Sunday, January 06, 2008

Only Kun & Ever

Welcome 2008!!! Its good to be back into action mode after a long lay off from many things.

Certainly it has been another boring weekend though I must say the English FA Cup can create some surprise on certain occasions.

Carlos TEVEZ was out so the only action here came from Javier MASCHERANO was on the bench and replaced Xabi ALONSO in the 74th minute as Liverpool drew 1-1 with Luton Town.

By the way, it seems Javier is on Juventus wanted list. With the on going saga between Rafael BENITEZ and the Liverpool owners yet to be resolve (partially due to the transfer fee involving Javier’s permanent stay in Anfield), the Turin side are willing to match the amount asked by MSI Group.

Now that La Liga has just resume, Kun AGUERO was the only Albiceleste scorer in Spain, as Atlético Madrid defeats Deportivo La Coruña 3-0 away.

Kun, returning after serving a suspension, picked the ball up in the penalty area and fired into the bottom-right corner of the net from 12 yards in the 52nd minute.

Alongside him, Maxi RODRIGUEZ was also in the starting line up and Fabricio COLOCCINI was also a starter for Deportivo.

Another important news is that Ever BANEGA is now a Valencia player. He was on the stand watching his new teammates took on Levante at the Mestalla Stadium.


johnny said...

Ah Ever ! Do you know what he is staring at with that sad look ? Boca in the rearview ! Good luck to Ever. He will be missed in Buenos Aires. I guess we must point out that F. Belluschi is now in Greece. The exodus continues.....

John said...

Hi Johnny, thanks for the info on Fernando BELLUSCHI.

Derby County on the other hand has just signed Emanuel VILLA from Mexican side UAG Tecos.

Derby's manager Paul JEWELL is hoping that the striker will have the same impact as TEVEZ had for West Ham, in their fight against relegation.

Since you're currently based in Mexico, maybe you can elaborate more on this player Johnny.

johnny said...

Hi John. I'm afraid I know nothing about VILLA. I expect I'll learn a little more about some of the local players when the season kicks in, but I'll only be here a few more months. So, I doubt if I am going to become a reliable mexican correspondent !:) I know that Castroman is leaving the local Mexico City club America and about to sign up with Boca. My focus here has been on the club UNAM as they have a number of Argentinos on their squad. That said, there are alot of argentine players in Mexico. Heck, one could have a small blog just following the players from Argentina in Mexico ! I might just head back to Buenos Aires. I keep thinking I might like another city better, but every time I leave I end up wanting to return !

johnny said...

Injury news-in addition to Messi still being out, Gabriel Heinze tore a muscle over the weekend and is expected to be out for at least two months. AND, Aimar has a groin problem that will require surgery and is expected to be out about three months. You have to wonder what future there might be for both of these players on the NT. Both are frequently injured, and of course it seems Aimar had fallen out of favor with Coco even without being injured. Thank goodness Tevez's ankle problem doesn't appear to be very serious.

johnny said...

And for some different injury news, reports that German Denis was bitten today by a dog at training camp. In the "rear end". No worse for wear though.

John said...

Johnny, as they say home is where the heart is.

andaman said...

Ever misses home already.

He is one of the young argentine stars I like very much. Another year or two with Boca would be better but I guess the economic of the club forces it to be like this. I also like ValenciaCF and hope Banega make it in Europe.

johnny said...

Even more injury news. Federico Insua will be out of action for a long spell after tearing his ACL during the ludicrous "Interliga" competition. I'm no expert on this, but over a period of 2-3 weeks in January a number of mexican clubs compete in this tournament to determine which two clubs will enter the Copa Libertadores. Nearly everyone is of the opinion that this competition is solely to benefit the local futbol powers that be. Even further evidence of how silly and unfair it is, is that the clubs are "invited" to play based not on last years standings, but rather how much fan support (read ticket sales) they will receive. Two of the current participants finished either at the bottom, or close to the bottom of the recent season's standings. We all love futbol, but what a joke is this arrangement !

Anonymous said...

Ever Banega is a fantastic player. He was instrumental in Argentina winning the U-20 World Cup last year. He marshalled the Argentinian midfield and distributed the ball very well while at the same time breaking up opponents' attacks with his strong tackling.

Valencia made the right decision to buy him, although I would have preferred that he went to Juventus. I think he would have a better chance to develop into a world class player playing in Serie A where it is both technical as well as tactical. But in any case, I am sure he will develop into a very good player.