Monday, November 24, 2008

NBA News – Manu Is Back!!!

The much talked about news in the NBA during the last few days was the possibility of Manu GINOBILI returning to action on Monday, for the first time this season. Well I can confirm that he is back.

He started from the bench, played for 11 plus minutes posting 12 points, 4 rebounds and an assist along the process. Just too add more good news for all the Spurs supporters out there is that tonight they defeated the Memphis Grizzlies 94-81.
Though he is still a long way from reaching his usual, the least we can say that he is getting there. His return came at the right time, as without Tony Parker, the Spurs could use a lot help from him to get their season back on track.

We at Mundo will look forward to see him going out at another shot towards the NBA championship. Fabricio OBERTO who played as a starter, posted 2 points, 3 rebounds & 3 assists.

Luis SCOLA played an important role to help the Houston Rockets towards victory over the Miami HEAT, 107-98. He had another big night for the Rockets, posting double-double of 11 points, game high 13 rebounds plus 3 assists.


dragao vila pouca said...

John, debtor for the visit that I repay with pleasure.
I wait that the F.C.Porto gains 1-0with golo of Lisandro Lopez.
I hug

VJ Rabid said...

Thanks for the comment. Manu did look a little winded and grounded, but that's to be expected.

12 points and 4 assists in 11 minutes is just ridiculous. The Spurs backcourt is very deep, young and versatile - the best they've had in years.

The Spurs need some help up front though. No need for a star, but someone with athleticism, defense and rebounding to spell Duncan while do wonders.

On The Fence Sports said...

Hey John, thanks for dropping by my blog and posting.

Well, it is very hard to say how the return of Manu is going to affect the play of the Spurs. Most people would say this is a great thing and yes I do agree with that, partially.

Manu is going to be slowly integrated back into the Spurs rotation, this was clearly evident with the 11minutes of court time. If Manu is healthy and continues to get back into playing shape the Spurs will be better off. But Manu is not the centre of attention.

The biggest factor is not Manu but Tony Parker. The health of PG Tony Parker will determine if the Spurs are contenders or pretenders.

Manu plays a vital part but Parker is the heart of the operation.

On The Fence Sports

Derek Major said...

The Spurs are happy that they have Manu back, he's the energy of their team and with Parker still out Duncan can certainly use the help on both sides of the ball.