Tuesday, November 04, 2008

THE-Ego MARADONA gets in the way early on

If you allow me to use that (dubious) play of word on the headline, I've got a few things to inform you about.

Even before Diego is officially announced as Argentina boss (that will happen today at 5 PM Buenos Aires -7 PM London, 2 PM New York-), there are already some arguments and some controversies floating about.

What happens?

It would look like MARADONA wants Alejandro MANCUSO -a former Velez, Boca Juniors and Argentina player that is a friend of Diego for a long time now- and Oscar RUGGERI or Miguel BRINDISI as part of his coaching staff instead of Sergio BATISTA and José Luis BROWN.

Julio GRONDONA thinks just the opposite and is adamant in saying the Olympic Gold medal-winning duo will take part of this new process.

GRONDONA even said: "Diego has not signed his contract yet". And I don't know what is he implying by that.

It's clear that GRONDONA is the boss of everyone. Diego, BILARDO, BATISTA, BROWN and everyone around the AFA. But it is also well-known that MARADONA doesn't always do what he is told by his superiors.

I guess there is a big arm-wrestling match going on between MARADONA and GRONDONA and we're gonna have to wait a little bit to know the winner.

We are about two and a half hours away from the official announcement and we still don't know who's gonna join Diego in his staff.

Not a good sign. Not good at all.

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johnny said...

What a shame. To be honest I have thought all along that Grondona was only interested in making more money with Maradona's name in lights. This idea that Diego is going to have this person or that person providing essential help is no way to begin your rein as DT. I hope this all doesn't turn into an ugly, shameful mess, bit it certainly has the potential.