Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mundo's Best Of 2007

It's hard to believe that 2007 is finally coming to an end. Wow!!! How much time has gone by.
When I wrote the Best of 2006 article last year (it was still known as Vamos Argentina), I was still just another reader in this blog. Then somewhere in March, came the opportunity to become a co-writer. At first, I doubt myself that I can do it and wasn't to sure about it.

But once I've decided and that was it, there was no turning back. But none of this would have been possible if wasn't for Seba (Muchas gracias, Mi mejor amigo). Your support is truly indispensable.

Then we had a new name or should I say our very own trademark, Mundo Albiceleste.

Part of my mission as a writer was to take this blog to the next level and beyond its comfort territory. In some ways, I believe we have achieve just that.

For example, we had many non-Argentina supporters commenting on our blog every now and then. Among those were our South African, Aussie and Irish friends during the Rugby World Cup. Not forget all those hoop fanatics that often has something to share with us as the NBA season progresses. Certainly all this has increase the exposure of our blog.

Among the highlights of this blog that I would like to talk about is our very own readers cum correspondence. Thank you Roy and Pablo for sharing with all of us your great experience watching our beloved Albiceleste. Not to forget, the Crazy Albi-Malaysian Gang giving you guys some history lesson as well. Certainly we would like to have more articles like this in the future.

Another milestone achievement for this blog is that this is the 500th article that is to be posted here. Unbelievable!!!

Now as it is still less then 24 hours to go before the countdown to 2008, here is my personal Top 10 best of Albiceleste of 2007. And it goes something like this.

10. Historical Gunners
Believe or not, on the 5th of December 2007 more than 18,000 spectator made the trip to the Juan Domingo Perón Stadium (Seba's Racing Club stadium) to witness a history landmark. It was the day that El Viaducto has finally won a top-level honour for the first time in its 50 years of existence. None of this would have been impossible if wasn't Martin ADRIZZI strike in the 83rd minute. Certainly a success that deserve a place in our annual standings.

9. The Reina Albiceleste
Something for the ladies, the success of Los Leonas in both Argentina and international hockey would not be where it is today it wasn't for La Maga outstanding talent and gift. If last year was mediocre, than this year was a phenomenon. We at Mundo Albiceleste would like to recognize her achievement of becoming the first player (both men & women) to win the player of the year for a record of four times.

8. B-Sides With A-Class Performance
The critics had their fair share of say about the chances of this so-called B-Team but so did the coach and the players. At the FIBA Americas Sergio HERNANDEZ and his boys prove that the Tall Albiceleste was more than just Manu GINOBILI & NBA players. Their resilience and determination became the x-factor on their journey towards Beijing 2008. Not only that, Luis SCOLA took home the MVP Award and Pablo PRIGIONI had the most assist ( 6.3 per game).

7. Juan Over Our Rival
What makes this year's Copa Libertadores look so special? Well it was perhaps the only time on the football pitch that Argentina prevails over Brazil. Juan Roman RIQUELME has shown that with the right place, the right environment and the right time he can be a devastating force on the field. However I would still like to give a kudos to the entire team for giving us that one moment of happiness against our eternal rival in the game that we love so much.

6. Kun & The Gang
Muchos gracias to Senor Hugo TOCALLI & his boys for giving us the antidote for all our sorrow, just as when we needed the most. Our youth team has proven once again that at this level, we are the best in the business. And as always because of these young misfits, they became the beacon of hope that there is a great future lies ahead in our football team. In AGUERO, ROMERO, MORALEZ, BANEGA & Co. we trust.

5. Mastermind David
An injury plagued year, slipping out of Top 20 and lost of form, how worse it could have gone for the man that was remarkable last year. But not always a worse start could lead to a bad ending. Which was just the case when he won the Madrid and Paris masters back to back. Along the way, he became the bogeyman for World No.1 Roger FEDERER. Lets hope this form will continue next year.

4. Deadly Duo In San Antonio
This year's best ever tag team. Both had their own story to tell. One was making a personal milestone on winning his third championship ring in a space of five years. While the other won his first in a remarkable journey that saw him being promoted from bench to starter. Today because of them, the team that everyone in San Antonio loves has become a dynasty and their achievement, in some ways, has put Argentina on the map even brighter in the land of Uncle Sam.

3. Hammering Devil
Last year we all argued about how difficult it can be for him to play in the rough and tumble Premiership. I have to say that I feel ashamed for myself for not having faith in our man. So just look at what he has achieved since then. From a hammering savior, to an instance Upton Park legend. From a new hit on the block to at Old Trafford to almost a legendary Devil in the making. Believe or not, on many occasion his sublime and magic feet has even made English fans chanting Argentina!!! Argentina!!!

2. Immortalized Pumas
We all know how much they've achieved and what did their success meant so much to us. Well let me tell you something, they say that it takes a miracle to unite fans of the El Superclásico derby in Buenos Aires in their respective colours. Not for these guys, they've done it in 80 minutes. Another big factor on the kind of impact they had on their fans back home. Believe me when I say they actually did win a trophy; the hearts and mind of its passionate supporter around the world .

1. Might Duck Of Córdoba
The story about a boy, born in the city of Córdoba, Argentina where both he and his family barely had something to eat; who had to quit school at a young age so that he can work as a caddie to put food on his family's table .

Through that profession, he had the chance learn the art of golf, which set him on a journey that will one day crowned him as the US Open champion .

Certainly such story are good enough for the man we all know simply as El Pato to share the same pleasure as any Albiceleste greats, for example a certain Diego MARADONA.

The one thing I liked about him is that he is a true people's champion. He made our heroes look more human than anything else. Unlike most of his peers, he doesn't have a large entourage accompanying him on tour, he doesn't go to the gym that often and when asked on during a post match interview on how did he calm himself during the last shot at Oakmont, CABRERA said "Well, there are some players that have psychologists, some have sports psychologists, I smoke."

Now that's what I call honesty at its purest form. He has also put both Argentina and Latin America on the golf map. For this Pato, you are 2007 Mundo's Albiceleste of the Year.

Now what do we have in store for 2008. Of course it is going to be another exciting year to look forward to. And we will do our best to cover them all @ Mundo Albiceleste .

Now on behalf of Seba & myself, we would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG thank you to all our wonderful readers. It was indeed exciting to read all your comments and opinions. We appreciate this very much.

To end this we wish you, your friends & family, a very Happy New Year. Together let us look forward to 2008 with full of anticipation.


Feliz año nuevo 2008!!!


andaman said...

Great post.

Thank you Seba and John for this wonderful blog.

Best wishes & Happy New Year from Thailand to all albicelestes fans around the world. Cheers!!!

johnny said...

Thanks for the recap John ! Good luck to all in the New Year ! BTW-latest news on Ever Banega-it seems that Real Madrid has first option on him, so he will not be joining Valencia unless Madrid chooses not to sign him. Also, Juan Krupoviesa,fine Boca fullback (couldn't find playing time behind Morel Rodriguez and Hugo Ibarra), is heading to France. Cheers !

Roy said...

Fantastic post, fantastic blog.

Quick note concerning Banega to Madrid... I hope he doesn't go. He would not get the playing time at all(look at Saviola, Heinze, ect...). Valencia would probably be a better move, but who knows.

With all that said, I would like to say a big thank you to both John and Seba for this wonderful blog. Mucho gracias, hope you all have a happy new year:).

Melvin said...

Nice recap man! Argetina again has made myriads of accomplishment this year....

Seba said...

Great post, John! You're a machine! I loved this ranking you've made. Loved it!

Thank you all for making such a great place of Mundo Albiceleste.

Despite not spending much time around here lately, I want to thank you all for your incredible support and for sharing your passion for the albiceleste with us every day.

A happy 2008 to each and everyone of you and here's hoping we'll strike some gold in Beijing!

John said...

Thanks guys!!! It was a pleasure doing it.

Now a what great way to start off 2008?

Of course Carlos TEVEZ scoring in Man Utd 1-0 over Birmigham City

John said...

An interesting article from Goal.Com

Please read it....

halley said...

This is very nice, you've got your own Top 10. Although I'm not a soccer (fanatic) I feel your passion for the game. Keep it up John!.. =)

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