Monday, December 03, 2007

NBA News - Another Big Night For Delfino

Toronto Raptors 98 Charlotte Bobcats 79

Another fabulous night for Carlos DELFINO and another victory for the Toronto Raptors. Playing without their major stars such as Chris BOSH, Andrea BARGNANI and TJ FORD, coach Sam MITCHELL needed from his bench to inject some fire and he got just what he wanted from CARLITOS.

DELFINO posted 17 points, which also includes a 3 pointer at the buzzer before the end of the first quarter. He also had 4 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal & 1 block shot.

On the opposite end, Walter HERRMANN did not make any significant contribution as he only saw action for less than 3 minutes. A pity situation for him when a lot critic knows what he is capable off.

Chicago Bulls 100 Dallas Mavericks 103

Dirk NOWITZKI and the Mavericks needed to sweat this one out because of two reasons. One of them is Andres “Chapu” NOCIONI.

Chapu was just one point away from equaling an NBA career high points as he posted 30 points, 5 rebounds & 3 steals.


Scott said...

Delfino is certainly coming into his own. He is feeling a lot more at ease and I think he now understands he can shoot whenever he likes, not worrying about what the coach might do.

I think he needs to step it up defensively, but hopefully we will see that change in the next 10-15 games.

Raps Fan said...

i actually think he plays pretty good defense. i would like to see his role get expanded, maybe even start (he should have started over graham, but graham had a pretty good game).

i was surprised hermann didn't play. he killed the raptors last season, and with bosh/bargs on the DL, he might have been able to help them some.

Raps Fan said...

go raptors talk:

arsenalist said...

I'm a huge Argentina fan. But in football and of the international variety. It sucks that they gave the FIFA award to Kaka over Messi.

John said...

Thanks for your comment, Raps Fan & Arsenalist.

I'm hoping that in the absence of BARGNANI & BOSH, DELFINO will step up and improve his performance.

I think Sam MITCHELL has brought the best out of him, something that the people in Detroit has failed to do so.


Time Intact said...

I absolutely love Delfino. He brings the complete package and I see him as our version of Manu Ginobili, who is my favourite player in the league along with Nowitzki, Nask, & Kobe.

John said...

Thanks for the comment. About DELFINO being the Raptors version of GINOBILI, I don’t see that as something impossible. He is enjoying his time in Toronto and playing at his very best for every minute given to him.

To me I would love to see the Raptors going all the way in the Eastern Conference. They are an interesting team to watch.

Fred ( said...

Delfino plays very good during the last games. especially since his threes are falling he is probably the best man of the raptors bench right now. i hope he continues to play this way.