Sunday, December 02, 2007

Another Goal From CRUZ

Cruz vs Fiorentina
Video sent by LosXeneizes

It’s hard to imagine what does it takes for someone like him to convince that he is the man to lead us up front. Over the last few games for Inter, he seems to be the most consistent player and yesterday was no different. And all this coming despite of the presents of high profile names such Zlatan IBRAHIMOVIC, ADRIANO & Hernan CRESPO in the team.

Coolly and calm, he finished off a nice move to give Inter a 2-0 lead over Fiorentina and which helps them to stretch their lead at the top of Serie A after Milan-Juve finished with a draw a day earlier.

What I’m going to say might sound controversial but you are most welcomed to disagree with me on this. I feel that Julio CRUZ is better than Hernan CRESPO.

Of course that stats and figure will show otherwise. I’ve got nothing against COCO’s decision to call up CRESPO and believe me I know what he does best which is nothing but scoring goals.

But so did CRUZ and I believe he brings more to the game in terms of his work rate. But I’ll leave that to the rest to decide on whether should he deserve a call up back to the National Team, simply because I feel he should.


Anonymous said...

Cruz is likely have a 1 year wonder season. I have seen it in many strikers. Cruz will not be on the team, its just the way things are. No true #9 for a while. Higuaín can go play for France for all I care. He is doing NADA is Madrid and what a mistake for him to go there. You do not make your name in 1 great showing vs Boca sorry Gonzalo it does not work that way. They have to play Aguero-Messi together, best combo I have seen. Also Aguero's pass today to Forlan was SUBLIME that is all I have to say. More and more Tevez is getting pushed aside and he is rubbing a lot of people the wrong way in ARG, it was because of him ARG lost! Sorry if I sound like I have sour grapes but some games you can not drop, simple as that. Now on some footballing news, for the EURO 2008 wow to group C, Holland,France,Ital,Rom all in the same group, I would like to seen Spain in that group instead of Rom but hey 3 of the best in europe going at it. It is something ALLLLL of us need to watch and see how diff the Europeans are. It is somewhat homework I am sure Basile will be watching and scouting. So kudos to Cruz but I think he will be wearing inter colors. As for Crespo, he will be 35 in the next WC. < >...


John said...

Spot on Jack about CRESPO being 35 next World Cup. But that is not going to bother COCO much as he likely to play alongside either MESSI/TEVEZ/KUN.

This is sad considering how mucn of time play others are going to get.

About EURO 2008, I'm hoping for either Portugal or Holland to go all the way.

Nancy said...

I am also an Inter fan and I wantch the team play almost every game. There are two Argentines in the team that are in tremendous form this season, who was unfortunately ignored by Basile - Cruz and Samual, the rock.

I have to say it is ridicuous that Coco called an injured Crespo for the last world cup qualification matches while ignoring Cruz. Crespo can't play because he is injured, and this tedious trip did no good to him. He is already behind Cruz and Suazo in the Inter forwards line-up, and this trip will only increase his time on the bench.

How could someone like Samual be ignored, I have no idea. Even if Coco didn't watch Inter play at all, you think he should at least watch the highlights, didn't he? Samual is the best central defender in Italy now. How could Burdisso (a permanent bench in Inter) be called but not Samual is completely beyond me.