Wednesday, December 12, 2007

NBA News - Another Low Scoring Night

Indianan Pacers 117 Chicago Bulls 102

The Bulls thrown away a brilliant lead in the first quarter, with Andres NOCIONI suffering from foul trouble.

In the end he only posted 11 points and 1 assist.

Toronto Raptors 92 Dallas Mavericks 76

A tremendous victory for the Raptors who were playing without their starting point guard TJ Ford.

Carlos DELFINO, though poor in the shooting aspect, but helps his team in defense. He eventually posted 7 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists & 1 steal.

Charlotte Bobcats 108 Los Angeles Clippers 103

If the likes of Gerald WALLACE and Emeka OKAFOR keep producing like what they did tonight, it is going to be extremely hard for Walter HERRMANN to get quality playing time.

The deadly duo was sensational posting 25 points each. Walter was only made it about 3 minutes on the court and only managed to post 1 point & 1 rebound.

Houston Rockets 80 Detroit Pistons 77

I’m very sad. Another no show night for Luis SCOLA as he had no point, no rebound & just one assist.


Eddy said...

Carlos is showing why he's one of our most versatile players on the team. Great stat line... I love the points, but I also like the assists and rebounds. Not to mention, he's always active and moving without the ball and watching today (without TJ) I wouldn't mind seeing him playing a little point since he's got a good enough handle and, as we saw today, he can dish the ball pretty well, too.

arsenalist said...

Delfino was great again but I have one small criticism of him. He needs to stop taking ill-advised shots early in the clock. When those threes are coming on kickouts, it's OK to take them but just pulling up for them in transition is not his game.

Melvin said...

Agree. Delfino's poor shot selection has always been an issue thats why Flip always screws him for that..

Anyway, feel free to share your insights about my blog


halley said...

Hmm. Luis Scola is great and I wished the San Antonio Spurs has never traded him. But I think he'll do good with the Houston Rockets. The Rockets' coach? Plain dumb? Haha. I guess so.