Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Lucho The Hero

FC Porto knew that only a win in Kyiv can ensure their Champions League campaign will not end prematurely. But achieving that is most cases may not be that easy for any team in Europe for that matter. And they achieved the "Not- Easy-Task" by defeating Dynamo 2-1 away in dramatic circumstances.


Dynamo took the lead through Artem MILEVSKIY and was one foot away from the knockout stage. However the Portuguese side responded by increasing the pressure but could not find the equalizer before halftime.


Their effort was rewarded in the second half through ROLANDO's header in the 69th minute. Then two minutes into injury time, Lisandro LOPEZ held off two Dynamo defenders and made room for a low cross for Lucho GONZALEZ, who tapped in from close range to seal a vital win.


Some NBA News…..


The Detroit Pistons, still without Allen IVERSON, defeated the Toronto Raptors 100-93. Walter HERRMANN posted 4 points & 4 rebounds from the bench.


Andres NOCIONI posted 6 points, 5 rebounds & 1 assist as the Chicago Bulls lost 93-107 to the Cleveland Cavaliers.


The San Antonio Spurs have finally won a game but they had to work extremely hard to defeat the Minnesota Timberwolves 129-125 in double over time. Fabricio OBERTO posted 2 points, 2 rebounds & 3 assists.


Seba said...

Great goal by Lucho on an assist by Licha!

The thing is Lucho should know better than to take off his shirt when he was already booked.

Red card and he misses Porto's next Champions League match. Silly boy!

John said...

I wouldn't mind if Lucho (or anyone) did that in the final of the 2010 World Cup!de

Dave said...

Hey John,

Besides being a fun game, a competitive game, and a very exciting game …. I only took one other thing away from the Spurs. Their supporting cast was awful, it was atrocious last night, and it will lose them the title this season.

Roger Mason Jr. was the only role player who showed up and had a good game. That’s very worrying.

I’m confident in Oberto - he’s just finding his sea legs after missing a few games - but I look down the rest of that team and I have so many questions. I’m still waiting to see more of Bruce Bowen, but he hasn’t played well so far either which would be a huge blow to San An.

The Spurs reliance on Tony Parker and Tim Duncan at the moment is unhealthy and shows clear flaws in their supporting cast.

I don’t think they can win the title this year. I don’t think they can perform at a high enough level for four straight rounds without far greater contributions than their supporting cast are capable of giving. There’s just too much pressure on the Spurs top trio.


On another note, I very much enjoyed Walter Herrmann's performance in Toronto last night. He caused the Raptors a lot of problems in his minutes. I hope he stays in the rotation this season because he can help that team.

Herrmann would have been superb in San Antonio. Spurs front office dropped the ball this summer, and in so many different ways.

Anonymous said...

What a showing by Pipita Higuain. Scored 4 goals today vs Malaga. I think it is time to give the kid a call already.