Sunday, December 30, 2007

News -Nothing Much

Despite several action that took place over the weekend, it was pretty much a boring one indeed. Here are some of them.

English Premier League

Carlos TEVEZ was a given a hero reception upon his return to Upton Park, since his move to Manchester United. It was an amazing sight seeing the Hammers faithful applauding him when he was on the pitch.

Clearly this shows they have never his forgotten his contribution in helping to remain in the Premiership.

However it was a sour ending for TEVEZ as he was substitute in the second half and United went down 2-1. Can't blame him for that as Luis SAHA was a very bad choice to partner him.

Javier MASCHERANO was everywhere for Liverpool in their goalless draw against Manchester City. He was winning possession, providing some great passes and on some occasion could have got his first goal for the club.

NBA News

San Antonio Spurs, still without Manu GINOBILI, defeated Memphis Grizzlies 111-87. Fabricio OBERTO was on the bench today with only 2 rebound & 1 steal to his credit.

Chicago Bulls on the other hand inflicted more pain on the struggling New York Knicks, defeating them 100-83 at Madison Square Garden. Chapu NOCIONI posted 5 points, 4 rebounds & 1 block shot.

NFL News

End of the road for Martin GRAMATICA and the New Orleans Saint as they missed out the play-offs after going down to the Chicago Bears 25-33. Once again he was at 100% converting a 48-yard field goal in the second quarter and two extra points.

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johnny said...

Carlitos just couldn't get going against WestHam. A poor performance, but the entire squad looked real flat. Maybe missed his partner in crime, Rooney.