23 in a game last week vs. Utah...very Manu and Parker like.

If Pop finds a rotation that can keep the foursome productive (and I have all the confidence that he will), the Spurs will be an offensive force.

Francesco Deriu said...

Hi, I found the address of this blog in a comment of my blog ( My english doesn't looks very good, but I'll try to share my opinion with you. The Spurs are a totally different team with Manu (even on the court or on the bench) and Tony back to action. They feel more confortable with these two guys in shape. I don't know if this system can be effective in the post season, but works.

Anonymous said...

Messi scores two great goals today.