Sunday, December 16, 2007

It Wasn’t To Be For Boca

The clear fact is they were not the favourites to win it in the first place. Certainly not when you’re best players is not available for the tournament and another is serving a suspension.

But still before going down, they gave everything they got; determination and never say die attitude.

This proven when it only took just one minute for Boca to equalize through Rodrigo PALACIO after Filippo INZAGHI gave Milan the lead.

I know the result may not reflect the action that took place on the field but sometimes this is how cruel the beautiful game can be.

Had Hugo IBARRA stunning long-range effort, rather than his post but went through perhaps the script would have been different. Massimo AMBROSINI’s own goal was too little too late.

But in the end I have to say congratulation to AC Milan on winning it but Boca WILL go out with their heads held high. Also I’m proud to say is that Kudos to the sea of blue and gold they made their present known in the stadium.


johnny said...

Well said John ! Who knows if it would have been different with JRR, but regardless, Boca was a valiant opponent. Next to see if Guillermo Barros Schelotto returns to Boca as a coach(and maybe player ?).

John said...

People might go on to say that KAKA made the difference. But the clear fact is there was on one in the mould of Javier MASCHERANO to mark him out.

Hey Johnny, you know what. It seems that Juan Sebastian VERON is heading to the States to play for DC United.

Can you verify this for me.

johnny said...

John-Veron backed out of the deal to head to the states at the last minute. At least that is what I read yesterday. By the way, for those of you out there who would like to keep a finger on the pulse of local futbol in Argentina, check out:

Nice blog and a nice guy.

John said...

Thanks for the info Johnny, very much appreciate it.

Also thanks for the link. Nice blog indeed.